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Original Chapter Rp Ooc Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Well since the other RP I am in is waiting for input .. I might as well read up on the khans legions and play some Dawn of war 2
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  2. The more I read about the white scars to more I like them :p
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  3. Also their form of librarians are AWESOME
    Kinda like wolfpriests ..

    If I could grow into a Storm seer I would take that place in the chapter :p
  4. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    I have no Idea what this is about and from what I barley understand from reading the first post three time plus me not even able to fathom how you will make our character grow in the time of 10k years...I wanna be a part of it. Since only 2 out of the 40000 rp's im in are active.

    Name: Jimmy (Nope no cool 40k name unless you want me to change it)
    Rank: Scout (For now...)
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  5. As far as I understand your characters will die. But the next character inherits some of the gear and traits of the now dead marine.

    During the length of the RP we will start a second founding chapter and well we will just see what happens.
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    what don't you understand? I would rather everything be clear before you commit to joining. The character growth will be through the mentorship system, as explained in the original post. Obviously no Astartes is going to live past a millennium at most (unless he's a dreadnought, which I'm not sure is going to happen anymore since this is the White Scars).
  7. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    But why? Astartes dont have a set lifespan. They just die in battle. There is a couple who have lived since the HH and while I assume none of us will be a special snowflake, it isnt impossible. What I dont understand is making the chapter. At one point will we be voting? Are you well versed on actual battles that the Scar's had in the HH or will we be making them up? Will it we be towards the beginning or end? Is everything already set or will are company/battlegroup(whatever were all stuck in) make any decisions that make the chapter have its own flavor?
  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Ok, hope you don't mind bullet points because that's the easiest way for me to answer:

    1. I'm not sure which marine have lived since HH that's not currently in a dreadnought or had some weird thing happened to them (like getting lost in the warp or something) can you provide an example? I'll read into it myself and get back to you, but as far as I know Astartes usually only live to 8-9 centuries or so.
    2. No vote IC, you'll just be folded from the brotherhood into the new chapter. However we can do something where in this thread we decide on the name and colors and so long as everyone agrees I won't assign an arbitrary name and color myself (they weren't significant details, so I didn't give much thought until right now).
    3. I'm using a lot of references in order to read up on the WS's roles during the HH, so the RP will dive into massive decisive battles (terra for example) though I may do some unknown mission, depends on how things are rolling after the few battles I have in mind for now.
    4. Beginning of HH, all the way to the end and beyond.
    5. Nothing is set outside of standard Legion practices (and even those can be shifted if people push hard enough and the demands are reasonable, such as getting devastators in the brotherhood). The flavor of the chapter will more likely depend on the decisions being made by the various characters in the RP (they are the future NCOs and leaders of the chapter, so what they do now will more than likely shape how they act in the future).
    Did that help clear things up?
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I have a question If we had done lion el Johnson as a primarch would there be a possibility of us being fallen instead of hunting the fallen?
  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    @Vulpas yes, and if you did Vulkan/ferrus/Corax you would've experienced the dropsite massacre first hand. Dorn would have put you at the frontlines in Terra and Guilliman would have you fighting in Ultima Segmentum most of HH.

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