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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    -Tur and Temur-

    As Tur decimated the last of the shoota boyz attacking him, he found himself able to strike at the remaining forces with ease. The shoota boyz that were still alive were tied up with the astartes firing from the thunderhawk, and the choppa boys were still chasing Ramiel, as he circled around taking swings at the greenskins. It would seem that the orks would be easy prey to the bloodied recruit. However he got the gut feeling this all have been too easy.

    His feeling was confirmed when a Deff Dread crashed through some piles of dirt that used to be a nature ridge surrounding the wreckage site. The orky dreadnought scanned the area, and cased its surveillance unit (the hole where the ork inside sees through) at Tur. With a WAAAGH! the Deff Dread charged forward, a big shoota from the side of it opened up at Tur, though this was more effective a signification of the start of the battle than an actual attack. A klaw slapped open and shut, hoping to grab the White Scar recruit from his steed to feed his body to the buzzsaw on the other side of the Deff Dread. It began marching forward, aiming its big shoota for a better shot as well as get into range of its burna and klaws.

    (You may eliminate the rest of the choppa boyz without penalty to help Ramiel, or strike at the Deff Dread)

    "It's-it's Yu," the recruit weakly replied as the injections set into his body. "I'll do my best" He looked at the impaled recruit "Xiao! Stop wriggling! You're going to hurt yourself more if you do!" Xiao ignored the recruit, apparently furious that he had gotten so close to the fighting only to be pinned down by a metal piece of junk. Temur did not need to worry though, it seemed that Xiao had been going at this for a while, and seeing as how little success he's had so far, it didn't seem like he was in danger of ending his own life by accident.

    The apothecary, working meticulously, seemed very professional on the outside. Yet in his heart he had his doubts. Doubts that came not only because this is his first field operation, but also of all the weird stories of seemingly successful operations gone wrong, where someone who was supposed to live had suddenly die do to some freak condition. He had been successful so far at pushing these thoughts out of his mind, but as Temur continued the procedure some of it, however little, crept back into his thoughts. The tricky thing wasn't going to be the blood transfusion, but stopping the bleeding long enough for it to take effect.

    Quickly finishing the injections, Temur set the bone and began cauterizing the wound shut. The recruit grit his teeth as his flesh burned together, though he did not scream. The apothecary had to give the boy some credit for his gut, though all this would mean nothing if the wound won't close. Just a little more...

    -Kren and Vesk-

    As the two scouts reached the top of the valley, a grim sight greeted them: a large mob of orks had converge on the edge of the ravine about half a mile ahead, all laughing and firing down into the ravine below. Some were even tossing stikkbombs and firing handheld rockets down into the chasm below. So focused and enjoyable were their activity that none of the ork boyz noticed the two lone recruits that have just scaled the elevated position.

    Looking over to the end of the Ravine, the two recruits could see it curve slightly southwards. This meant that if the recruits would like to, they can clear a safe distance from the ork marauders by the edge of the ravine, though that would add some time to their pursuit (slowed even more now that they're on foot). They could always consider following the ravine still, but that would mean that they would come very close to the orks that are enjoying themselves, and by then they may not be as preoccupied as they are now. There's certainly more than enough of them to overwhelm and overrun the two lone recruits, should open fighting start out between them.

    (pretty self explanatory, ask in the other thread if you have any questions)


    ... Success! The wound closed up, one wouldn't say nicely, but at least it stopped bleeding out the recruit, who was no longer at risk of going into shock. However, the recruit had physically passed out due to the pain and was forcibly resting on the floor and recovering. His impaled brother on the other hand, was not as peaceful.

    "Oy Doc! Do something useful and cut me out of this! I bet your boys are hogging all the kills outside and I want in on the action!" He wiggled some more in futility, though the doc couldn't help but notice the man had forgotten his bolt pistol on his belt. On the other hand the recruit with the broken arm still need to be tend to as well as the astartes who had been shot out by the opening. Speaking of which the apothecary wondered if he should check on the fighter outside to see if he needs to be patched up before losing too much blood as well.

    (You can tend to both the medium wounded, though there's always a risk of helping the astartes outside since he's still fighting. However, you may also see to the impaled man before he gets too agitated and does something stupid. Reaching for his weapon will only remind him of its presence and this gm strongly recommends against that course of action.)
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Brother I suggest mostly we avoid these ork nobs. There are to many for us and it would take away from the precious time that we already have. I suggest we take that southward path and avoid the orks there begin a run to try to intercept Fasta's forces." kren said as he began keeping his head down and moving southwards. "Brothers in the air if you can read me there are Orks near the ravine with heavy weaponry raining death upon are brothers if you can spare some air support that would save a few of there lives they are at the top of the valley at these coridantes." Kren said through the vox trying to get possibly the attention of those in the air or possible land speeders he had seen from earlier.
  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Understood brothers, we're about through here I think so keep that pursuit up, we'll converge as soon as possible. " Bike shuddering across a path of fallen bodies for the umpteenth time that day the young Scar glanced toward a closing walker, jaw setting itself tightly at the sight.

    "Oh hell..." Tur immediately adjusted his launchers load out to krak grenades, the explosive power presented by the weapon always superior to the withering fire dual bolters could produce in his opinion. Bringing his bike to a halt for the briefest second after escaping a stream of big shoota shells he immediately gunned the engine, letting its own roar challenge the tinny howl of the Dread's owner. Stowing away his chainsword he focused entirely on maneuvering himself around the walking weapons can, circling around it like a predator eying over fresh prey, attempting to divine a weak spot. Eventually the numbers of weapons on the walker would catch up to him and Tur knew all too well that time was of the essence. At last breaking inward he lowered his body to make himself a harder target for both claw and shoota during those precious half seconds it would take for his bike's targeter to plot an accurate shot. Closing in dangerously near to both the flamer and claws Tur slammed in the firing stud, sending a powerful canister of anti-armor class fury toward the welded on big shoota reasoning that stripping it of ranged weaponry was priority seeing as superior speed could keep him out of claws reach.

    Of course this very assault would be leading him into close range so he pulled hard on the handles driving his bike forward with as much speed as could be mustered, lining himself up to skim past the side of the walker where his grenade was bound to detonate hoping it could cause enough of a disruption to let him pass safely.
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  4. " Aye brother lets use our legs for once! Show all the other scouts how you are supposed to catch a prey "

    But by the khan I would like to fight those damm orks he thought.
    It feels dishonorable to walk away from a fight! From the enemy!

    But slowly his chapter teachings overcame the lust to fight.
    Hit and run. Again and again and again.

    A grin appeared once more on his face.

    " Lead the way brother .. The Orks will pay in due time "
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  5. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    -Tur, Ramiel and Temur-

    As the daring scout shot straight at the Deff Dread's path, the trek did a horizontal cut at the scout bike. It sliced into the metal side of the vehicle along the surface and missed dismembering one of Tur's leg by a few inches. However, the daring manuver did reward him with a clean shot of his launcher at the Deff Dread. Not hesitating, the White Scars scout fired the krak grenade at the orky dreadnought, and an explosion rocked the mek.

    The good news was that it was a direct hit. The burna as well as the klaw flew harmlessly right off the machine as it was knocked backwards, staggering. The bad news was that Tur had severely misjudged the distance between his target and himself. The shockwave of the blast tore him clean off "Steppe's Wind," sending it skittering away. A piece metal from either the grenade or the explosion embedded itself into his stomach, giving him a medium wound. As he laid on the ground and the Deff Dread recovered, he could only watch as the angry orky dreadnought approached to finish him off.

    From his periphery suddenly a rhino busted out of nowhere with an astartes standing on top of it. The astartes, clearly a White Scar veteran, had a power sword in hand, shouting obscenities at the metal walker. The rhino, not slowing down, promptly ran into the damaged Deff Dread, pinning it under itself. The veteran promptly hopped on to the walker and stabbed into it with his sword until it stopped moving, then added a few more cuts in order to rip the hardwired ork inside out with his hands.

    In the meantime, the hatch to the rhino opened up and an apothecary long with with another astartes came out. He ran over to Tur and began administering first aid, removing the metal piece and patching him up. "Unfortunately son this will hurt for a bit, do your best to not stretch the wound too much. I've got to see to the others now." He stood the recruit up and went over to the downed transport. Just then the power sword veteran came over to Tur.

    "That was either the stupidest or the bravest thing I've ever seen a recruit do son. Either way you have my respect. I'm Dian from the Rising Wind Ordu. You are?" He looked at the tiny scout compared to him, expecting an answer.

    (Tur is going to have the medium wound for the rest of the mission, which will hinder his melee ability. However you don't have to worry about it developing into a heavy wound, due to the good work of the full fledge apothecary.)

    Inside the thunderhawk the other astartes was carrying out the passed out recruit with the leg wound out while the apothecary went and cut down the rowdy recruit that was impaled.

    "Finally, now get this metal thing off-" The recruit was cut off by the tranquilizer the apothecary stabbed and injected into his neck. He looked at Temur.

    "You a trainee right? Don't see a reductor on you." He did a quick scan with his helmet, getting the basic info of Temur in front of him. "Well good job with the leg Temur, if you want to give us a hand with the last guy, I can convince the Sergeant over there to finally get some medical treatment." So Temur carrying the man with the damaged arm went with the fully fledged apothecary, after he had convinced the Sergeant to medevac with the remaining members of his squad. Once everyone alive was on board the Rhino, the apothecary waved for Temur to follow him back to the Thunderhawk.

    "I'm Yuan, apothecary from the Rising Wind Ordu. Now I'll assume you've never seen an apothecary harvest the gene-seeds before in person. It's a grim duty but every apothecary must know it. Now I know you can't practice yourselves since you don't have a reductor, so I'll give you a live demonstration. Pay close attention, I'm only going to be doing this twice." They arrived back in the crashed thunderhawk, and the apothecary began the careful operation of recovering the legion's most precious resources out of the two dead recruits.

    (React to the situation, as soon as you and Deran does, I'll fold this group back with the primary objective group.)

    The other astartes had saw the damage to Ramiel's bike and sympathetically went up to him. "looks like the orks did a number on your ride recruit. Here." He reached into his pack, then pulled out a piece of machinery. "I ain't no techmarine, so I wouldn't trust myself to repair or put this into your ride, but when you get to a proper workshop, get someone that knows the machine spirit to put this into your ride. Trust me, you think that thing's fast now? Wait until you get this upgrade in." After handing the thing over and Ramiel putting the part away, he jogged back to the Rhino, making sure everyone is secured on board while waiting for the apothecary to finish his work.

    (Furious Rage still rides, though a bit slower. May want to be careful though, one more direct hit and it will break down, or worse, break apart with Ramiel on it).

    -Kren & Vesk-

    As the recruits skirted around the ork positions, they could see the Rushing Tide landspeeders engaging with the orks. Sadly they were greatly outnumbered, and as they turned away they could see one of the landspeeders go down from a lucky rocket from an ork. However pushing forward, after a bit of marching and jogging, they finally reached the opposite entrance of the Ravine.

    Unfortunately they were too slow, as they came upon the edge they could see Fastasped's custom transport speed past. However there were a number of escort vehicles consisting of warbikes and wartrukks passing by. Those were still close enough to jump on to and maybe even commandeer, if the recruits can figure out the controls on them. Obviously the warbikes would be easier to use, but they're also smaller targets to jump on to, making the aim harder. They can alway shoot the riders and then scale down and take the vacant vehicle, however that may lead the rear element of the convoy to double back and engage them, certainly a difficult situation for them to survive in, not to mention Fastasped would get even further with them tied down with the other orks.

    Whatever they decide to do, they best do it quickly, as the rear of the convoy is now beginning their exit of the ravine at a breakneck speed.

    (Jump at the bikes or trukks or shoot an ork off the bikes and scale down. The consequences are pretty self explanatory above. Just know each have risks and may or may not result in unexpected rewards/injuries.)
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Grunting as the shrapnel was drawn from the bloody trench in his stomach he blinked away the start of a tear before rising up with the Veteran's aid, doing his best to make it seem as unnecessary as possible. "T--" The name fell away so that he could hack up a thick glob of blood clogging his throat, not even bothering to wipe the stain from his mouth he resumed. "Tur, Ninth Squad of Storm Ordu. Had to distract it somehow, can't let it play butcher with our wounded. " Blast it all if his stomach wasn't still sore, it lent a slight hunch to his current stance and already he could tell dedicated movement was going to suffer for it, that bolter would probably be seeing use after all. "Thanks for the save Brother Dian. "
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kren cursed as he saw Fastaspeeds Rhino pass by he then looked down to the ravine as he could see the orks passing through. he put a hand to his vox speed. "Fasta speeda has left the eastern Valleys Dammit we had just missed him. Brother Tur we are going to attempt to commandeer one of the ork vehicles and try to catch up. You may see us on one of there bikes." Kren said through the vox to Tur as he now took aim at the ork bikers below with his stalker. "So brother Vesk do you prefers Bikes or trucks I am going to try to commandear us a bike." he said as he looked through his stalker bolter scope he could see the head of a green skin through his scope with a smile. he took aim "If you wan't us to try to grab a truck I suggest you say now because I could attempt to jump at one of those trucks or take out a ork in a truck I see and then Gain some knowledge through devouring his brain then attempting to drive it up to fasta speeda's vehicle." Kren suggested as he took aim he knew what he said would likely dishonour him but if they failed to catch fastaspeeda it may be worse.
  8. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    “Thank you Brother Yuan,” said Temur “I'm Temur of the Storm Ordu, 9th Squad”. He watched as Yuan went about his bloody work with the gene-seeds, fascinated by the skill with which he used his reductor to remove the life-giving seeds.

    Once the grizzly work was done. Temur turned to Yuan once again. “will recruit Yu be okay then? I followed my training rigorously but his wounds were pretty serious.”
  9. " I suggest we take a truck brother. We can use that to ram the mek of his course and finish the damm beast off. "

    Vesk pointed to a truck. One that was close enough to jump on.
    He pointed that one out to his brother Kren.

    " Shoot that driver NOW "

    Without another word he ran and jumped towards the truck.
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    -Tur, Temur and Ramiel-

    "Coming Storm Ordu huh? I'll put in a good for you Tur to Langui after I get back up to the fleet. Until we meet again young one. Good fortune in your hunt against Fastasped." Dian lifted his power sword, saluted and rejoined the others by the rhino. In the meantime Apothecary Yuan finished up his harvest of what gene-seed was not spoiled and looked at Temur.

    "If you ever find yourself by Rising Wind's encampment, or on one of our ships, look me up. I'll be glad to give you further training once you've gotten your full gear as an apothecary." He looked over at the other wounded passengers, who are now securely fasten in the Rhino. "Who? The leg guy? He'll come out with a scar, but he should otherwise be fine if he has the true strength of a White Scar. If he doesn't, he doesn't deserve life, let alone that leg." The apothecary shrugged as the two made their way back to the Rhino. He saluted once more before ducking inside. "Best of luck in taking Fastasped's head."

    Just then, the lone uninjured astartes from the thunderhawk popped up and looked at the recruits. "You're hunting Fastasped?" When they nodded he continued, "oh, why didn't you say something earlier?" He pulled out a data slate, which showed a map of the surrounding area, including their current position. "We were mapping out the landscape when they shot us down, but we managed to get the location of where Fastasped's headed." He tapped the screen, and it zoomed into what looked like a junkyard. "His refuel and resupply depot, it's directly south of here. He's heading there now in order to get ready to raid against our lines again. The other idiot recruits were going the wrong way, but we didn't get a chance to tell them since we got hit already by then." He put the data slate away, and looked pointedly at them, "There's a lot of munitions and fuel there. Explosive, flammable fuel, and from our latest recon shots it's poorly defended at the moment. Do what you will with that information." With that he got back into the Rhino and with Dian up top, it backed off the now dead Deff Dread and quickly sped away.

    Now armed with this intel, the group must decide on whether to rejoin the others or head straight to the supply depot themselves, or to take another course of action suited to them.

    (You all still have time to make it to the depot before Fastasped, so don't worry about that. However as in the OOC thread this is now back in primary mission mode, so updates will take longer).

    -Vesk & Kren-

    Before Kren could take his shot, Vesk had already leapt off the side of the elevate position at a passing wartruk. This yielded a less than desirable result for the white scar recruit. As soon as he leapt Vesk knew he had misjudged the distance between him and the truck, and could only braced himself as he overshot the moving wartruk. Still not was all in vain, an ork boyz had wanted to see how it would feel to ride on top of one of the wartruks and so got up to the roof just as Vesk had overshot the looted transport, so the two collided and both fell off to the other side of the wartruk. The ork boy actually fell into the path of an unexpected Nob on his warbike, and the bike flipped as the front wheel collided and killed the ork boy, sending the rider flying over the handlebars.

    Vesk, however he tucked himself, couldn't escape unscathed from his misjudged jump. He landed on his leg, hard, after an attempt to roll out a landing. Taking a medium wound to his leg, he at least did not get run over, instead his momentum sent him to the side of the path off to the side, where he actually hasn't been noticed yet as the other nobs on warbikes were still busy laughing at the one nob who crashed. The wartruks have more or less moved on, but Kren can still attempt a shot at the last one's driver if he wanted.

    Kren watched all this from his elevated position up top. Though the last wartruk had cleared the Ravine, it was still in range if the techmarine would like to take a shot at the driver.

    (The medium wound Vesk have will hinder his ability to jump, run, etc on foot, but no hindrance if he's riding in/on something. Getting up to fight the nobs would not be the best option for him at the moment, but possible. Kren is still chilling up top, and can do whatever he wants.)
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