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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

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    OOC: Hope no "Ork snipers" in that valley there :rolleyes:.

    The cough of his steed was not liked, but Ramiel knew that it was built for this purpose and it was serving very well. Ramiel was never intuned with machinery like the Scions of mars, yet he could feel the machine spirit of his bike. A feeling he had never encountered before. Maybe others have felt this feeling before. The feeling of Furious Rage.

    Ramiel yelled out a sharp battlecry and made a sharp turn to follow up on his attack. The choppa boy were slightly stunned by how quick the vehicle had turned back to them. They were even more shocked when a fast white vehicle speed through the group again. This time decapitating another Ork and running down another.

    With a hard screech, Ramiel's bike drifted. A skill he had been desperate improving on and finally able to use in battle. While his bike was almost gliding on its two tires, Ramiel sat strait with his arm extending out, shotgun in hand. In this position he had a clear strait shot at the orks. While almost a whole clip of shells were released, only another three orks fell to their death.
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    As Ramiel wreak havok on the choppa boys, the shoota boyz regrouped and, in an unusual display of solidarity, all pointed their dekkas at the scout, just as he dodge another leaping choppa boy. The shoota boyz opened up, and this time the scout wasn't so lucky as he was still recovering from avoiding the slash from the choppa boy. Several shots had landed on him, this time penetrating and giving him a light wound. However, the worst part was the rounds that found his steed. Furious Rage shuddered as the lead sank into its already hit armor, burying deeper within the machine. Though the scout bike continued to function, smoke had started to flow out the back and it was clear that it could not take another direct hit like it did or else it will be rendered useless. Now facing the possible destruction of his bike, Ramiel must decide on what to do. Should he continue to fight along side his brother? Or dismount at the thunderhawk and assist the astartes there on foot? Or something else?

    (you may reach the thunderhawk without any penalties, though you will be on foot until the crew is medevac'd there. If Ramiel continues fighting, he risk either his bike breaking under fire or being dragged off of it due to its decreased speed. Kren or another techmarine can repair it with a post, but none are available near you at this time)
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    There was no choice in Temur's mind, he needed to help the downed pilots. Watching as one of the two astartes was hit in the chest Temur turned his bike towards the thunderhawk as quickly as possible. He dodged and weaved between the Ork's with no intention of fighting any of them. He used the distractions of the battlefield and their diverted attentions to zoom right past most of them before they even knew he was there.

    One of the Orks though was more alert that his brethren, and swung his oversized weapon towards the white scar with great force. The sound of metal tearing through the bikes armour was murder to Temur's ears and he felt the great force of the blow jolt his bikes movements. Large chunks of the bikes front armour peeled off in great sheets of metal. With a sigh of relief Temur then passed by this more astute Ork and made it to the thunderhawk.

    Jumping off the bike in one swift movement he ran into the downed aircraft to find the wounded astartes and minister what aid he could.

    OOC: I don't know what I find with the wounded space marines, so if you could whip something up I will react appropriately.
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    As Kren looked down to the ravine He stopped and looked down to the eastern river he was for once hoping for a bridge. "Brothers we have located what looks to be Fastaspeeda's convovy its heading into a ravine that looks like a prime place for a ambush I am going to look for a way around and try cut it off or get a spot to take some shots of with my stalker. I suggest a few of us try to find a shorter path for the others." he said over the vox as he looked into the ravine going down into the ravine looked like suicide, He had heard of ambushes taking out marines like this from a few of the veterans story's. "Brother Vesk I suggest you head with me while we find a way around." Kren said to Vesk as he began looking for a way around and to cut off the convoy.
  5. " Lead the way brother "

    Vesk checked his weapons and surveyed the ravine.
    The slow moving convoy was rumbling on. Will they find the ork mek there?
    He felt it in his bones. A great honor was up for the grabs.

    " Kren you lead and I follow but I have a promise to make good on, I might not have gotten the first kill but I will mount that Orks filthy head on my bike "
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member


    As various bullets followed the Apothecary into the Thunderhawk, he leapt off of his steed, which is now missing armor in several places, and rushed to the closest wounded astartes. This happened to be one of the two astartes that were firing from the thunderhawk before. Even as the apothecary drew near to administer aid to the wounded battle brother, the wounded astartes waved him off.

    "Tend to the others first! I'll live for now." He grunted in pain as blood rushed out of a hole in his chest armor, though it would appear that the man would at least live a for a few moments, sustaining a Medium wound. He waved at his uninjured brother, who then propped the wounded astartes sitting upright by the edge of the thunderhawk and handed him his bolter. Together they began firing at the remaining three shoota boyz outside.

    Temur looked to the back and saw the rest of the wounded. Two scouts were already dead, their bodies crushed by their own bikes from the force of the impact. Two more laid upright, groaning in pain as one had his arm twisted in an unnatural position and the other having the leg snapped so far its bone was sticking out. The last recruit was impaled upon a steel pipe from the thunderhawk. Ironically the impaled recruit was working the hardest to free himself, though that might not be a good thing as the pipe was keeping him from bleeding out, unlike his comrade's leg. So even though he was immoblized, the apothecary could see that he only had a medium wound at the moment, like the recruit with the arm that needs setting.

    The recruit with the broken leg was an entirely different matter. Already there was a pool of blood that was steadily growing bigger by the second. His face was paled and it seems as though he's been bleeding for a while as his body prepared to go into shock. It was evident that this recruit had sustained a heavy wound, and will need to be stabilized immediately if he had any chance of survival, let alone recovery.

    (You may attempt to stabilize the leg guy, but I'll let you know the results of this. On the other hand, you can use the time to successfully wrap up either the arm guy and the astartes, or one of the two and attempt to free the impaled dude. The impale man may go into heavy wound mode though once the pipe is removed though.)

    -Vesk and Kren-

    The two recruits looked around, but it was clear that their options in regards to navigation was limited in this direction. They could follow the other recruits in going around the valleys, but that would slow them down. However upon closer inspection they realize that the valley themselves can be scaled, but the incline is way too steep for their mounts to come with them. If they choose to gain the upper ground and continue forward, they'll have to dismount to climb up the valleys and continue along the ravine, though this time not in the death trap itself.
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    With his kin converging on the wounded pilots he trusted they were covered from melee intrusions, instead turning his attention to those shootas that were starting to amass a number of hits through pure fire power. Thumbing the firing stud of his mounted weapon once more a second frag grenade plonked down amidst the brutish Orks, rendering the trio of them to ragged chunks of torn flesh and torn scrap metal guns. "Engaging enemy ranged assets, Remiel, Temur keep our kin safe from those axes. "
  8. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Temur moved towards the scout with the broken leg. Crouching down next to this wounded warrior he analysed the severity and placement of the break with a quick glance of his Diagnostor. Readying his coutnerseptic syringe he looked the scout in the eyes.

    “You will be okay brother, what is your name?” His voice was perfectly modulated to express solidity and confidence. Temur was staying here and so was the scout.

    OOC: I'm going to make a small assumption that the scout says his name. The next paragraph will explain why.

    “Okay [Insert Name Here] I need you to talk to your brother over there” Temur gestured with his empty hand to the scout impaled on the steel pipe.

    “he is going to do horrendous damage to himself, but YOU can save him. Can you do that? Can you focus on saving your brother while I tend to this wound.” The counterseptic needle slid into the exposed flesh of the wounded scout, the counterseptic itself would only prevent infection but this wounded scout was in no position to fight off an infection and fight for his life. Withdrawing the needle Temur changed the content to a blood transfusion.

    Re-injecting the scout, the infusion of blood to his system would delay the scouts fall into shock and give Temur more time to stem the bleeding and heal the wound. Blood transfusion was a simple matter for astartes due to the incredibly low rate of blood rejection.

    OOC: More healing to come, but what Temur does will depend on how the scout reacts to this post. I remember being told a while ago by a doctor friend of mine that patients who talk and are mentally active are significantly more likely to survive that those who do nothing and can drift off. I hoping that logic will assist this badly wounded scout.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kren as he found a good spot he parked The Crouching Fox and dismounted Brother I have found a way possibly above to convoy if we move quickly we can get above them and try to take out Fasataspeeda with out bolters. This though maybe our only chance though since we are leaving out bikes we must not allow him out of the valley If we spot anything we can use like a cliff we can try to cause a land slide to try and trap him in the valley we must use it." Kren said as he looked to his brother. He then began climbing with this talker on his back and his chain sword on his belt. "Brtohers we have found a way around the valley we are going to begin climbing now." he said through the vox to his brother Tur and the others at the crashed thunder hawk site. As kren began climbing he looked for spots ahead of them that would look like good spots for snipers or even a good place for a few explosives to trap in fasta speeda.
  10. Vesk considered the options and decided to go with the plan Kren had in his mind.
    The cliffs looked suited to climb down and lay an ambush before the convoy reached the end.

    " Kren, do you think it will be possible to blow up part of the cliff at the side the Orks will exit?
    That would be a perfect spot to plant some explosives and give them a nice greetings from the planet itself.
    In the confusion that follows we can quickly drop in and hunt for our target "

    Vesk parked his bike and attached his sword back to its belt and readied his weapons.

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