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Ork Ranged Playstyle

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Wolffe, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Wolffe Wolffe Subordinate

    Do you think EC will be accurate to the lore when it comes to ranged combat for the orks?

    Do you think the ranged weapons will be highly inaccurate but pack a huge punch if hitting?

    What about tankbustas, we've all played Dawn of War games where the missiles hit their intended target maybe 2 times out of 5. Do you think this will work in EC?

    Will ranged combat for the orks essentially be a cluster of shoota boyz full autoing an area and hoping for the best? Cuz if they can pull that off, that would be pretty sweet.
  2. ork shooting needs to feel rewarding otherwise we wont see many of this
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  3. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    I'd guess their target reticule and CoF (cone of fire) would be larger then other factions make them less accurate at further ranges,

    but I also expect their weapons to be throwing out some serious firepower (like almost 150% rate of fire with 75% accuracy and 150% damage, of say the average for LSM/CSM)
  4. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    I'd think Rokkits would be the same as in Space Marine. Some fire off a load of them and some fire one. All of them have a good spread and will fly twist and zig zag in the sky.
    For general Ranged, I agree with Savij that it would have to be very rewarding. I as many others think that a normal Shoota would have a "fair" spread, but spray out so many rusty bullets dealing crude damage. Basicly the same Tarl meant. This would have to be figured out well, for imagine if a band of say 20 Shootas group up with a basic Shoota and just spray at a army it would deal incredible damage. But thats Orks I guess.

    A little demonstration of how I think a normal Shoota should work. (Just with not as much Dakka there, but.. A bit less for a normal Shoota, that looks abit like a Big Shoota)
    With loads of Dakka and High damage, but with incredible bullet spread.
  5. I wouldn't mind if a miss a few shots with my shoota, but to miss 70% is quiet a lot if they don't do a lot of damage.
    Still I don't know if EC will involve WAAAGH banners but my idea is they would give orks better aim and a damage bonus as they do in Dawn Of War. Then I don't mind missing with 70%. ;)
  6. Jus' as long as they be loud and have a stupid rate of fire I'd enjoy myself even if i miss the majority of my shots. just means i would have to get closer which is what an orc should be doing anyway
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  7. If you merge the way many Shotguns work in other games with how fast the reticule tend to grow with high-powered automatic rifles in others (Think the Renevant in Mass Effect, or the Minigun in Team Fortress 2), I think we will hit the sweet spot - Highly effective at close quarters, forcing Orks to play aggresivly and within close distance of their enemy (Read: WAAAGH). It also means that sniping with a Shoota will be all but impossible because, 1. The shots won't hit too often and 2. When they do, it'll do as much damage as cottonpuffs and rainbows.

    To counter this, you could easily make the Big Shootas the longer ranged option with more damage and fire rate, but easier to keep on target. And, if you really want to snipe, Rokkits might be the best choice, as they have an AoE and therefor will blow things up, making it easier to hit your foe.
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  8. I personally wouldn't mind if Ork rapid fire/automatic weapons (shootas and co.) worked similarly to Hyperion weapons in Borderlands 2. Basically, the longer the player held down the trigger, the more accurate the gun gets, and recoil literally disappears. Now I'm not saying copy this exactly (there was a massively annoying gun shake when aiming down the sights before the gun began to fire) but rather keep the high-to-low (not high-to-no) recoil and bullet spread. This rewards Ork players for using guns like an actual Ork might (as a bullet hose).

    Another thing, the "Power of the Waaagh!" where the ork belives there is ammo in the gun when it would normally run out could also be made to work with this. When the Waaagh! wanes strong (however that is decided, personally I hope its when players gather in large numbers) players firing rapid fire guns won't use any bullets in a magazine after the first few shots as long as they continue to hold down the trigger. The accuracy increase bonus ends after the first few shots of the mag before "Dakka Dakka Dakka" sets in, so that while accuracy isn't as great, there is a (potentially) unlimited amount of lead in the air. When the player stops firing, they are left with the number of bullets remaining before the gun entered "Dakka Dakka Dakka," or no bullets at all (anyones pick, though could work with "Power of the Waaagh!" scaling, higher levels of power equals the bullets still left in mag, less equals no bullets).

    This sounds fairly OP, even though you can't sprint and fire, meaning the Orks may have to stop firing to seek cover from shelling/intense fire, thus losing the bonus. Perhaps an overheat mechanic could be included, simulating the build up of Waaagh! energy within the gun, which causes it to explode when it reaches full heat, causing damage and requiring cooldown and fresh mag. Alternatively, the high-to-low recoil effect could be reversed (though the rate of increase is much lower than the decrease rate was), leading to the guns getting so out of control the player can't shoot straight.

    Single shot weapons/charge weapons have none of these effects, simply larger than average recoil/spread, but not the same as the Ork auto weapons.

    Just a few ideas.
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  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    This thread made me think about something, whats everyones opinion of letting Orks regenerate ammo under the effect of the WAAAAAAAGH!?

    Its kinda taking one of the lore bits and stretching it thin but hear me out. We know that basically the faith usually makes lots of Ork junk work. From guns made from junk which have no logical basis of the ability to shoot to scrap vehicles who are driving about when they should basically not be able to even start by how they are made. Then theres things ive read here and there about an Ork shooting his weapon and it continues firing bullets even after the said bullets are gone.

    Id reckon this would be something only triggered by the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! mechanic, which will further incentivize Orks to stick together, especially ranged oriented ones who have less of a reason to stick closer. Now besides laying a wall of dakka their coordination with each other would trigger the WAAAAAAAAGH! triggering their collective psychic energy to make things like ammo regenerate.
    I think it would go hand in hand with Orks being bad shots and relying on drowning the enemy in bullets of which some actually have to hit.
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  10. I freaking love it - that's the fluff giving ideas to how to make the crunch, which I like and is the opposite of the fluff directing how the crunch should be. In the fluff it is never explained if the Orks have to be together to make stuff work or what effect the WAAAGH actually has ('cause the Orks themselves sure as hell don't know), but it is great inspiration to shape new concepts for the crunch that can make the game more fun while keeping the 40K tone.

    Okay, let's go wild in assumptions here - For Orks, there is a WAAAGH meter somewhere in their HUD. When Orks fight and behave Orky (Shooting, krumping, moving fast in vehicles, taunting, maybe given by War Counsel leaders or Nobs in battle), this meter goes up a bit. This amount should grow as more Orks are doing said things in the same region (I don't want to punish Kommandoes and Stormboys for not being in Mobs). Every step on this meter gives a temporary buff to all Orks that might change a bit depending on the class and outfit that lasts until the meter is below that point again; this buff could be faster respawn, higher rate of fire, faster melee attacks and a small chance of not consuming ammo, that sort of thing. There could be, like, four or five of those steps, but when the meter is full, all Orks get their WAAAGH on, screaming like madmen and properbly having glowing red eys or something to indicate what has just happened to the unfortunate foe. This WAAAGH last for some time, whereafter the meter goes all the way down again, for the Orks to regain their buffs and the WAAAGH once more. This represents how Orks sorta like a tough fight but will get disheartened if their enemy is too tough to deal with (Tau says hello), if you have to explain it in a fluffy way.

    This means that any amount of Ork will buff themselves as the fighting goes on, but larger groups does it bigger, which gives incensive to go to the hotter warzones instead of fighting on your own - not that small groups of Orks won't generate some WAAAGH Energy, it will just be less and over a longer timeperiod. It buffs the player and gives him or her a reason to do particular things, instead of forcing the player to do stuff he don't want to do because "fluff says so".

    You could go further, too: some classes could use specific abilities at different points of the WAAAGH, others might enchance the way the WAAAGH works by just being alive at the current time. I don't know, I think there's a lot of potential for fun and giggles with a system like this.

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