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Ork Classes

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Nope. Currently des have said free players only get orkney boys and only get slugs boys and shoots boys. Though I would prefer the method you have mentioned..
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  2. It could help players figure out if they want to pay by giving them a taste of the classes like free mek boys take longer to repair things and grot herders would have less grots but hero's and such would be pay exclusive
  3. Grot herders are called runtherds. And if this were to be done, then the free players would only be able to play as Slugga boys, along with any variations like burns boys, shoots boys, storm boys, and...that's probably it. You should PM a dev about this.
  4. Erobar Erobar Subordinate

    My only concern is will a Warboss be leading the orkish war council, or will it be lead by a bunch of nobs, because you can't have a right and proper WAAAAAGH, with at least one person being a warboss to lead the other puny gitz into the fight.

    Also I always thought that Flash gitz or Weridboyz would be added as hero classes, but Cyborks and Kommando nobz don't sound so bad either.
  5. i REALLY disagree. cyborks should not be a class, since any ork can become a cybork with cybernetic parts/limbs. k0mmandos should be at MOST elite classes, and preferably regular classes IMO--but NOT hero classes. they are not comparable to librarians/force commanders/warbosses. flash gitz should not be heroes either--they should be elites. wierdboyz are the only thing you mentioned that should be a hero class.
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  6. Its a skarboy kommando, skarboys are more than normal nobs
  7. still not comparable to a warboss IMO...but meh.
  8. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    They aren't just kommandos they are kommando scarboys, they are tougher and stronger than usual kommandos. In DoW2 kommando nob is hero, too. If you look to other fractions hero classes you'll see that they mostly also don't have such classes like warboss or like that. I also don't like cyborks idea, well if they will look more like deff dread that would be ok.
    Sorry for my english if something hard to understand.
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  9. no, cyborks never get as big or even close to deff dreads, or killa kans. and the other factions hero classes ARE on the same tier as warbosses. chaos lord, autarch, farseer, chaplain, librarian...also, dawn of war 2 had some...lets just say, bad choices for heroes. apothecaries are not hero level, nor are tech marines. those should have been chaplain and librarian, with tech marines and apothecaries instead of what the librarian currently is.
    well, if you want to be more lore accurate that is. but i understand why they did what they did in dow2 from a gameplay perspective.
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