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Ork player that recently started using the gravgun

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Rokdakgut-rippa, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    not to mention, you lose 50 dps or thereabouts from a gravgun, have limited range and no headshot multiplier so technically, you lose even more than 50 dps per person with a grav weapon.
  2. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Meta? What meta?
  3. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    It's ok, we can all go back to Space Marine once this game dies :)
  4. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    Grav weapons are actually also very very useful for locking down passageways.

    You get a tac (or a dev) with a grav weapon and pair them with a heavy bolter, and *noone* is getting through that doorway.
  5. Chewdakka Regz First Blood!

    I would just go through the other door that nobody on the LSM team realised you needed to defend. There are plenty.
  6. Auzor Auzor Menial

    this is something they should change about the grav-gun imo.
    Getting weird gravity compression going on in your brain doesn't sound like a brilliant plan.
    Another option would be to have it as low DPS, but completely ignoring armor.

    50 dps loss:
    Bolter does 38 dmg per shot I think, 333 RPM.
    211 dps.

    But wait, let's assume 40 toughness.
    174 dps.

    Grav gun dps vs infantry is 108.
    for 66 dps difference, and no headshots, at 140 toughness.
    At say, 120 toughness (Chaos Marine with only warp armor for toughness? Or only Mark of Nurgle?), the difference will be in between 103 & 66 dps.

    At least give it the headshot multiplier then.
    Due to the slow and AV capability, that may make it more desireable than a bolter, but it costs more LP.
  7. So having the ability to slow down and make enemies a sitting duck, on top of wrecking shields and almost guaranteeing destroyed vehicles isn't enough? You want to make it a weapon capable of easily soloing enemies as well (melee in particular). Does this sound balanced?
  8. Auzor Auzor Menial

    I like the slow effect, 'sitting duck': you can still roll; it is a 35% slow. Slaanesh gives +0.33 run speed multiplier, and Eldar are also faster than normal: compared to them, everyone else is a 'sitting duck'?
    I suspect the wrecking of shields (=melee shields? or you mean armor? armor is just like HP) is due to the AP of 400. About that: besides LSM.. the only other faction to have shields is.. Orks. And they have higher base HP.
    Maybe that should be looked at, but really, the grav gun is not an awesome weapon right now as is..

    If the Gravgun got headshot multiplier, it would still be at a dps disadvantage, namely 66 dps vs 140 toughness infantry. (174 vs 108).
    With headshots for both, double the difference if you have 100% headshots.
    And the range will continue to be limited; granted in most firefights this is not an issue.

    Almost guaranteeing destroyed vehicles:
    Grav gun is gonna take some time to kill a vehicle, really.
  9. I admit, I don't have any experience using it. But in my experience fighting against the gun, it does seem like a very good suppport weapon.
    I did mean melee shields, correct.
    Seeing as I'm primarely a melee player, I usually win 1v1s against a grav gun user, but it's pretty close most times (except against raptor/stormboy). But I don't think that's the purpose. Give it any kind of support, whether AV or AI and I believe the outcome is set 9 out of 10 times.

    Long story short.
    It's a unique support weapon, not a rambo gun.
  10. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    Grav gun is super entertaining, but really it's more of a gimmick and a PvE tool than anything else.

    Excepting what you mentioned and slowing melee units down of course.

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