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    Sounds of Forge and various boots running around were heard on Krens Holo Projector as the Master of Forge came up, he had at been hard work making ammunition, and repairing vehicles that just came in from a fight, He looked to be at hard work as he looked into the projector, "Ahhh good to see you brothers, Been a bit busy on my end, I have reviewed the Data on the mission and may have a name for this planet, Steel Jungle, or possibly Steel Hunting grounds," Kren said as he made his suggestion and quicky wen't to work assisting in fixing a Razor back
  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "Savage Landing has a very homey ring to it," Mathius smiled. He then continued, "I vote for Jek's name."
  3. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC: Update! Loss of the 4th trait removed for new trait Homeworld found (Savage Landing)

    The Chapter Master nodded, then the ships lurched as they cleared the warp jump, entering the orbit of the newly named Savage Landing. The view ports outside could show the twilight lit planet below, inviting the Steel Predators forward.

    "Savage Landing it is. We will begin the construction of the fortress monastery as well as planetary defenses immediately," he looked at Kren and nodded, "Now to handle the minor details without our impatient Master of the Hunt. Our forces sent to assist the Ronins arrived too late apparently, as the invasion had already been repelled by the time the Warp Storms abided long enough for our forces to get through. Numbers suggested heavy casualties on both sides, though we've sent what help we could to assist the Ronins in their planet's recovery. As you may have heard the fighting on the fortress world continues, and while we have slain and taken many greenskin heads more continued to oppose us. We're making progress but it is slow." He grabbed a random data-slate on the table and looked to the Head Apothecary, who stepped up with his report.

    "Thanks to the fresh batch of recruits from Savage Landing we now have enough new members to fill in the spots lost during the incident at Witchlair. The 4th, while a little green, will be a full strength numerically. At the request of our brother Barren, we've also went over the purity of our gene-seed once more, and found nothing of concern in that regard." The Chapter Master nodded, then looked to the rest of the Council members.

    "If there's nothing else dismissed, otherwise state any issues or questions that might be bothering you now."


    Some time later (OOC: I'll let you figure out how long exactly) the Council reconvened again, this time the mood was more tense. The fortress monastery was built upon Savage Landing, directly in center of the Badlands, since the local seems to avoid that area. There have been some cooperative training between the astartes and the panthels but the xenos have not be brought off world just yet. Various representatives from the Adeptus Mechanicus have shown great interest in studying the beasts, and after a few months of discussion as to how far they may conduct their research an agreement was made between the Steel Predators, the panthels and the Omnissians of Mars. Now holding the meeting in the new fortress monastery instead of the flag ship of the fleet, Chapter Master Lonyu addressed those present, physically or otherwise.

    "Now I'm not going to sugarcoat the news, because it's all bad. We've got various situations around that galaxy that have requested our attention, however there isn't enough time or Steel Predators to go around so we'll have to choose carefully. Here's exactly what's going on:"

    Mission: Finish "the Beast:" "The ork warboss known as the Beast have had his armies clashed with the Imperium's for too long. The sacrifices of three of the Adeptus Astartes chapters to slow and finally halt that Waaagh! of his will not be in vain. We've got them pinned on a jungle world now and one of the last orders the high lords have declared was that they want its head on a stake, no less than that will do. That means the Imperium can't just firebomb the world from orbit and hope for the best. Seeing as that's something we would do, I'm willing to send in our experimental squad to assist our Master of the Hunt to get this job done."

    Mission: Assassinate the Assassin: "As you may or may not have heard, the rumors about what happened on Terra was true. All of the high lords there were killed very recently through a mass assassination. We've identified the culprit as Drakan Vangorich, former grand master of the Officio Assassinorum. Now our brothers within the Imperial Fist, the Sable Swords and the Halo Brethern have formed a united taskforce to take the bastard down. However there remains the issue of those loyal to Vangorich and we, along with other chapters in the vincity, have received information on a possible lieutenant of the traitor along with a kill on sight order on their head. Also a job for Jublai, or the experimental squad." The Chapter Master looked at the Master of the Hunt.

    Mission: 2nd Black Crusade: "Abaddon, the traitor that escaped our grasp after the Battle of Terra, have launched another of his doomed attacks on the planet of Cadia. There's a call for any and all reinforcements to repel the latest invasion there. We've learned a lot since his last attack, and the large amount of fortresses on the planet and its moons are holding, but for how long we do not know. Other chapters have answered the call but as the message suggests, the more the merrier. For a former Son of Horus he's mustered quite a collection of troops under him. Death Guards, Word Bearers, World Eaters, and every other enemies of ours we've encountered and more. We can also send our experimental squad along with our forces to break sieges there."

    "So that's our options, any thoughts from anyone?"
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    Rumbling thoughtfully the Captain of the Tenth's visage shifted and tittered on the holo. Black lines in the green of his insubstantial form breaking his body up at regular intervals. " We aid in the Black Crusade. Jublai can bring things to a swift end with this Beast, no need wasting any more forces than we need on the task. Our Master of the Hunt has already proven it a matter of time until we win. Our brothers from the First Founding and their own aids can put down this rebellion, running around after spare assassins isn't work for us. No let us ride to Cadia and meet the Despoiler. As our records state we let Abaddon slip through our grasp once- " Stopping a moment to gauge the looks of those around him he made it clear his tone wasn't one of insult or remiss. "- Now we have a chance to make good on an opportunity passed up long ago, we took Maloghurst, nothing to stop us from taking the Despoiler. "
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    This time around, Master of the Hunt was present on their Homeworld, in need of resupplying and rearming he had to return before once again setting forth to hunt the enemies of the Chapter. Since all of those on the Council knew him pretty well, they weren't surprised to see his Terminator armor covered in various mementos from the old battlefields while the trophy rack on his back only grew in size, at the moment there were couple of fresh Ork heads fluttering in artificial wind.

    "Like Jek said, it'll take time to deal with the Orks since there are quite a lot of them to go through before hitting Beast himself, however I am confident I can do it eventually. On the other hand, getting more experience at fighting Xenos is always a good thing and under my tutelage, the experimental squad can only prosper."

    "However if they don't get it now they'll get it in future, since it's not like Greenskins will just cease to exist," he made an ugly grimace which twisted his scarred face into an angry grin, "But failing to strike at Abaddon is something we can't afford, especially not twice in the row. So I say we go and fight against the Arch Enemy in this so-called "Black Crusade" and drive them back to their hellhole!"
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    Mathius slammed his Crozius on the table, "Is this even a matter to discuss?! The snake in the grass has revealed its head and we must cut it off. Abaddon escaped once he will not a second time. Of I have to tear his traitorous soul from his body with my bare hands I will. To not aid in this endever would be a blotch on our reputation or worse, border line heresy. My vote is obviously to aid against the wave of heresy approaching. I do believe everyone here will see the obvious choice, push the damned traitors back to the hole the crawled from!"

    Mathius withdrew his Crozius from the table and took a deep breath, "I will have to disagree somewhat with my brothers here. Now our Master of the hunt Jublai specializes in hunting the most wanted of our Chapter and the Imperium so I do not believe there is anyone better suited to deal with the situation that has happened on Terra. Drakan has spit directly in the face of the Imperium so we must act with strength and speed. His head must be returned to Terra along with anyone who had anything to do with this. My vote is for Brother Jublai, Master of the Hunt to go out and retrieve these heads to honor the fallen High Lords of Terra."

    Mathius then paced around the table, "As for the matter to deal with the greenskins.... They are not masters of conspicuousness. They have always and will always be around so in time he will be dealt with. We can send some help to keep him in check on this jungle planet until we can deal with him properly if need be."
  7. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    "It will be a good time for me to test more Grenadiers for battle and see if they work against those traitorous scum. I agree we should aid the defence to the Gate of Terror." ​
    "Rest after acquiring this home our home..." Abner collected his thoughts a home they could call their own Savage Landing he smiled, his helm still on his belt I hope with world will do us good. He thought to him self may the Man on Earth protect this new home we call ours...
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    "Our Master of Sanctity actually raises an excellent point. Let these Orks be for the moment their presence is insignificant to either of these matters. Let our Master of the Hunt and Veteran Company head to Cadia with our brothers whom so recently claimed new grounds for us, we'll swarm to this traitor Drakan's worm and handle him. Going up against an assassin would be an excellent lesson for our newest influx of recruits and with Jublai better served hunting the War Master I'd be more than willing to undertake this mission, perhaps our own Master of Sanctity would like to make a joint strike? "
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "I will join the strike on Abaddon. As the Master of Sanctity I must meet this traitorous force and be there to ensure their venom does not spread, especially amongst our librarians."

    "Now, as to what you said brother Jek, I do believe that our newly formed company would be best for this hunt of Drakan. Jublai as the Master of the Hunt would be best to lead them without a doubt. He could easily bring back the heads of Drakan and the others back," he thought a moment before continuing. "As for our new little experiment squad of ours, this new Chaplain Gor has faced groups of heretics. I wish to see how well he holds up against this oncoming wave of heresy. He shall also have to ensure his brothers see it through as well. Since I will be meeting this black crusade I shall keep an eye of them if this is where we choose to send them."
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    Kren Was inside the fortress monastery as he came out out to once again convene with his brothers, another service stud was in his head making them 3. He felt his age, As he did his work, More names were added to the shield he had made so long ago to honor the fallen, He made sure to have moved to the fortress monastery, and another copy among the main battle barge, As he came into view he began thinking.

    As he had heard before the assassins had done great damage at Terra and not only that disrupted that have Disrupted most of the Imperium, Along with the Mechincus, The damage was done but still needed fixing if he had lieutenants and they were on Terra they could do even more damage, And if they got in contact with the right people,

    Possibly destroy the imperium, Then there "As Much as I hate to say it, I think we should send our experimental squad to Root out the Assassin's lieutenants on Terra, The damage they have done so far is major, besides disrupting order, They can do even more damage if they are allowed to live. The Assassin's they have so far I would say are on par with us when used in large numbers, They are at The head of the Imperium If I Remind you all Terra, The eldest veterans of our chapter battled there along with the blood angels, and Imperial fists, It was the last time we were a legion battled together, These Assassins must be taken rooted out before they do any more damage at the heart of the imperium,

    He remembered back to what they decided when they where hunting marghurst, "No I think we should send our forces to finaly take out the beast with our recruits, It will help them gain experience and help them ascend to astarte hood," Kren said as he thought about the beast remembering the day when the 9th Took the head of the ork mek that helped them all ascend to astarte status. It made him smile in the back of his mine.

    "Likely most of the 2nd founding and other chapters are heading to meet abbadons forces, There will be more astares there needed then anywhere else, I suggest we help clean up the Interior imperium and take out the beast and send the experimental squad to Terra To root out these traitors." Kren said making his decision carefully

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