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Original Chapter Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

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    And eventually the attack stopped in the entirety and the vines lowered their 'heads' and turned into a more brown-rusty color.

    "Mhhhh.... It's so strong it kills them completely instead of just weakening them so one could rip them out and use them as material like the locals do. Yet it takes so long to cause an effect." Jarl scratched his head. "I better let the Techmarines figure out the exact formula, not that we cause not too much damage in the groundwater or anything." He shrugged slightly. "Since you are so eager to move your feet, perhaps go and find something to hunt while I build the shelter?"
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Victus nodded, "So I shall. Just make sure those things are completely dead before you collect them." He turned a walked out into the forest.

    For about an hour he stalked around looking for signs of any animals. He was finally able to find a game trail which he did not follow on it to give away his presents but followed along the outside of it. It finally lead him to a river which slowed in this particular area that created a slow moving pool. It was an obvious water point for animals and the perfect place to hunt. He quickly grabbed a few six foot long branches and sharpened them into spears. His thinking was that the sound of a chainsword or bolter would scare all the animals around they were there to observe. So after making the spears he climbed into a tree and waited. It was no more than thirty minutes before a strange antlered animal showed out of the brush. It was about six feet tall without the antlers and about eight feet tall counting the antlers. Its body was covered in a deep green fur which looked to have long red hairs that randomly popped out everywhere. Its face was that of a horse but instead of teeth it had a beak. Its eyes were large and very black and it's tall was that of a monkey in the way it moved and looked but was covered in the same hair. The creature moved towards the water and began to drink which have the Steel Predator the opening he needed. He did not know where it's heart was so he had to make a shot for the spinal column. He quickly threw two spears the first of which missed the second, however; connected at the base of the neck, dropping the beast instantly. He quickly moved in on the kill and began to gut it knowing that the meat may go back quickly if left untouched. He wrapped the organs and innards in a makeshift sack of leaves and vines. And so with the beast gutted he threw the animal up on his shoulders and took the bag in hand. He then began his move back to the camp.

    Upon reaching the camp he would hang the body up on a branch and set the bag near the fire.

    OOC assuming you made a fire after the camp was set up. If not I'll edit it to say I made one.
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    OOC: Since Colapse had to drop to start up the new Chaos RP I shall just sort 'poof' Gor forward to a different point in time :D

    Hauling himself out of the training pits after an enlightening spar with Chagatai the Steel Predator Chaplain found himself only slightly less bloodied than expected. Using the back of his hand as a sweat rag to smear the worst of crimson excess from his features there was a battered grin in place as he moved on and used an attendant servitor to deliver a message, this time requesting that Jengir come pay a visit, wishing to spar their Storm Seer next and move on to a less standard matter.

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    At the camp Victus would not see shelter made out of the metal-vines, but traditionally made out of cloth-pieces, big branches and even a tree was severed nearby to give perfect support. The scout did not sit on the fire, very much the camp was just there, prepared for someone to inhibit. Well that was until an Iron-Leaf hit the ground in front of Victus, having come from above, if he would look a Jarl would look down at him, winking and his Bolter ready.

    "I see your hunt was successful. I have established a simple perimeter fifty feet around our camp. I did put some traps up, nothing fancy, just some cages on ropes. Anyway. Is that thing there even edible? I mean... For Non-Astartes, given our bodies filter out as good as any poison."

    OOC: Don't feel totally inspired atm regards camping, so I just keep it short and straight up.
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Victus looked up, "Guess we can find out." He grabbed as many flat stones as he could and placed them in the fire to grill on. He began to cut up the meat on the animal and threw it on the stones to begin to cook. "Keep a look out for panthels as the smell may attract them. Wouldn't want one to get caught up in a trap." He then grabbed the organ bag, "This is for your studies. Figured the insides may have a story to tell."

    OOC no problem mate
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    "That is disgusting mate." Jarl commented on the organ-bag. "But we should bring them back to the Monastery and have the Apothecaries have a closer look." The scout climbed down from his tree, walked up to his backpack next to the makeshift tent and grabbed a metal container, where he put the organ bag inside, to make sure the forces of nature would have no impact and the odor would not spread.

    "I doubt in all honesty that a Panthel would be foolish enough to run into a trap like that. They are very intelligent." Jarl shrugged, not too concerned about that aspect.
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