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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Watching the Thunderhawk drop out of the sky, Temur knew that he had to assist his brothers. With a more graceful and wide turn he turned towards the downed aircraft. While turning he decapitated an Ork who had levelled his crude gun towards Temur and sped off.

    After the wide turn he heard Tur's request in his vox. Revving his engine further he raced towards the crash with as much engine power as his bike could muster.

    “On my way” was as much as Temur could manage as he wove through the battle at breakneck speeds. With a quick burst of his bikes bolters he sawed two Orks who were blocking his path towards the Thunderhawk in half.
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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Riding past the storm of flashing shots Tur pressed down on the firing stud once more lobbing a frag grenade toward the central mass of shoota boyz, a single body thudding to the ground with a lucky chunk of shrapnel having torn up through the jaw and into the brain. As nice as a kill was the young scout was counting on it to disrupt other nearby gunners more than anything, hoping to break the suppression on his more experienced comrades. Whether that worked or not would yet to be seen and was quickly pushed from his mind as he struck the Orkish charge from the side, weaving between several of them at first to bring himself toward the center all the faster, expecting a sudden drive by would hopefully befuddled or stumble those spared while his chainsword swung out to gut one of the leading Orks in the charge, leaving it to trip over thuggish feet that quickly became tangled up in the spill of entrails.
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  3. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Ramiel was riding fast behind his brother Tur. His new steed had shown to be quite fast, yet it still remained quiet. Nothing louder than a purr, even now.

    His morale and blood lust was too high for words to describe as they were dropped by the Thunderhawk carrier. The heat of battle and the thrill of the ride made him red with joy and excitement, until their carrier had dropped out of the sky. Whatever the reason, the bright falling star that was once their Thunderhawk turned Ramiel's enjoyment of battle into sadness. Especially after hearing the distress calls.

    Now his sadness had turned to rage, each second as he rode to the wreckage his blood burned hotter and hotter. Letting Tur engage with the bikes weapons, Ramiel decided to charge the choppa boys to engage in melee combat. For the Emperor and for the Legion.

    OOC: SO charging the melee guys while Tur attacked/attackes the shoota boys. Not sure if you want us to post the killings. I would like to write them, but im kinda confused on how you want me go about this, since I dont have a number/idea on how many choppa boys there are.
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  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Temur and Remiel arrived just to see the same scene as Tur made his attack, the apothecary and his brother rode to the top of a nearby ridge where Tur had observed the scene earlier. Temur and Remiel can see the effects of Tur's actions, as the two orks dropped dead as he rode through one of the shoota boyz and cut down one of the choppa boyz. They now had to decide what to do with the situation at hand.

    Tur could see the two Astartes gave him a nod of approval, though the same voice came over the vox channel once more. "Where's the rest of your squad scout? They all dead already?" The duo at the thunderhawk moved as one, and with experience on their side, both fired simultaneously at the remaining shoota boyz, killing three of them as the orks were still in confusion.

    The reamining shootas split into three groups, 5 continued to spray lead at the thunderhawk, while 3 shot at Tur on his scout bike, and the remaining 3 turned outward looking for more newcomers to fight. This eased the situation a bit for the two astartes, as they can now intermittently fire and reload without having to be shot themselves. However this made the situation also very precarious for Tur, whose heroic charge now caught the attention of all the choppa boyz as well as the three shoota boyz firing at him. Luckily the storm of bullets went wide of him, and some actually cut down one of his pursuers! The choppa boyz stupidly chased the Scout on his bike, not being fast enough they 're just running in circles for now, however it won't be long before some jump at the bike, intending to knock him off.

    The three remaining shootas spotted Temur and Remiel and began firing. Unfortunately one of the shoota boyz got lucky and hit Temur giving him a light wound. The others went wide of Remiel, though the two best help their squad brother, as Tur can't possibly hold off all his attackers on his own.

    OOC: Temur and Remiel can descent upon the shoota boyz attacking them and wipe them out without injuries using their bike's weapon, or risk another light injury with a hand held weapon. However, handheld weapons will allow quick retargeting allowing them to strike and kill two more shoota boyz targeting Tur (this is all individual base, so if one does the hand held option, then he would kill two shoota boyz attacking the duo while another one attacking Tur). They can alternatively charge into the melee with the choppa boyz, though that will result in a light injury for both in the melee and the shooting going on. Tur taking any action outside of continue to evasive manuvers will result in another light injury and possibly losing his bike, though he can use the vox without penalty.
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  5. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    The sheer volume of firepower these Orks could kick out was deafening. Temur felt a series of shots glance the side of his belly, cutting through his armour and causing blood to stream down his right leg. Looking at the wound Temur knew that his gene-enhanced body would deal with it, he revved his chainsword and charged towards the three Orks who had shot at him.

    “Remiel” Temur shouted above his bikes roaring engine. “Help Tur, I have these three!”

    Temur's bike chewed up the distance and he was quickly within striking of the Orks. His first downwards chop chewed through the first Ork he passed, causing a horrific wound to the shoulder and torso that he was certain the Ork couldn't survive. A slight turn to the side allowed him to attack the other two Orks who had shot at him and he slowed enough to hit both of these Orks.

    He brought his chainsword up and cut the second Ork in half from groin to shoulder with some effort. As he struggled to with his chainsword in the ruins of the Ork, the third Ork of the little group lined up and shot Temur blowing a small chunk out of his helmet and cheek. The pain briefly over whelmed him and he reached for his boltpistol. A well placed shot to the skull reduced the xenos' head to a bloody mist.
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  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Primary Objective Update

    Back with Kren and Vesk, the two remaining scouts were busy fighting when the same voice from the Rushing Tide Scout yelled over the local vox channel (broadcasting also to Temur, Remiel and Tur), "We've located the tracks of Fastasped's armor column, they're heading northeast towards the eastern river valleys!" Almost immediately all the scouts from other Ordu around them shifted their scout bikes and raced in the direction that was pointed out to them. The orks were more dying from being ran over at this point than actual fighting. The two scouts now had to move quick if they don't want to be the center of attention between all the orks ignored by the other Ordu's scouts on the field.

    OOC: Quick update for the other guys to wake up to, now I'm really going to bed guys.
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  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Xenos have taken the bait, light them up Brothers!" Barking into the vox Tur didn't let up on the throttle knowing speed was his greatest strength whether assaulting or defending in this scenario, trusting Ramiel, Temur and the pair of pilots to handle a couple of Greenskins. Every couple of seconds the scout let himself drift back closer toward the Orks by a small degree, just enough to continue baiting their interest as long as he possibly could knowing they would get bored of him soon enough.

    "We've located the tracks of Fastasped's armor column, they're heading northeast towards the eastern river valleys!" Eyes stained by their owners vital fluids narrowed while teeth were bared. "COME ON YE OAFS, LAY DOWN AND DIE ALREADY! " Impatience threatened to take over, the temptation to turn and fight strong but brutal Legion training regimens kept him in check enough not to sacrifice his current tactical advantage and risk getting himself killed just for the sake of the hunt.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kren cursed himself as he was unable to head to the downed thunder hawk he was caught in between a ork biker and a fellow scout assisting him he assist the fellow brother in taking down the ork with a well placed side ram and having a fellow scout behind him taking him out. He gave a wave to the fellow brother and wen't on as he heard over the vox as the main force found the tracks of Fastasped's column he began looking for a short cut to the eastern river. As he wen't he looked "Vesk We need to find a way in front of the of the other scouts of Ordu, I have lost contact between our other three brothers they had likely headed towards that downed thunder hawk I will try to raise them." he put his a hand on his helmet as he rode. "Brothers We were unable to reach you came under attack by a few bikers from the orks. We are going to attempt to find a shortcut to the eastern river if so we have a likely chance of regrouping there. hopefully before Fastaspeeda or the other reach it." he said he gunned forward now beside Vesk. His eyes looking over for a shorter route to the eastern river with his brother

    OOC secondary objectives go real fast it seems. sorry I was unable to assits.
  9. OOC since I missed a lot of the action I am going straight into pursuit of the main objective

    Vesk saw his brothers ride away towards the distressed transport.
    No need to go himself he said for he trusted his brothers and they will see the deed done.

    "We've located the tracks of Fastasped's armor column, they're heading northeast towards the eastern river valleys!"

    A wide grin appeared on Vesk's face.
    " Time to collect a xenos head "

    Driving towards the location of the tracks he hoped that his brothers were doing well.

    On his way towards the objective he encountered a group of 10 Ork boys that were racing directly towards him.
    Roaring their nasty and ear shattering battlecry
    In mere seconds he was between them.

    His chainsword whined and smashed into an ork sternum taking him down at once.
    Spining his bike around in what only can be called extreme control he made an wide arc with his chainsword.
    Thanks to the rotational speed of the bike he hit four Orks in their ugly face.

    He roared with savage glee as he counted five dead orks.
    The other Orks were trying to retreat but he gunned them down with savage glee.
    One ork he thought dead was not quite as dead as Vesk thought.
    While he was speeding away towards the objective he heard the bark of a crude bolter.

    Jinxing left and ride to evade the bolts he thought he was clear.
    One bolt managed to hit his shouder armor, the armor deflected the bolt but in doing so it mangled his cheek in a bloody mass.

    With a roar born out of anger and loss of pride Vesk decided to race on towards the objective.

    I decided to kill more orks for the honor mention later ( if the GM decides me worthy )
    I hope the wound is enough if not than feel free to edit it!
  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    With Tur, Temur and Remiel

    As he rushed the choppa boyz, the shoota boyz targeting Tur originally switched their target to the newly arrived Remiel. Unfortunately at this range, even the worst shoota boyz can hit their targets. Fortunately for the scout however, the rounds that found him were mostly deflected or absorbed by his scout bike's armor, though his steed gave a grunt at the damage, it kept going. The few shots that landed on his armor didn't penetrate either, though he felt the kinetic energy from them nonetheless. Because of this, when he ran over one of the choppa boyz chasing Tur, Remiel could only slice one other ork boy then, though he did bisect the greenskin from shoulder to hip.

    OOC: You may kill half the remaining the choppa boyz in the area (4-5 depending on Tur) or charge the shoota boyz in an attempt to take the rest of the range infantry out, but risking further damage/destruction of your bike and/or another light wound.

    Having his shooters and melee assailants distracted, Tur now found himself at a situation to take advantage to two situations. He could either assist Remiel in the complete destruction of the melee forces, or charge the remaining three shoota boyz attacking him and his brother. Alternatively, there are still the remaining orks that the two astartes were engaging with that needs to be killed.

    OOC: you may kill the other half of the remaining choppa boyz (4-5 depending on Remiel) or the shoota boyz that were firing at you without penalties. However, choosing either may allow the other group to regroup and attack Tur and/or Remiel after. The astartes are holding their own against the orks, though they wouldn't complaint if Tur helps.

    Temur also found himself in a well positioned situation, though a more complicated one. Now disposed of the shoota boyz attacking him, he now found himself in a position to strike hard against either group of shoota boyz remaining. However before he could decide on either, his local vox channel blared to life.

    "Hey you! Apothecary! We have astartes in need of immediate medical assistance! Get over here and we'll cover you!" Evidently it came from one of the astartes from the thunderhawk, as he gave a quick wave of hand before rejoining the fight his comrade's in. The two astartes were no slouches however, as they each cut down another ork shooting at them with bolter fire, though one of the astartes was hit on the chestpiece falling backwards into the thunderhawk wounded.

    OOC: You may kill either group of shoota boyz without penalty, or attempt to reach the thunderhawk with the risk of getting another light wound and/or damage to your bike. The wounded (including the astartes that just got shot) is in unknown conditions to Temur, though it is safe to say that at least one person there has a heavy wound.


    Both Vesk and Kren raced after the other recruits, both cutting and running down the occasional ork that gets in their way, but nothing particularly heroic or dangerous occurred as they're both trying to stay with the pack of recruits chasing the mekboy. However, over the next ridge they saw something that gave them pause, even as the recruits from the other Ordu raced on.

    There were definitely a massive convoy that came through this way alright. The deep gashes into the earth plus the occasional shell casings could be tracked by even the blindest of hunters from the White Scars. This was not the problem; it was where they led that gave the two recruits pause. The tracks ran straight into a very steep valley that must be the Eastern River Valley. The path became so narrow the ork convoy had to move to single file as they pass into it, and even scout bikes could only fit two side by side. Anyone with a brain could see this entire path was a prime ambush position. Nonetheless, the other recruits, either very stupid or very brave (most likely a bit of both) charged into the valley without a single thought, roaring battle cries and battle songs. A few of the squads stopped when they saw the situation and decided to take a longer route around this path, no doubt a bit safer (at least more maneuverable) but taking a longer time no doubt to catch up to the armored convoy.

    OOC: Charge in or go around, neither will give either of you immediate penalties (but may have massive consequences in a later post). If you can think of a third option, either attempt it here or as usual post it in the OOC thread and I'll give you guys a possibility of what may or may not happen. For everyone you guys can all communicate with each other via a private vox channel, though this is limited to within squad members of the 9th.
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