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  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    OOC Thread here. Please read over OP if you wish to join.

    History Here.


    @Nurianis: Temur I (Apothecary) [Transferred to a different Chapter]

    @Grall_Stonefist:Kenshik (Scout) [KIA]

    @BadDo9: Korael Yumitz (Tactical) [Retired, KIA]

    @Xaphen: Ramiel (Apothecary) [Retired, KIA]

    @Vikingvesk: Damath (Techmarine) [Shelved]
    Vesk (Assualt) [MIA, presumed KIA]

    @MetalDog4: Jengir (Librarian) [Retired, KIA]
    Temur Yisu (1st Company Captain) [Retired]

    @Uriel1339: Jarl (Scout)

    @Valonox: Abner (Tactical)
    Krux (2nd Company Captain)

    @matt23: Victus (Assault)
    Mathius (Master of Sanctity)

    @Colapse: Chagatai (Assault)
    Jublai (Master of the Hunt)

    @DeranVendar : Gor (Chaplain)
    Jek (10th Company Captain)
    Gen (Tactical) [KIA]
    Tur (Librarian) [MIA, presumed KIA]

    @Vulpas: Barren (Apothecary)
    Kren (Master of the Forge)

    Korhal: Senior Steel Predator Stormseer.

    Captain Luiel: Captain of the 4th Company of the Steel Predators. [KIA]

    Captain Naru: Captain of the 2nd Company of the Steel Predators. [Retired, KIA]

    Captain Iorn: Captain of the 3rd Company of the Steel Predators.

    Chapter Master Lonyu.

    Mayu Khan: Chapter Master of the Steel Predators. [Retired, KIA]

    Jaghatai Khan: Primarch of the White Scars and the Steel Predators. [MIA]

    Emperor of Mankind.


    The Steel Fang: Battle Barge, flagship of the Steel Predators.

    The Metal Jaw: 1st company Battle Barge.

    Predator: 2nd company Strike Cruiser.

    Swift Hunter: 4th company Strike Cruiser. [Crashed]

    Swift Hunter II: 4th company Strike Cruiser.

    Striking Arrow: Escort Gladius Frigate.


    As much as I would like to omit this since it's more or less common sense, I feel the need to put this down in writing so that I can say people have a place to read it. Here are the rules that players must abide to when they participate in this RP (pretty standard):

    • Respect other players and the gm. Even if your characters hate each other, that does not mean you hate the other player. Attacks to other players will not be tolerated here.
    • GM's word is final. I'll do my best to not break canon, and will promptly change my updates if they are pointed out (in the OOC thread) if they appear. However, whatever happens otherwise goes, adapt to the situation at hand.
    • Post at least once every 24 hours. I'm not going to be a nazi about it, but don't be surprise if the RP moves forward if you don't. Please refer to the posting frequency section of the OP in the OOC thread for details.
    • Have fun! :D
  2. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    In the distant void of the galaxy, a lone blueish planet floated in the void. Upon first glance it seemed to be the perfect colonization world. The air composite was ideal, the oceans were vast and deeming with life. The natural fauna and flora of the world not as deadly as some others. The land was rich in minerals and the continents on the planet massive. Yet there was one problem: Chondax was the epicenter of the local WAAAGH! that had splintered off from the larger WAAAGH! that had ended when the Warboss Urlakk Urg died at the end of the Ullanor Crusade.

    Hundreds of large ships surrounded the planet's orbit. Everything from battleships to the tiniest escort vessels floated at ready, along with thousands of smaller crafts swarming and patrolling around it. There was one aspect common on every vessel and star craft: A golden lightning bolt struck across a horizontal gold bar. The White Scar legion fleet stood ready against the green menace below.

    Upon the battle barge Spear of Truth, Mayu Khan contemplated the attack plan sent to him by the Noyan-Khan. He watched as the holographic figures upon it danced around landscape lines and symbols. He would occasionally grimaced about something, then his face would return to a neutral expression. As the last of the squads poured into the assembly area in front of him he gave a wave of the hand and the holographics on the table disappeared.

    The Khan had a massive scar diagonally across his face, yet this made him look more fearsome than ugly. His eyes fell upon the squads of sergeants and scouts in front of him, as if he was a drill instructor inspecting his unit. Then after staring at his men who were at attention for a minute, stood in front of them and began to speak.

    "Longspear Brotherhood! Today we have been given the honor of securing the flanks of the assault on the 4th sector of Chondax. We will deploy in thunderhawks with our vehicles at these designated location," A large map showed up on the giant screen behind him. First it showed the entire planet, then it zoomed down upon Sector Four and finally to the exact location where the Brotherhood will be deployed. "Then we will find any and all greenskins remaining in the area and grind them into dust beneath our tracks!" He looked over to the individual squad leaders.

    "Sergeant Quin, you and first squad will be on the far left. Sergeant Oni will deploy with second squad next to them..." On and on he went.

    Down in the audience, Vesk, Tur, Kren and the rest of 9th squad waited impatiently for their roles in the upcoming assault. They had just came from Cholax, another planet in the Chondax system, where they had distinguished themselves as the recruit squad with the highest kill count out of all the recruit squads in the Ordu.

    "Sergeant Puyja, eighth squad will take the right flank and Sergeant Kui will be on the far right with 10th squad. Deployment will be in an hour. Now go and bring the Emperor's mercy to these greenskins! For the Emperor and the Khagan!" Impossible, they got skipped!

    The recruits of 9th squad were so shocked they barely had time to reply with the rest of the brotherhood, "For the Emperor and the Khagan!" They looked to Sergeant Lonyu, but the veteran was statuelike with both his white bearded face and his posture. As the other squads began to file out, some of the members of the other squads gave the 9th sympathetic nods, thinking that they had been kept on the reserve and will miss the upcoming action.

    Just then Mayu Khan gave a wave of his hand from the front of the assembly area. "Sergeant Lonyu, you and your squad come here." Sergeant Longyu promptly saluted, then marched towards the Khan. The rest of the 9th, still shocked from the briefing, followed grudgingly behind. They marched to the front, then stood at attention in front of the Khan. Mayu Khan looked at each of them, not a hint of sympathy in his eyes.

    "I bet you're all wondering why I didn't mention 9th squad's role in the briefing?" No answer. "So I'll tell you: 9th squad will not be participating in the operation to secure Sector Four. Is that understood Sergeant?" Still no answer, though some eyes dropped in disappointment. Sergeant Lonyu saluted again.

    "We understand Khan, we stand ready to support the operation anyway we can." Some members of the 9th gritted their teeth, though none spoke out their disappointment.

    Mayu Khan studied the grizzled veteran in front of him, "no I don't think you do sergeant." He gave another wave of a hand, and a different part of the planet appeared, this time it showed a massive encampment of some sort on the surface. "The 9th isn't going to participate in securing Fourth Sector because you will join the main assault led by the Khagan." Everyone in the 9th squad dropped their jaws, even Sergeant Lonyu's face was one of surprised. Mayu Khan smiled, his eyes softening. "Due to your achievement in the last operation in Cholax, you've been selected to join a taskforce of recruits from the other Ordu in the hunt against this greenskin."

    With another wave of his hand, a surveillance vid started playing, showing an mekboy with a wrench hitting a rather sleek looking looted transport. "Mek Fastasped. This green piece of filth have been harassing our lines for weeks with his quik raidas. He hasn't been able to cause any serious damage to the main assault, but have been in the thorn in our side for long enough. Now the Khagan doesn't want to divert any of his warriors to deal with this minor threat, as he'll be busy mounting Warboss Thunka's head on his steed, as well as those of its nobs. So he's made the hunt for Fastasped a challenge: the recruits that bring back Fastasped's head will not only be risen to full Astartes status, but the brotherhood he represents will spearhead the next campaign's opening assault." He stared at the young men in front of him, as well as Lonyu's fired up spirit behind his eyes.

    "Now I want to show off Fastasped's head at the victory feast after this battle, will that be a problem 9th squad?"

    "NO KHAN!" The recruits of 9th squad screamed at him.

    "Good, then go get your gear, and get off my battle barge. You've got a head to decapitate." With that the 9th squad double timed out of the assembly area and, after a bit of travel passing some confused comrades, arrived at the armory. Sergeant Lonyu addressed his squad for the first time.

    "Grab whatever you can use while you're on the bike, I'm sure we'll be chasing the green bastard most of the time. Oh and if anyone grabs another flamer, I'll break your arms myself." He said this as he stared at one of the bald headed recruit, who hung his head in shame. He had used a flamer last engagement, and from the lack of eyebrows on Sergeant Lonyu's head, not very well.

    EDIT: OOC: Pick your weapons, banter amongst yourselves, etc. No heavy weapons (as per legion rules), or specialize weapons (you need to earn those privileges). Grenades are fine, though only two per person, (between frag, krak, stun and smoke).
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  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Striding tall into the Armory Initiate Tur bobbed his shaven head about taking stock of what weapons were available to them. Fast ramshackle vehicles and lots of infantry were the order of the day it seemed meaning a sniper wouldn't be a terrible choice but that relied on their area of operation having wide line of sight and that their foe would remain within range. They would be riding obviously enough but several times before Tur had been left to dismount and find a perch meaning it wouldn't be a total waste, however ultimately a compromise was made going for the standard armament of the Emperor's legions: The Bolter. Power enough to drop just about anything if aimed correctly it could also do a number on the flimsy Orkoid scrap armor with enough rounds, a chainsword was chosen for his combat side arm, he highly doubted there would be anything vaguely stealthy about this mission and worst case someone else would be able to fill in the gap of quiet killer that much he was certain of. Double kraks were locked in at his waist, slotted into their respective holsters for quick deployment and breaching power if anything with actual heavy armor rolled up with them. Stepping aside Tur stood at the ready, watching his kin go about their own selection of arms with his usual quiet, never terribly talkative he wasn't quite a loner either just one who added little to any conversation and carried out his duties with a predatory sort of gleam in his eyes.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Kren made his way behind Tur entering the armory he first picked up a chain sword and then went to the bolter weaponry As he looked around he spotted it, A stalker bolter something that would surely help them in combat. If things got into mid range combat it would be perfect for picking off orks. he picked it up and several ammunition clips for it and then grabbed a stun grenade and krak grenade both very useful agiasnt orks and there armor. He picked it up and soon met with his team the first one he met up was brother Tur. "Brother Tur good to see you again brother after the surface battle of Chorax." Kren said to tur as he began trying to converse with his fellow intitate.
  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Glancing over toward Kren Tur offered a simple nod and crooked smile. "That it is, make it sound like we've been apart though. " Drawing his chainsword his eyes set over inspecting the teeth, making sure there wasn't any crooked lining or dull fangs upon his weapon, a very unlikely chance of all that but it always reassured him to check.
  6. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    "I would say not apart long enough. I can't wait to be rid of you two!" Ramiel said to his two squad members. A wide grin showing his taunt as a mere joke. He continued past the two and scratched his short hair while deciding what weapon he would take. He had shaven it like most the day before, but it always grew back so fast, even at his age he was getting a full facial beard.

    After some thought he grabbed a chainsword and a shotgun. To add to the destructive potential, he grabbed two frag grenades. He holstered the shotgun on a breast holster, right across his thick combat blade and put the Sword to his hip.

    "Do you all think we should bring a cloak? Or will we be too loud to need it?" Ramiel asked the others.
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Don't know if we will be allowed a cloak for this mission may be best to act the Sargent before we can take one. We will likely be on our bike but they could still be useful if someone dismounts ahead and scout to get a view of our target. Who knows maybe if our target has that stole vehicle we may have to chase after him." Kren added
  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Careful thick-skull, Orks might take that as a serious request. " Stepping over he extended a palm to clap Ramiel across the back. "Cloaks might be good, if we plan to dismount. " Tur shot the both of his comrades the sort of look that made it entirely clear that latter bit seemed like the most alien and ridiculous thing in the Segmentum and beyond.
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  9. <Vesk>
    Still shocked from the news that they will join the main assault he made his way to the armory.
    Looking into a reflection he saw the ritual scar on his right cheek. A mark of honor.

    He saw his brothers bantering and talking and decided to arm himself first.
    Walking up to the weapons his eyes fell on a chainsword and a bolter.

    Standard weapons will serve just fine on a mission like this he thought.
    He grabbed two frag grenades.

    Holding up the grenades he said
    " This will do nicely against those groups of ugly greenskins. It will give them something to chew on "

    Armed and ready he joined his brothers in conversation.
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  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Seeing most of the recruits armed and ready, Sergeant Lonyu barked at 9th squad. "Alright get your bare rears to the hangers, I want a head start before the younglings from the other Ordu gets there. Double time to the hangers, now!" Snapping to attention at the order, those who were armed and conversing with each other quickly fell into formation and marched out of the armory, and those who were still getting ready hastily grabbed whatever weapon was closest and available to join their brothers.

    Passing another few recruits from the task force securing Fourth Sector, the 9th got more confused glances from their brothers from other squads. Why in Terra's name are they so heavily armed if they're in the reserves? One member of the 9th seemed like he wanted to shout something to the others, but his desire to talk was quickly shot down by a glare from Sergeant Lonyu. So the rest of the 9th silently jogged to the hanger where their transports awaits them.

    Through the metal hatches they entered into a very busy hanger. Servitors were rushing around refuelling, repairing, analyzing and overall maintaining various vehicles there, and it wasn't all air and space craft at all. In the back a deimos predator was having its main battle cannon re-calibrated by a veteran techmarine, something that caught Kren's eyes for a moment. Other places a Mark Ib Mars Pattern Rhino was being refitted with new tracks, and a land speeder was having its steering fixed after a heavy engagement.

    Sergeant Lonyu led the 9th to two lines of scout bikes in front of two thunderhawks. He got on the lone Legion Mark IV Outrider assault bike in the front, and yelled at his squad. "Pick one, then get on the thunderhawks back first! We'll be doing a rapid deployment so when the hatch of that craft opens, you ride the hell out of the shiny blue orb under us! Decide for yourselves which one you want and figure out who gets to ride in the attack bike in the back! NOW MOVE!" With that he went to the first thunderhawk with his bike.

    Most of the scout bike was similar, either equipped with a twin linked bolter or a grenade launcher. However, the jewel of this convoy was the two seater attack bike in the back, which obviously pack extra armament compared to the others in the form of a heavy bolter in addition to the twin link driver operated one. However it also tied the two riders together, removing the independence of the scout bike. Some of the members of the 9th already got on some of the bikes and moved to the second thunderhawks. The others will have to choose the steeds they would rely upon now for the upcoming mission.

    OOC: Pick a scout bike (indicate whether it has a grenade launcher or twin link bolter) or agree with another player to join you on the attack bike (know that you will not be able to do secondary objectives on it unless both you and your partner agrees to do so, even if you're the driver, and also the gunner on the bike is a bit more dependent on the driver on maneuvering and such). Other than that all player controlled characters will be in the thunderhawk with Sergeant Lonyu together.
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