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Ork Classes

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Musibat Khan Musibat-Khan Active Member

    you are right those are called warlords.

    but then again as far as this game is concerned lets keep it more simplified:

    warboss model for leaders and if the player is on the council he can have the title of warlord. no need to make a new character or class just for 3 dudes on top.
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  2. you mean 10
  3. you mean 5 ;)

    i think the warbozz would work best as a summon by the war council
  4. I've played other games with a player hierarchy or high command. I'd be dead set against anyone on the high command for EC having the only access to special classes. I think a vast majority of the player base would feel the same way. High command players really don't need any special access to exclusive classes, if anything, LOCAL commanders, ie Company commanders, platoon commanders, squad leaders, the guys in the field on the front lines 24/7 are the ones that should have priority for command specific classes or abilities.

    High command implies command and control, as in the big picture. They also have input as far as what type of global assets get deployed along with when and where those assets are deployed. Hopefully there's some sort of "brigade" or "chapter" movement around the game world, so high command will be moving Chapters/Clans, ect around the game world as needed. There's also a chance we will have some sort of supply and attrition, along with some sort of ongoing research and development of new weapons throughout each campaign, and I'm thinking our global commanders will play some part. If anything, give them a unique "vanity" outfit, that they can equip over their individual loadouts. And of course give them all the UI tools to command and control their faction.

    Back on topic. I keep hearing the complaint that you don't want too many warboss type classes running around. There wouldn't be any more warbosses running around in game, that's contrary to lore, any more than there are going to be Wolf Priests running around in game, or other "not so common in lore" SM and CSM classes. I'm pretty sure I read that Priests and Wolf Priests are going to be one of the standard playable classes. From the books I've read they're few and far between in each chapter, yet we will see every player that plays SM or CSM having access to that specific type of class.... so why should an Ork Warboss be any different.

    I can only speculate, but from what some of the dev posts have revealed, it appears that Orks are already being short changed on Elite or Hero type classes versus their SM counterparts. I think it's high time the part of the community that intends on playing the Ork faction need to start being a bit more outspoken on class balance and what Ork classes and mechanics should make launch.
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  5. nightcrawlers New Member

    Three things, real quick.

    1) don't be a snob.

    2) obviously its a knee jerk reaction to the OP. A reaction that is in good humor, as I am a fan of the 40K universe. After reading your post I've actually thought that some sort of mechanics introduced for player warbosses (like guild leaders and such) might be kinda fun. (While somewhat unpractical, but its still early).

    I've been coming to this site since the first went up, I don't post very often but to say people are "more qualified" is a usless statement... qualified for what? an opinion? mmmmmmm okay. Take a chill pill, go outside, meet some people.

    3) See 1)
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  6. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Warboss os really good idea but every time someone from wat council will be warboss, this would be unfair to other players who want to be warbosses too. Other factions also dont have units similar to warboss, like chaos lord or captain space marine. But the abilities that psychovski said could be included. Orks power in their numbers so than more orks stay together like a group they get bonus to damage, xp and like that.
  7. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Sorry I was in a bad mood. Also most new members don't really surf this forum beforehand ( myself included ) you are obviously a exception to said thought process and I have seen people make comments like that and actually mean it so sorry for the misconception. Honestly I really think there shouldn't be a warboss but a group of nobs like I said earlier because that's basically making the council member more powerful than a terminator in relevance of warboss to terminator power ratio. But yea so no warboss and if no warboss I guess we can think of special abilities for classes of the ork variety
  8. nightcrawlers New Member

    Well, if i had to guess; id say there is going to be NPC warbosses (per clan).

    Which makes we wonder if there will be any clan specific activities? will they make it matter? I havn't seen anything related to that.
  9. Marneus Carnak Ascendancy Active Member

    Don't forget about your Nobz, and your Big Nobz.
  10. all of the classes are nobs. big nobz aren't a thing.
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