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Orky Tim'! Which Clan Do You Prefer In Eternal Crusade? (poll)

Discussion in 'Orks' started by GitzStompa, Oct 18, 2013.


Which Clan iz da biggest,meanest,baddest and da strongest and why?

  1. Goffs

  2. Bad Moonz

  3. Death Skullz

  4. Evil Sunz

  5. Blood Axes (bloody gitz :() )

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. GitzStompa GitzStompa Subordinate

    Personally, I prefer DeathSkullz. Best lootas in da universe and all that. Can't wait to play them. I hope they have an ability to loot enemy weapons and make their own modifications to them:)
    I even hope that you can steal a fellow comrades weapon and make your own version of it:)
  2. DaBigBadD New Member

    Da Mek boys 'ave been 'ard at work on da new trukks to git us to da fightin. Evil Suns all the way
  3. -Nagerash- Negarash Drill Abbott

    I've always liked the look of the Bad Moons. I am not too wel versed in the different Ork clans 'lore' though, as far as they have any :p.
  4. They have just as much as everyone else, don't you be listening to them 'umies and pointy-ears.

    I'm split between Goffs (big, bad and ded-'ard) or Death Skulls (got their fingaz on all da loot!).
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  5. Ludlow Bogrot Scribe

    Gotta be death skullz. I want to loot everything. Would be cool to be able to loot rhinos and ork them up
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  6. GitzStompa GitzStompa Subordinate

    At the moment, Blood Axez aren't present at Eternal Crusade. There will propably a vote to add them or either Snakebites int he future. These are the current clans that will participate in the game as of now.
    Hope this clears things up a bit:)
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  7. GitzStompa GitzStompa Subordinate

    That's what I'm hoping too:)
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  8. Ludlow Bogrot Scribe

    well as long as you don't try and loot stuff that I saw first we won't have a problem :p
  9. Dis one'z mine, and dat one'z mine.
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