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    "Why not test them on a battlefield rather than a training site brother, but the trickery on Earth needs to be addressed, and investigated we should send a squad their to investigate in time." Krux looked at Kren with questioning eyes then after realizing what the other chapters that are going to be there he reconsidered the ideal. "hmm *rubbing his jaw* now to think of it we should at least send a squad to Earth to find the traitorous dogs while we send the 7th and the 3rd to Cadia to aid the 2nd raid of Abbadon."
  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "I will admit that maybe the recruits would be better sent to deal with the orks in the jungle for better training, but I still must insist we take this black crusade more seriously. Have any of you seen the force he brings with him to the battlefield? Have you forgotten how brother was turned against brother? Yes he brings out traitorous legions but rifts in the warp split reality to unleash unknown numbers of demons and possibly greater demons. Not to mention his force grows with each and every world he takes. So to say I think it is handled is just because other chapters show, and forgive me for this, is foolish. To send anything less than three companies would not be taking this as serious as it is. That three is to include the honored first in my opinion."

    "As for our experiment squad, we want them to face the greatest foes of this chapter just as we were once expected to. I still say we send them to meet the black crusade with me. What greater test will there be than to face the forces of chaos? If they complete this mission and help repel Abaddon and his forces, or better yet destroy, I would say they are no longer an experimental squad."
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    <Jek> <Meeting>
    "Of course of course. Hmmm, Fourth Company and the Tenth scout shouldn't have any issue with this. I'm eager to test the mettle of these death worlders. I admit to being somewhat disappointed by the lack of local competition amongst them all, usually tend to be quite cut throat but suppose there is something of merit in their unity. " The Tenth Captain had been oddly silent on the matter of what happened on Edo, whether he was still sour or not was a mystery. "Anyways I ramble now, unless our Chapter Master or anyone else has something of note for me I must be off to begin muster for our next flight. "

    Of course as Krux spoke up the thuggish Captain looked set to explode with rage. "You would send anything less than our best to deal with the forces of the Arch-Traitor and his most vile of sons? Every time this Council meets I tell myself something so astonishingly asinine and idiotic won't surprise me but then -someone- finds a way to diminish my hope in our competence a bit further. " There was a brief glare tossed at Temur, dispelling any illusion he wasn't still bitter over Edo. "The High Lords are dead, the Imperial Fist and their sons are the guardians of Terra. Let them deal with this 'Beheading', we're far out from the Emperor's Throne, let us get to the nearer -threat- and send every single daemon loving bastard kicking and screaming into the warp. "

    <Gor> <Some Time Faaaaaar before the newest meeting>
    Meanwhile Gor was sequestered away within their new Fortress Monasteries' Reclusiam. Upon a desk of smooth, glossy sand stone taken from Savage Landing itself a number of reports had been filled and another stack of papers was set aside to ready even more. His subject being entirely dedicated to his observations of the team and their mission. Whilst the more boring, mundane details of what transpired on planets surface was well known by all at this point he was still busy readying final character studies.

    Subject: +Jarl+
    Our young scout performed admirably in carrying out initial duties upon the planet. While his results dealing with minor wild life and local fauna were overall mixed he distinguished himself during the fight against the blasphemous Word Bearers, scoring two critical kills on both the Dark Apostle and a Sorcerer whom had thought himself invincible due to a nearby wrap rift, which he was promptly launched straight into. For this I granted him title of 'Executioner'.

    There was an overall minor hiccup with his attempted interference during a 'Proving Spar' with one of the local Panthel but his actions were merely misguided by unclear duel conditions. I've sentenced him to the monotony of helping Storm Seer Jengir file away paper work and write up after action reports of his own to temper his patience.

    Subject +Abner+
    Brother Abner proved a passable tracker and intermediary in dealing with these peoples. While a split off early in the mission unfortunately left him and Damath dealing with the locals rather than engaging in any fruitful hunting or tests of this world they at least helped establish that the Golden Figure these people were worshiping would rightfully be called the Emperor. As with everyone else he too played his part in slaying the various heretics at hand, providing valuable cover fire and support to young Jarl.

    Subject +Chagatai+
    Our Claw-Brother 'Sawtooth' Chagatai performed his duties in the capacity expected of him. Strikes of worthy dare were performed as one would expect of a student of Jublai. Though they weren't with the same accuracy or even fury as our Master of the Hunt they at least did his faith credit and enemy blood helped to consecrate our new home lands. To his great credit though he played a key role in earning the respect of the Panthels and thus Savage Landing's inhabitants trust. Engaging in a second and final dominance match after myself where he proved himself and thus all of us worthy.

    Subject +Jengir+
    To our Storm Seer I shall lend him the credit that, unlike a number of our other witch-kin, his powers almost always garner results, albeit with mixed effects for all nearby. Several times during the course of the mission run off from his own powers left us all facing various warp born maladies of the mind, which has prompted me to begin inciting stronger rituals of mental fortification before any new deployments. Though none of these effects were of particular hindrance their mere happening speaks of what we would consider shoddy control and I hereby put forth a request for formal inspection and testing of our Brother Seer, for all our sake.

    Subject +Victus+
    Claw Brother Victus, now one I would call 'The Blade Wind' was instrumental in our victory over the Word Bearers. His initial rush into the fray was of admirable devastation as for a great chunk of early combat he seemed to be single handedly holding off the chaff of our foes allowing us to prioritize their leadership. I've already sent a commendation to our good Captain in the Tenth to inform him that Iron Fang's new bearer was not chosen poorly. I have suggested a stronger regimen of endurance training though to make sure next time his performance carries on throughout the entirety of the fight.

    Subject +Barren+
    Our Apothecary proved himself a solid mind as a whole on this trip, wisdom mark clearly of worth on his brow. Though there were quite a few hiccups in his healing capability, I have no reservations with him being our life line and medic. Though at times it seemed he wasn't quite as ready to grasp his leadership role that may, more than anything, be attributed to my own haste in setting forth goals or otherwise handling contact with our orbital forces.

    Subject +Damath+
    Finally we come to our Tech-Marine whom was of solid service overall. His haste to use the entirety of his grenade allotment upon a single plant beast was decidedly wasteful when we were on task to study and learn of this world. Again he was unfortunately sequestered off with Abner talking to the locals and didn't really get to see any major combat until we met with the traitor legionnaires. Here he proved himself helping to hold off the Diabolist for quite some time until Dark Apostle and the bulk of his Word Bearer ilk were slain.

    Subject +Request+
    Master of Sanctity I would like to formally put forth a request that we have the squads standard changed. If it suits I believe the 'Breaking of Maloghurst' would best be suited as our Honor Guard's standard in the First or held a loft with a place of honor within our new fortress monasteries' walls. I mean no offense to the glorious history of our first Honor Guard, many of whom are still with us, but I believe that our new squad should carry forth its own honors. I would suggest perhaps something to commemorate our new home but if you think that isn't a worthy enough image than I shall trust your judgement. I await our next meet to deliver my own personal report upon my actions Master Mathius. Emperor Keep You.

    <Jek's Correspondence to Victus> @matt23
    Of course Gor's report to Jek wouldn't go without reply and within several months Victus would find the mentor of their Chapter's neophytes had a letter delivered to him. In classic Jek fashion it wasn't terribly boastful or flattering.

    I hear you're not screwing up and Iron Fang is well blooded. I apparently got a report noting your skill at arms fighting the Word Bearers. Good job on doing what's expected of you. If you want an actual clap on the back or a cookie go bring back a couple hundred dead heretics instead of just a dozen though.Did you ever fix that habit of leaving your left leg exposed on the recoil? Better of, we'll be finding out next time we have a chance to spar.
    Your Former Captain,

    P.S: Try not to die before you do something important. "
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    +Message from The Master of Sanctity to Chaplain Gor+ @DeranVendar

    "I have received your request Gor and I shall honor it. As it just so happens I maybe wanting to fly that banner again into battle soon... In regards to a new banner I can think of no one better to come up with the new banner to inspire, than the one choose to inspire himself. This matter falls now upon your shoulders. Also make sure to do your cleansing rituals as well as your purity rituals for all the brothers. It never hurts to do it more than needed but to fall short is devastating.

    Also, well done in your first mission. From what I heard you have established yourself as a fine chaplain. Perhaps someday soon I shall cross you again in the Fortress Monastery, I hate not seeing my students for long periods of time."

    +End Message+

    Victus listened to the message from Captain Jek and could not help but laugh as he couldn't figure out how he always knew what Victus did wrong in combat. After he listened to the message he looked down to Iron Fang and smiled, "Don't worry captain, we will be ready for our next meeting. Won't we Iron Fang?" He then throateld Iron Fang letting it roar.
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    "It would seem that I'm needed everywhere at the same time," Jublai growled and flexed his power fist, the weapon adorned with couple of small silver skulls on each knuckle and a symbol of the Chapter on the top side of the palm, "How unexpected."

    "Assassins of kings and lords or no, I'm not about to go in and look for clues while boring myself with talking to aristocrats or other scoundrels. Not to mention the deed happened on Holy Terra and sadly, I'm not most welcomed person to go there, because I might actually kill some arrogant fiend from the Inquisition who might try to smear the name of Steel Predators again."

    "So I'll either hunt down the Orks or I'll move in with the rest and go to Cadia. Both things are appealing to me, both enemies I've hunted for a long time although Abaddon's head would be a bigger score, stopping a Waaagh and avenging fallen brothers from other Chapters is also a worthy goal. All in all, this time I'll listen to whatever Chapter Master orders me," he said with a hint of anger which disappeared as fast as it came.
  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "I must agree with Jek, as bad as this sounds coming from a chaplain. Let the Imperial Fists deal with the assassin, the threat of the Black crusade is to great."

    "To address the Master of the Hunt, I would be more at ease having you with us to confront Abaddon's forces but it is your decision to make."
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    OOC: Obligatory 'in case you wait for my post' post.

    Jarl vigilantly complied with his task in filing various reports and making sure all notes are recorded at the side of Stormseer Jengir (@MetalDog4 who is not around anymore), as if he was his very disciple - fulfilling the punishment given by Gor (@DeranVendar ).
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    OOC: In the interest of keeping a really awesome RP alive until Jester's hopeful return why don't we all do a bit of in between mission time stuff/world establishing things? Nothing major just something to keep us all here and interested aye. @Vulpas @MetalDog4 @Uriel1339 @Colapse @Valonox @matt23

    Whilst preparations were still being made in response to the Chapter Council's most recent meeting Gor found himself going between his various brethren to undertake the duties demanded of his rank. Performing rituals of purity and sanctity, testing and watching as always for any lapse in faith or ability. First on his rank was Brother 'Sawtooth' Chagatai, claw brother of their experimental squad, if it could still be called that. As always it was to be a meeting held well outside Chapter chapel and Reclusiam, finding them both a touch stuffy for a talk between warriors that didn't require sanctified grounds. So it was Gor would find himself standing in their Fortress Monasteries training facilities, having summoned the prodigy of Jublai to meet there.
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    Chaplain would indeed find Chagatai answering his call, although being late for couple of minutes. Assault Marine hurried over through the training grounds, on each side there were brothers engaged in various exercises, some simply training their bodies while others were busy blasting targets at the shooting range. The place was still being in the process of getting built, so various servitors and other mechanical personnel were busy expanding the great hall which would hopefully be enough to accommodate the entire Chapter as well as neophytes once first of them show up.

    "Sorry Chaplain, I was somewhat indisposed," Chagatai nodded to Gor and sighed in an apologetic manner, "Master of the Hunt needed me, so I had no choice but to oblige. You know how he is, in fact you don't...better that way. So, what's up?"
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    Having fulfilled his duty for today to the Librarian he ought to go out into the wilderness and see if there was something to hunt. Before he departed he gathered some simple supplies such as food and water, a tent rolled up to be carried on his backpack as well. Voxing fellow brethren if they were interested to join the camping trip.

    "Brother Jarl here, just inquiring if anyone would like to accompany me on a field trip into the wilderness until the morrow?"

    @Vulpas @MetalDog4 @DeranVendar @Colapse @Valonox @matt23
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