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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

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    <Chagatai> @DeranVendar

    With a skilled kick, Chaplain managed to find leverage in Chagatai's stomach and, with the help of his hands using his attacker's weight, push him over himself and behind, his flight ending couple of meters back on a nearby wall. Chagatai shook and quickly got up, although couple of bruises could be seen on his back and arms while pieces of masonry managed to fall and drop on the ground after the force of the impact. "Nice move," Assault Marine agreed and stood guard, as if waiting on the next attack however his defensive posture was there because he was more focused on what to say other than fighting.

    "Eh...It would speak bad of me if I said something about Lord Jublai, however most of us who trained under his tutelage were..afflicted by his rage. All of us cherished it to a degree, happy that one day we also could boast with great accomplishments or even replacing Huntsman himself when the Emperor calls for him. I also cherished it, but I didn't like it that much, never did nor will ever do. I promised myself I won't act like that when in combat, however during the last mission I...failed. I let the rage overcome me and I enjoyed slaughtering those heretics with every ounce of my being...I don't wanna be like that."
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    <Gor> @Colapse
    Falling back into the shade provided by a gap in a wall that actually linked to a small tunnel system the Chaplain's voice echoed from several different exits and entrances at once. "Rejoice in the slaughter of the heretic but do not succumb to their own mindless lunacy. You wish to be calm and measured, an admirable goal and one made all the harder by your mentor's touch. The very act of self-control would lead you to look weak compared to others whom have been so fortunate as to become prospect head hunters. " Emerging up high and out on the floor level with Chagatai once more Gor came storming straight toward his left side from around a bend, several yards between them both giving 'Sawtooth' fair warning before combatant threw himself forward and landed two steps away. A right hook, two left jabs and a headbutt were unleashed in an attempt to not only break his guard but give a mirror to his concerns as Gor took upon a savage fury and speed as if on the hunt himself.

    "If you cannot face the fury within know you cannot dare to ever truly face it without. A warrior that does not conquer himself is easily conquered by others. "
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    Jarl grabbed his Magnoculars to scout the area, then he found a field in the middles of the forest. "Brother Victus, there! One o'clock, five hundred feet. A group of five veins from what I can spot." He pointed with a finger at them, to ensure Victus would spot them.
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    Victus sighed, "A part of me wished we didn't find them with as much of a hassle as they were last time. But it must be done." With that he moved towards them ensuring Jarl was not far behind. Once within range he fired a single bolt at the vines to get their attention. Once they moved towards him he sprayed the bottle like his life depended on it, hoping that the mixture would work.

    OOC not sure if you wanted to guide this along or you want to free form it
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    OOC: I don't really care ^.^

    "You are aware you didn't need to shoot at them in the first place right? You could have, you know, tear a hole in the bottle and throw it at one to see what it does." Jarl pointed out, but instead of fighting with the beast-plants he decided to take cover behind a tree, he pulled Victus along by his shoulder, not letting him be stupid enough to fight until the hopeful effects of the bottle kick in.
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    "How the he'll was I suppose to know? I thought they were going to be effected instantly, no gradually," he said a little out of breath from the running.
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    "How by the holy throne am I supposed to know? It is an experimental agent!" Jarl exclaimed, laughing soft as they took cover from the angry plants which shot their metal shards after them. "Give them three minutes." One of the metal shards landed next to his face in the tree, making him gasp, more out of surprise than fear.
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    "I feel that we were denied critical, need to know information..." he said as he peeked around the cover to see if the effects were taking place yet.
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    The vines kept throwing their metal-shards at them, but much weaker and with less velocity, making it barely as far as to the Space Marines tree-hideout. "Suggesting to stay in range for one more minute, signs of weaknesses showing, brother." Jarl said with a hint of optimism.
  10. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Victus laughed, "Yah that sounds like a good idea."

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