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Ork Classes

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    The only chaos heroes I know is possesed and fallen(also not good choices I think), no chaos lord. Orks as I understand will also have a weirdboy wich is nearly same to librarian. Cant say anything about eldar I know badly about them
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  2. I don't think you can do justice to the 40K Ork faction, without having a persistent presence of some sort of "Boss" type class on the battlefield. Now while there might be "named" hero Warbosses in game as well, I'm assuming that's NOT going to be omnipresent on the battlefield.

    If you look at Dawn of War 2, each faction had named heroes that each had a specialty. While none were truly epic or heroes of sorts in my opinion, each played a specific "class" role according to the lore. The Ork faction Warboss is no exception. I think if you toned down some of the weapon types and overall damage, a similar "Warboss".. that's NOT a hero class, could be implemented into EC, or should I say, MUST be implemented for EC as a regular, playable class.

    The Ork faction, more so than any other faction in Eternal Crusade, according to lore, is extremely dependent on the Warbosses presence on the battlefield. Omitting their presence 24/7 for occasional, player spawned Hero Warboss would be shortchanging Ork faction players.

    Having players running around playing as various nobs, meks, shootas is great and all, but playing the Ork faction just wont do justice to the Orks if they don't have a boss class helping lead the charge.

    As far as mechanics, the boss class would be a "buffing" class as well as an AOE healer. Buffing run speed, toughness, attack speed(melee), reload speed(shootas), accuracy, damage, as well as allowing players to spawn directly off the Warbosses location. Of course the Boss could only have one buff up at a time, with some overlap(think Chosen Auras in Warhammer Online). The buffs would be centered off the Warboss, and the radius of the buffs and heals could be increased via points spent or pieces of gear. Players spawning in on the Warboss could be triggered by enemies killed nearby, or some other similar mechanic. A "momentum" mechanic could also be added, via specialty tree or gear, where the more enemies killed in the immediate area of the boss, the stronger the buffs along with increased duration(longa and stronga!)

    Developing the Warboss(non hero) class as a buffing class, with aoe heals, without many individual skills would make for an outstanding class. Think tons of HP, hits like a truck, with slow attack speed, and perhaps a slow firing off hand ranged weapon, the Warboss class could be kept in check from becoming overpowered. While the Warboss wouldnt excel or stand out as far as individual abilities or their overall damage output, they would only truly shine in a group setting.

    All said, I hope the amount of information(or lack there of) we're receiving on the Ork faction, compared to the amount of information they've released on SMs isn't a reflection of the amount of dev time being put into the Ork faction. If Ork classes, mechanics, and playable hero classes end up being subpar to their SM counterparts.. well, enjoy every campaign boiling down to SM vs CSM... yawn...
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  3. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    I like your idea about warboss, maybe he could be selected among other players for a match. Sadly devs haven't said anything about warboss
  4. Match? There is not maches, constant war mate
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  5. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Well I mean that)
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  6. So one is elected for a 3 month campaign :p i think its one for each clan, like with sm chapter masters and what not :)
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  7. nightcrawlers New Member

  8. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "warboss plz" do you want to be the warboss because I'm 87% sure there are people on the forum more qualified then a new member, no offense. To have a warboss would be a bit odd when there is several people on the war council and they all want to be warboss maybe we can use the warlord nob squad as our leader and also orks don't ALWAYS need to have a warboss they just need to have a leader , now name one faction in this game that fights without a leader.
  9. Musibat Khan Musibat-Khan Active Member

    Psychopski I like your idea but it would make more sense if the Warboss is a class only available to the council or the elected leaders.

    This way we wont have many of warboss's running around and it would make sense that the players who are really leading the faction are the ones who have a model that demands respect.

    Due to the fact that leaders or commanders have to invest time of their play time in to giving orders it makes sense that most of the Warboss abilities be passive or buffs. so when they are standing and thinking up strategies they are still of use on the battle field. ***SMACK*** A BOSS IZ SUPPOSE TO FIGHT NOT STANDING AND BE MUCKING ABOUT! HE IZ A WARBOSS NOT A SODDING SMARTBOY.

    Speaking of Smart-Boyz I do hope that the Ork leaders are Smart-Boyz, last thing we want is a Leader who only yells Waaagh! and runs in ahead of his boyz and dies :p Hence we come back to the point that the Warboss should be only available to the leaders of the faction.

    Another thing can be that Warboss being an NPC that gives these buff and is very powerful and makes the players around him buffed up. we can escort the boss like in mythics warhammer online.

    but I still prefer the player controlled Warboss but I disagree with every player getting the option to play as one.
  10. I think that should be warlords. Warlords are a good deal bigger than warbosses. Warbosses are more on the space marine captain/marshal level, and a good deal above force commanders/heroes/castellans, with warlords on tier with chapter masters and high marshals.
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