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Discussion in 'Orks' started by Im_a_Turtle, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. well datz what iz sounds like to me
    also ork an ork philosopher would just need to scream and shoot a lot to get his point along not need to talk all fancy like any way back on topic i like the idea you guys are going for keep it up
  2. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    Soundz more loik a Slaaneshi kultist! But he doez loik Shooty an' fingz dat go fasta! Trikky diz iz!
  3. Iz jes jokn ya silly gitz, yer all 'tinkn too 'ard 'bout dis!
  4. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    Ya got me'z! A good un'!
  5. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    Me'z want ta keep diz thread aloive!

    Wolfenstein: the old blood came out recently and I've seen lots of good stuff from it! Including some amzing OSTs.

    Diz 'un Me favorite! Makez me fink a Deff Dread iz approachin'!
  6. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    Well, I'z might aswell kontribute. I'z finkin' sumfin' like OP, WAAAAGH Drums 'n WAAAAGH Cries. Dat'z da' best. I'z love diz 'ere 'n fink it fitz ta' da' Orks! I'z used it ta' da' Twitch Question Video, dat I'z did.
    Besidez, stompin' da' puny grots, dat kalls demselves Uruks or Orcs, Iz good!
    EDIT: Whoops! I linked the wrong song. Here's the right one.

    But yeah, something like that. Heavy Drums and the likes. I'm thinking the best Ork music for me, would be a mix of the above and this. Both with Warcries like the Warchief Chanting and Drums, "Heavy" Instrumental sounds like the start of the Warchief I soundtrack.
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  8. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    I prefer this one.

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  9. Well most of the Orc tracks in that were awesome :3
  10. Zaeryn Zaeryn Master


    Only this one sounded any good. The rest were too try-hard.

    As for my recommendations:
    Theme song:


    Battle music:


    Strongholds or particularly massive battles:

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