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Orky Tim'! Which Clan Do You Prefer In Eternal Crusade? (poll)

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GitzStompa, Oct 18, 2013.


Which Clan iz da biggest,meanest,baddest and da strongest and why?

  1. Goffs

  2. Bad Moonz

  3. Death Skullz

  4. Evil Sunz

  5. Blood Axes (bloody gitz :() )

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. wa--


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  2. Dont wory val, gary is allways like that :)
  3. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    It's a big point for me.

    I can understand the flexibility in Ultramarines, they are pretty much a generic legion, but Space Wolves? Switching between Longtooths, bloodclaws and Grey hunters at will?

    Swapping between noise marines and Khorne Bezerkers? That's even going as far as changing gods.

    Aspect Warriors switching between Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks? That's swapping Craft worlds.

    Orkz one moment a Deathskull loota, the next a Badmoon Flashgit?

    The only way I see it as possible is to remove all specialist classes, everyone is a generic Ork boy, bog standard marine, Chaos undivided or bog standard aspect warrior. That's kind of flavourless.
  4. well, thats really too bad for you. people are going to be switching classes.
  5. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    Yeah it probably is then, I'll have to wait for more information, but I have followed the game because I love 40K and 40K lore and this was billed as a 40K MMO shooter.

    It's turning out to be anything but an MMO due to lacking any RPG elements and turning out to be a large scale shooter with a 40K skin.

    It's going to be too bad for a lot of people that were looking for what I am looking for as well.
  6. planetside 2 is an mmo. it has a class based systems.
    there are many other mmos which are based on tactics, skill, horizontal progression, and shooter elements. this is NOT an rpg.
  7. And weapons, fysiks, armor, vehicles and powers, prolly also classes, but if people couldent change class, it would bore really fast
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  8. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    MMO is just a lazy way of writing MMORPG.

    The whole lore of 40K makes it an entire RPG system waiting to happen, no RPG then no lore as there are no roles to play, no lore no 40k.

    I was looking for a 40k MMORPG, PvP with horizontal progression, with tactical play. From how I'm seeing the information as it pans out it's not going to be an MMORPG and for me not even respect the 40k lore.

    I honestly find it strange that people will spend ages debating which clan is best, what are the special benefits of being a space wolf, the height of a Space Marine vs an Ork to gain levels of realism according to lore and then go and want to swap classes, throwing all lore out of the window.

    But that's just my point of view, I can't see myself being the only one though.
  9. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    I don't find it lore breaking. It just shows events from another soldiers view. And spawning again when you die, lore breaking ?

    How about TT ? Is it lore breaking too, because you must actually move armies instead of individuals.

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