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Original Chapter Rp Ooc Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Alright, here's the deal. I've wanted to do a public RP for a while now, but since I've had little to none experience gming I figured I would start with some private RPs first to get my feet wet. Now that I've done some of them, I'm a bit more confident on what I would like to have in a public RP as well as how the mechanics are going to work. With that, I present to you an idea for an RP, one of which I'll start if people are interested, and if not, this thread will just go to the necropolis that is dead threads on this sub forum.

    Premise: This RP will follow a single chapter, from its days in the Horus Heresy to either the 42nd millennium/or its destruction, really up to the players. Essentially it'll be a blank slate chapter with the exception of the primarch traits (Descendants of Vulkans have dark complexion, Corax's sons will have pale skin and black eyes, etc.). What defines the chapter will be based off of the players' decisions throughout its history, and as they ascend through the ranks of the chapters. The appeal to this RP will not only be the idea of molding a custom chapter from scratch more or less, but also experience the major events of the Imperium first hand as well. (e.g. listening to one of the primarch's speeches live, living during the days when the Emperor walked amongst mortals, fighting in the earlier Black Crusades, etc.)


    Here's the nitty gritty part of this RP. I really enjoyed the fighting system @Loldoom has for his witcher RP. So while he may or may not have copied off of something/one else, I'm copying him. Essentially, during all direct combat scenarios and actions against the enemy will have overall structure from me but the details will be up to the players (i.e. I'll write something like "you can kill three guys, or two and strike at the mini boss" or the such, and allow the player to improvise how he kills them). If players would like to take some sort of direct action not offered, simply run it through me in PM or on this thread and I'll give you the possible results of that action. Wounds will work the same way in the Witcher RP, with light, medium and heavy.

    wounds are superficial, they won't affect a character's ability, but the player must acknowledge that they occur during the post. Players may also have the liberty of doing this on their own, though during some situation I will require this to happen to characters. Medium wounds will affect the combat capability of a character, either through a disability that prevents using certain equipment or just a decrease in effectiveness. Heavy wounds completely incapacitates the character; he becomes vulnerable to an execution move by an enemy if not aided by a comrade. Three light wounds will result in a medium wound, while three medium wounds will result into a heavy wound. Reverse (healing) will work in a matter of reducing the wound by one severity, and for multiple wounds like so: if a character has two light wounds and a medium wound and a medical personnel heals him of the medium wound, then instead of the three light wounds compounding into a new medium wound, the two light wounds will be eliminated instead, leaving only one (I know it's kind of confusing, if it happens I'll clear the whole thing up with addresses to the specific situation). 1 Light wound will auto heal after every successful enemy engagement, but only occurs during times of relative safety (ask for a wounds update or whether a break in combat just happened if you're confused about this IC). 1st medium wound will affect your mobility and ability with movement related attempts, second one will affect your combat abilities. Some characters may attend a third one which the conditions I will make up if that happens.

    When the enemy attempts an execution move and no ally is available to assist, the player can opt for a do or die gambit, sort of a last ditch effort to kill the enemy attempting to execute him. I'll flip a coin and the player must guess correctly in order for the character to survive, though the character will need to get medical attention from an medical personnel (apothecary or someone like that) within two group update posts or else he'll die anyways (I'm very lenient on killing characters, so unless someone is really being stupid/reckless, there'll always be a chance for survival). This mechanic may change depending on the primarch selected.

    On the matter of character death I would address two things. Unless there's some unanimous thing where a lot of players are pissed at a player (I've only really seen this happened once), a player whose character's dead may create another one, though the new guy will have to start off as a scout again, earning his way back into power armor (or a veteran scout). However, seeing as this RP have the potential to extent beyond the normal lifespan of an Astartes, I'll implement the mentorship system. This is essentially a passing on of skills/gear from one character to another new one to replace one dying. After an appropriate amount of time I will require all players to do this, with their original character becoming semi-NPCs (or venturing off into a last crusade of some sort) and their new characters taking their mentor's place. Do not fear, you will not lose all the progress you've work so hard to achieve up to that point. Some of your gear and ability will transfer to this new character, and I may also reward a new trait or gear for your achievement in raising a new Astartes (also he will start at normal power armour level instead of scout marine again, so terminator honor is not passable).

    In regards to Dreadnoughts, these will only be available and offered in certain unique circumstances. I will state this in an OOC section of an update post and me and the individual in question will discuss this in pm. (Dreadnoughts not available with current Primarch) With psykers and techmarines, I will allow the first person to ask to become a trained Librarian or techmarines, though he will be young and still relatively powerless/knowledgeless in comparisons to the other librarians and techmarines of the legion in the beginning.

    In regards to post frequencies, I will ask and maintain that all players must post at least once a day. I understand real life is busy and chaotic (damn you Tzeentch!) but I don't think it's too much to ask for people to contribute to the RP with one post per day. I know a lot of RPers are burnt out, and that's ok, but for this RP I will say will more likely than not move at that speed or faster. If players decide to post more than that, I will attempt to update as fast as players post roughly one update per hour (give or take), so have no fear of that. The secondary objective group will go by the fastest person posting, so be warned about that (as opposed to the slowest in the primary group) There will be a group update every 24 hours and once a majority of players in the group responds (50% plus one player). Major updates (for events and such) will also happen every 24 hours or a unanimous response, again whichever comes first. Boss battles will follow the secondary objective group time frame, for the sake of not having a single fight drag on for weeks. In addition, I'm adding experience posts, these aren't actual things that will kill or harm a character (of any significance at least) but they are some major things happening that will allow a character to react to. These will go up about every three hours regardless of postage (if no one post, then I'll just add to my last post). There'll be some time for reactions and such but overall its to convey the feeling of living through epic eras such as HH. If something emergency does come up in the middle of the RP, pm me and we can work something out.

    However, I also would like to encourage more post and activity within the RP, that's why I'm introducing Secondary Objectives. This is not to punish players who have RL obligations but to reward those who are willing to invest the time into this RP. How it works is that I'll check the RP every six hours (provided its not busy). If not a majority of players have responded but someone did post, I'll assign the group a secondary objective (during one of the six hour marks), which the active player can then proceed to complete. Any player which becomes active afterwards will have the choice of joining the original player (should he proceed to complete the SO), though it is achievable with one person. Completing these objectives will have two effects, a short term group reward and a long term individual reward. The short term group reward will occur usually immediately (stopping an enemy artillery barrage, ambushing enemy convoy, new options to complete primary mission, etc). While the long term effects may show after another mission or two (gathering honors for better gear, new knowledge/effectiveness on specific foes, additional skills to utilize, leadership positions, unexpected allies, etc.). This mechanism won't turn one character into a demi-god while the others (less frequent posters) into the average grunt, but it's designed to give the active posters something to do and to develop his character more, both skill and story wise, as a reward. Not to mention make life easier for the guys still maintaining the primary objectives. If all players decides to pursue the secondary objective at hand, it becomes a sub-primary, the immediate benefits to the group still exists upon completion, but the individual benefits in the long term does not. 1 personal benefits per mission, though there could be more group benefits if a player chooses to complete more secondary objectives.

    In the beginning everyone starts as a Scout Marine. This doesn't confine player to a sniper and a crappy combat knife. All that means besides the lower rank is that characters don't have the advantages of power armour and are confined to scout armor. The only weapon limitations is no heavy/power weapons or special munitions. The power armour will probably be earned after the first mission at which if some of the players wishes to go specialization that's fine with me.

    I'm thinking players can definitely ascend to the rank of captain in this RP, though I'm not quite sure right now as to actually eventually becoming chapter master, but that's down the line and I'll figure it out as I go. I'll make a definite start point as to how this all starts once a primarch's been chosen and the players ready. If you want to join please post here with the name of your scout, physical description (if you want), and the primarch you would like this chapter to descend from. Please only choose between the loyalist primarchs is all I ask. Also ask any questions you might have here. Hopefully this takes off and you guys will like it! :D

    Players/Character Sheet:

    @Nurianis: Temur I (Apothecary) [Transferred to a different Chapter]

    @Grall_Stonefist:Kenshik (Scout) [KIA]

    @BadDo9: Korael Yumitz (Tactical) [Retired]

    @Xaphen: Ramiel (Apothecary) [Retired, KIA]

    @Vikingvesk: Damath (Techmarine) [Shelved]
    Vesk (Assualt) [MIA, presumed KIA]

    @MetalDog4: Jengir (Librarian) [Retired, KIA]
    Temur Yisu (1st Company Captain) [Retired]

    @Uriel1339: Jarl (Scout)

    @Valonox: Abner (Tactical)
    Krux (2nd Company Captain)

    @matt23: Victus (Assault)
    Mathius (Master of Sanctity)

    @Colapse: Chagatai (Assault)
    Jublai (Master of the Hunt)

    @DeranVendar : Gor (Chaplain)
    Jek (10th Company Captain)
    Gen (Tactical) [KIA]
    Tur (Librarian) [MIA, presumed KIA]

    @Vulpas: Barren (Apothecary)
    Kren (Master of the Forge)

    Chapter: Steel Predators
    History (so far): here.
    RP Thread Here.

    EDIT: There's been an ongoing problem with people not receiving notifications from this or the RP thread. A common fix has been to unwatch and rewatching the threads again. Try doing that first and see if it'll help.
  2. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Oh and we'll start once three players have confirmed that they want to join the RP and we've decided on a primarch.
  3. This sounds amazing :D And i have oceans of time. So yeah!

    Primarch: Leman Russ

    Name: Veskander
    Rank: Scout


    Veskander is a brazen young space wolf.
    Flowing red hair that rest on his shoulders, and a red/brownish beard adorns his angular face.
    As with every new space wolf he is brazen and full of energy.
    Boastful but aware of his own flaws.

    He KNOWS he is destined for greatness. And will go through great lengths to archive what he wants.
    To be eternalized in the sagas. To be a hero. A true warrior of the imperium.
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  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    well, in theory, hopefully the execution will be just as awesome :D
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  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Question is Leman Russ really on the table since the Space Wolves have kinda tried the whole descendants thing before and it ended up as one big werewolf party of heresy? :O
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  6. Guess we just have to wait and see if more people will hop on the wagon :p
    I hope so!
  7. I did not think that far.
    You have a really good point there.

    Lemans geneseed is not well for second servings :p
    I can change it is not a problem at all
  8. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    If there's an overwhelmingly support for Russ, I can (swallows nervously, looks around for rioters and canon inquisitors) maybe proport there a possibility of a secret successful second founding chapter from the SW? *Canon inquisitor shows up, shoots Jester in the head*

    C.I.: HERESY!
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  9. Well we do not want that. A dead GM is not a good GM :p

    I am willing to change to any other chapter. Maybe not ultramarines but eh ..
    Can be flexible when I want to.

    Oh and Iselin said Hi.
    ( My fiance)
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Hey hey whatever folks are cool with, not trying to be the fun police :D What about rolling with the Khan? Need more high octane Space Marine adventures!
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