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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC: Yay unanimous posting! Anyways, going to assumed all your characters pulled on to the transport with your characters respective rides even if you didn't. If you want more intimate time with your steeds do a flashback title and do so during the ride planet side.

    When two other members of the 9th saw that no one else was taking advantage of the attack bike, they decided to use the privilege at hand and got into the vehicle. They promptly drove it to the other thunderhawk at the same time as the last members boarded the one with Sergeant Lonyu in it. As the front hatch closed on the thunderhawks, Sergeant Lonyu's voice could be heard. "Get us on the planet now! We've not got all day!" The pilots grumbled some obscenities, but the two thunderhawk transporters lifted off none the less, flying through the atmospheric shields at the end of the hanger.

    It's a shame that the transports did not have any windows in the cargo compartment, as outside was a sight that would impress the most stoic of imperial commanders. Swarms of transports left hundreds of large ships at once, all rushing to claim the first prize of the most kills planetfall or a particularly valuable target's head. Along with the escort fighters next to them, the countless transporter ships rushed the planet, heading to different landing zones all across the blue sphere below.

    But a particularly fast column of large transporters shot at the planet like bullet train, fast even by the standards of the White Scars legion. At the forefront of this literal spear of transport were the ships that came from the Gloria-Class Battleship Swordstorm. It was this column that the two transports from the Spear of Truth fell into a part of. As one it drove into the planet's atmosphere, and into the massive barrage of missiles, flak guns and other munitions the orks below shot into the air. A massive chorus of air to ground missiles, twin link heavy bolter fire, lascannons and seemingly every weapon in the Imperium's arsenal made their reply towards the orks on the ground.

    The 9th could feel the transporter rock as flak explosions occurred near it. It shook as though it was a sea vessel caught in a storm as it flew into evasive maneuvers, dodging not only the anti air fire but also the exploding wreckage of those more unfortunate or with less skilled pilots than theirs. However, whenever those near the pilots who can hear the local vox channels heard not panic or cries for help, but of joyous laughter and taunts at both the enemy and allies alike. Death threats and battle cries were shouted at the enemy while challenges and jeers at who would get the first and most kills at the allies beckoned the 9th to the surface. Suddenly one of the pilots yelled out.

    "Opening the hatch now! If we don't drop you boys here you'll be way behind the recruits from the other Ordu!" Sergeant Lonyu nodded and revved the engine of his legionnaire bike, pulling out his chainsword in the process.

    "DO IT!"

    The front hatch opened, and light from the planet's sun shined through. Instantly the sounds of battle outside magnified tenfold as the Tur (order in the transport's randomized more or less) who was out in the front, could see hundreds of other recruits on scout bikes rushing forward around 200 feet directly below them towards the flank of a sea of green in front of them. The flat plains of the ork's location made it ideal for the White Scar's warfare tactics. It seems certain Ordu pulled out all the stops in order to give their recruits an advantage in the hunt for Fastasped, as only a locator beacon with a teleporter could get troops down on the ground that fast.

    As Tur looked up he could see the Khagan, Jaghatai Khan, though he was hundreds of miles away, clearly due to his massive custom built assault bike. It had to have been the size of a large predator tank, maybe even bigger than a baneblade. Though there had to be a least a hundred recruits charging forward directly below them, the main line made the recruits line look like a tiny ripple in a small pond to a tidal wave. The first line of the main line closed within bolter distance, and a thousand orks instantly found death as a symphony of bolter fire and grenade launchers opened up. The Khagan didn't even slowed down as he crashed into a rather large group of nobs, grinding them to a meat pile under his tracks and continuing straight through the horde like a hot knife through butter, his loyal Keshig next to him.

    But Tur couldn't relish in this view, as the light within the cargo compartment had turned green and the pilots were screaming "GO GO GO!" His bike revved and sped into the open air, free falling down into the midst of the charging recruits. The rest of his squad followed quickly, able to take in the view that was his alone a moment ago. Though the fall was higher than the usual deployment height, all the members of the thunderhawk landed without more than one or two strong bounce and sped into the same direction as the rest of the recruits.

    Sergeant Lonyu screamed over the roar of a hundred scout bikes and countless air crafts above, "Forward! Show them the speed that is Storm Ordu!" He raced towards the line of orks in front of him. As the rest of those in the same thunderhawk took notice and attempted to regroup with both the Sergeant and the other thunderhawks, a foreign voice came through the local vox in their scout armor.

    "Out of the way children! Fastasped's head belongs to the Plain Steppes Ordu!" A squad of scouts sped by them, several of which made challenging gestures at the 9th's members.

    "Not if we have anything to say about it! Rushing Tide Ordu's taking that greenskin's head!" A squadron of land speeders flew past overhead, shooting into the ork lines already. It seems the other Ordu really wants the honors that'll come with Fastasped's head as well, enough to give their recruits non-standard-recruit equipment and vehicles to play with.

    OOC: You can all start narrating your characters actions in the transport right before the drop, but you don't have to (you can start on the ground if you want as well, just want to give you a chance to react to the epicness around). Everyone is currently on the ground, though half the squad (non player controlled) is separated from your guys and you guys don't know where they are, the orks are directly in front of you, with the other recruits and the Sergeant charging them.
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    Meditating within the saddle of his chosen steed Tur slowed his entire bodies natural processes to a crawl, letting time itself pass through a sluggish lens as his gene-hanced senses took in everything that yawned before him. Acres of lands turned into a morass of dead bodies and expended rounds in the span of several seconds and the skies rent asunder with crimson lances or rendered like an sloppy oil pastel as rockets both incredibly advanced and crude were exchanged between both sides. Yet all this paled to the Khan whom Tur only saw for a brief few seconds, a sliver of time that felt like an eternity of twisted guts as he yearned painfully to be there on the front lines, astride the mightiest machine with weapons of legend in hand riding down the deadliest of mankind's foes. Hunger pangs for glory were always strong in the young warrior and he was more than willing to feed as the signal came.

    "GO GO GO!" With a throaty howl from both engine and rider Tur launched from the Thunderhawk, riding upon the winds for several precious seconds before coming down like thunder letting each shock wave carry him a touch further before full traction was found and he sped off and forward at full pelt, emulating their Legion's gene father with a full throttle charge straight into enemy lines chainsword brandished above his head with a small whirl, the clunk of a fresh grenade being loaded to the front of his bike lost amidst the din of battle.
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  3. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    The jolt of landing brought Temur to his senses. He had been briefly lost in the feeling of flight. “That is what it must be like to be a hunting falcon, flying high above the world” he thought.

    He was the second to last of the Storm Ordu out of the Thunderhawk. He could easily pick out the sound of each of his brothers bikes hitting the ground like lightning bolts, each post-landing gunning of the engines brought a thunderous roar to the Storm Ordu's assault. Enough to bring terror to the foolish xenos.

    Temur pushed his bike to full throttle. He was behind his brother but lost no time racing towards the Orks, his chainsword revving and his bike bolter barking an angry tempo against the Orks. Ignoring the taunts of the Plain Steppes and Rushing Tide Ordu Temur carefully made sure he had each of his brothers in his line of sight and picked his foe from the Orks, one spitting out vast quantities of bullets from his crude shoota, and he charged.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Krens eyes scanned the entire moment as the thunder hawks ramp open as he watched the scene for a whole seconds he felt he would remember this moment for the rest of his life. He could see far away through his gene augmented his the primarchs legendary bike being ridden by him the battle itself against the greenskin and there forces charging towards them. As time seem to go forward again he revved forward he his bike soon touched the ground he was third But charged forward first soon being near the front, As he heard the taunts of the other teams he talked a bit to himself. "Not if the 9th have anything to do about it." He said to himself as he gunned forward firing his bikes bolter weaponrry at the orks line adding the to the sounds of a lighting storm that the battle created. He began listening to the Vox to his helmets vox listening for sightings of Fasta speeda. He kept his eyes foward as he wen't.
  5. Heavy rocking from the transport shook Vesk back to his senses.
    The hunger for glory was strong. He willed his heartbeat into submission.
    Slowed it down. For a second the only thing that was in his mind and body was the coming fight.

    Then air rushed into the transport and he could see his brothers drop one after another.
    With a roar that came from deep inside his soul he pushed the bike to the max and went airborne.
    The wind raced around him but it was nothing compared to the cacophony of sounds around him.
    Screams, war oaths, bolters and rockets all raged around him.

    He bounced on the ground and located his brothers.
    Not wanting to be left behind he sped forward. To battle.

    He took his chainsword and let his trusty steed spit death and destruction towards the massive ocean of Orks.
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    As the members of the 9th crashed into the ork line along with the other recruits, blood and body parts began flying everywhere. Chainswords slashed and cleaved their way through the bloody harvest as the bikes rolled over the helpless ork boyz underneath. Everywhere were screams of WAAAGH! or the battle cries of the V legion. But the White Scars did take losses. Some scouts ran their bikes straight into steel barricades and impaled themselves, others just got swarmed by orks and dragged off their bikes and shot or chopped to pieces. Just as the battle really intensified those in the thunderhawk with Sergeant Lonyu saw him riding towards them with the rest of the 9th. "Anyone see Fastasped's looted rhino yet?" He shouted, barely audible over the sounds of battle. A loud explosion occurred nearby, and a squad of nobs on warbikes swarmed over a nearby ridge.

    One of the scouts from the other Ordu didn't see the nobs coming, and was blindsided by one of them. Knocking the scout off the bike, he was promptly ran over by the other warbikes behind his initial attacker, with one of the nobs riding behind slowed just enough to shoot him in the head with his dekka. Sergeant Lonyu took one look at the incoming riders and pointed at those that had arrived with him, "you're with me! The rest of you," He looked at Tur, Vesk, Kren, Remiel and Temur, "Find and kill Fastasped! He'll be riding in a looted custom rhino with a convoy! GET GOING!" With that and the rest of the squad in tow, the White Scars veteran rode at the Nob warbike squad, joining battle with them with a swing of his chainsword that decapitated the first Nob to him.

    Just as this happened, an explosion overhead nearly knocked the remaining members of the 9th off their scout bikes with its shockwave. As they look up, a thunderhawk descended rapidly, fire coming out of the engines in the back. In their local vox channels, they could hear the mayday of the pilots and crew inside.

    "7700, this is Harbinger, we've been hit. Lost all engine power. Making emergency descent. Requesting any available units to assist. We have two undeployed attack bikes with wounded riders in the back. Any units available please assist..." Then the ground shook as the thunderhawk hit the ground at a skid, some distance away from the 9th. Unfortunately for the crew of the Harbinger, nearly all the scouts were heading in the opposite direction of their crash site, swarming towards where they think Fastasped's convoy will be. The members of the 9th looked at each other, and must decide on what to do as they fight the orks that's on foot around them.

    Secondary Objective: Provide assistance to the crashed thunderhawk until they can be medevac'd.

    OOC: First secondary objective woot! As a future reference all secondary objectives will be listed as such, so you won't confuse them with actual choices within the mission that may or may not jeopardize the primary objective (those choices exists too, just haven't gotten to them yet). Well hope you're enjoying your first major battle, you may each kill up to three orks that are on foot where your characters are currently as you wish. There are no warbikers around so don't worry about them, but if you kill more than three orks you must take a light wound, but may also be recognize for your valor later (or not, up to you to take that chance). Other than that, please explicitly state if you choose to attempt the secondary objective, if you don't I'll just assume you continue to achieve the primary objective, which at the moment is locating Fastasped's convoy. Have fun!
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  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Tur shifted course without a moments hesitation as he watched the expanding blossom of flame above give way to a smoking air craft, a wounded bird from the Ninth going down to ground. "Supporting downed elements Brothers, find the beast in my stead!" Ripping away from their haphazard formation a track of kicked up dirt sprayed behind Steppe's Wind as he veered toward a freshly birthed plume of debris where the Thunderhawk made its landing. Firing finger clenched tightly to the grooved handle bar, a hair away from his grenade launcher's firing stud he squeezes his chainswords grip at last allowing it to rev up with a throaty roar making his intent clear that first blood belonged to blade alone.

    A small gaggle of loot hungry Orks caught his eye, moving as one semi-organized mob their shootas were already spitting clouds of brass at the wreck and no doubt survivors he had yet to spot himself. Sweeping in from behind he aligned himself to pass their back ranks by a breaths reach, a blindingly swift flash of crimson metal seeing an Ork from the mob headless with only a blurred arc of blood hinting as to his attackers direction. "First Blood. " With a violently tight turn that brought his shoulder a few inches from torn up soil he came in from a similiar vector, overeager greenskins still unaware that he had cut down one of their number already. At last itchy trigger finger pressed in on firing stud causing his launcher to belch a fist sized frag into the group's flank where it momentarily enshrouded them in an eruption of dirt and flesh like a dozen other explosions nearby. Riding clean through the clearing smoke Tur found his ride momentarily shuddering as it faced small road bumps of tough Ork biology, and gaining a new hanger on as the scout was placed face to face with a wounded Greenskin that was doubled over the front of his bike.

    Bloodied, angry and being denied a chance at looting the clipped hawk the boy swung an arm sized chunk of metal welded to a boxy handle at the White Scar, only a swift toss back spared him a scalping instead leaving him with a deep trench carved across his brow. Chainsword speared forward punching through the xeno's sternum, Tur howling as he wrestled the body aside to cast it somewhere into the killing fields fading behind him. Six dead Orks in five seconds, that was frankly pitiful by a true Astartes standards but certain rituals were to be observed and there was little regret in the young Scar's heart as once more did his bike make a harrowing wheel through the war zone to bring him in closer to the wreck fully intent on making sure that his diversion wasn't for naught. Glory and epic tales of a hard earned kill were all good and fine but they meant little if you abandoned those you were meant to bask in it with.

    OOC: Secondary pursued, six Orks killed, forehead wound should suffice as enough aye?
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  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Tur quickly realized that he wasn't as close to the crash site as he had thought he was. While the orks he had just cut down were firing upon the wreck of a thunderhawk, upon closer inspection it seemed this one crashed during the outset of the battle, its inhabitants either taking their fight elsewhere or all dead. Moving towards in the same direction now, he continued his flight to the downed transport. After a moment, he came upon the crash site he was looking for.

    The thunderhawk had crashed nose first into the ground, burying the front of it. Out of the rear hatch two White Scars Astartes were firing their bolters out, and while they were taking some orks down, they were sorely outnumbered. The pilots would occasionally pop out of the wreck, take a few shots at the enemy, only to have the orks spray down the wreckage with their dekkas.

    Surrounding the rear of the crashed bird was a semi circle of around 15 shoota boyz, all firing to their hearts content at the down transport. Just as Tur came to see the sight of the wreckage, a group of additional 10 ork boyz with choppas joined the group preparing to rush the wreckage from the cover of their shoota boyz. One of the two astartes saw Tur and waved, only to duck back into the thunderhawk as another volley of bullets showered his cover. A voice came to Tur's local vox channel.

    "Oy! Scout! Tell the rest of your squad to give us a hand here! Medevac will be here soon!"

    OOC: I should've made my directions more clear. When I say you may kill stuff and stuff, I meant immediately in the context of where your characters are. It's fine this time but more for future reference. Also let me paint what's going on with the scenery around you, sorry if I didn't do that before but I kind of assume just a chaotic battlefield of orks on foot and astartes on bikes. Other than that the wound's perfect, more than a surface wound but not enough to hinder your character.
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    One would be hard pressed to tell if the red in Tur's face was from anger, embarrassment or just freshly spilled blood: Probably all of the above. "Enroute Brothers. " Voxxing back to the pilots his ride began carving a fresh set of tracks across the land toward the fight, tapping into the vox for the rest of his comrades he spoke thusly. "Upwards of twenty targets closing on crashed bird, pilots requesting additional support. " Narrowing his eyes upon the smoking goal ahead he drew in a deep breath before howling once more, a feral cry meant to challenge the sluggas and draw some of their ire his way, already his grenade launcher's targeter was synching up firing solutions to disrupt the shoota boyz once in range.
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    While his war cry did attract some of the shootas attention, most of the orkz maintained their focus on the wounded thunderbird. While three of the shoota boyz turned around and started firing at Tur (to little effect, due to the abysmal conditions of both their aim and their weapons), the rest began laying down covering fire for the choppa boyz. While their comrade's aim is no better than those shooting at Tur, the sheer amount of lead they were sending to the downed transport meant something will hit someone if the Astartes in the thunderhawk didn't take cover. The choppa boyz, either seeing the opportunity or more likely ran out of patience, all began charging towards the two Astartes in the Thunderhawk with their choppas up in the air, screaming WAAAGH! at the top of their lungs. It was evident that Tur will need to intervene more directly immediately somehow.

    OOC: You may kill three of the shoota boyz with a well aimed grenade shot, but doing so will not give you enough time to prevent the charge of the choppa boyz from making contact with the thunderhawk. You may blind fire/rush and kill one shoota boyz in the process of intercepting the charging boyz, and also kill one choppa boys when you reach them. If you wish to do any other direct action, ask me in the OOC thread and I'll answer to possible results there.
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