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Orky Talez, Right 'n Propa!

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Kilgar, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Oi, you sniveling grots!

    I was thinkin' you might be bored to death with dis zoggin' waitin' 'n all. Now, I was thinkin' you lot might wanna 'ear some good 'n propa ekspolits of some of our boys.
    I aint no storyboy to keep yappin' 'bout borin' stuff, so I got a reeeeeeally good one right 'ere for ya gents! Eh, quit yer yappin' and just sit down 'n listen you grot!
    Ya might learn some taktiks and strategik finkin' and... oh to the zog with it... I'm happy if ya zogged grots can hold a shoota da propa wayz... Just listen to some great stompin'!

    Here is a gooooooood story of dem Deff Skwadron!
    Heh-heh... Might wanna ask them to join us Freebooterz when they 're at it! Them boys 'ave some nice shootin'! Skwadron/deff_skwadron.htm

    Lets see if ya lot can tell a good story, ey?
    Or we might just start crushin' some 'eads of some of da lads?
  2. Warpten Warpten Master

    Oy this is realy cool !
  3. Warboss Grot-Stompa Active Member

    Oi, I 'memba deze Nobz!
    Gotz told it by ma Ol' Mek wen I wuz just a Runt.
    Zoggin good tale tho.
  4. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    that was..... interesting
  5. lol someone put up the whole thing?
  6. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Aye it seems like!
    There is another nice story there is... Blood & Thunder its called.
    If I find it I'll put it up 'ere.

    Any of you gents 'ere got some stories to share?
    It can be anything ya know. From games, comics or just a heck of a tale if ya played Rouge Trader.
  7. needs more dakka
  8. Markal Markal Active Member

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  9. Orkman D Orkman Curator

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  10. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Thats one nice story ya had there mate.
    That Deffwotch is some zoggin' serious business!
    Dat Painboy in da story! Crazy to boot! I quite like 'im!

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