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Orky History/info Fer All Ya New Gitz

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Rokdakgut-rippa, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Dakka doznt mak soun. Dakka iz.

    Ifn youze can still hear da dakka you ain't got enuff dakka.
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  2. Dere aint no such fing as enuff dakka
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  3. oh... Dere is a such a fing as ALMOST enuff dakka.

  4. Woo multilaser masturbation!
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  5. Gotz Gotz Member

    Why woul' a Ork need a suit to wear in space? Dere's nuffin in space ta care if you're fancy or not.
  6. Nah I finks he meenz da fancy clobba wid da bowl bit we 'az ta put on our 'eads when we'd working on da 'ulks and da uver ships and needs ta be outside fer longa dan we can hold our breath fer.
    Mostly whenz we is boardin' ships we ain't out long enuf to need a space suit as we don't suffer from da cold and da pressure drop like da humies so we is fine.
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  7. Oglethorpe Ogie Menial

    Sides.. We fix dem roks from da inside out, we do. If we can't, we got Grotz, Dey use a garden 'ose to breaf thru, while da Boys wait inside. Proppa order of fings it is.
  8. if we were created earlier in the the war of heaven could we have beaten the neurons
  9. Hmm, well that's a very good question. You see at the time orks were first created, they teamed up with the Eldar to beat back the Necrons. And due to the idiocy of C'tan gods, the C'tan eventually had no choice but to take the big snooze as I like to call it. But if the Old Ones had made the orks much sooner and still had the Aid of the Eldar, then they could have very well worn the Necrons out much sooner. The old ones waited until last minute however and this was the fall of them. That and the fact the Orks turned on them AND the Eldar.
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