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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    "Got it Lanius, Keep her steady, I am will get the guns singing." Red said as he did he began taking aim at the wave serpant waiting until he had a lock on before firing one of the krak missles and letting the heavy bolters on the valkyrie fire off.
  2. Krieg DeathKorpsOfKrieg Subordinate

    In utter confusion, Phyrrus tried to assess the new situatation. How had he and Gansukh suddenly gotten here. Had the chogorians efforts to use psychic means to get them to safety succeeded? Even more importantly, what had happened to the false primarch, the abomination calling itself Mendun Alvus? All these questions could wait, for Phyrrus soon realized that they were facing yet another potent threat: the Eldar xenos. What were these ellusive and wicked creatures doing here. The situation seemed to get more complicated with each passing minute.

    After hearing the minotaur‘s words, Phyrrus hastily turned to Denton and spoke: @BadDo9 „Get up soldier, the emperor has need of you and you haven‘t been given leave to die yet“, he added in a sardonic voice. „Report! We must know what excactly you have expercieced and how it fits into the greater scheme of things currently transpiring!“
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    After acknowledging the situation presented to him, Laeris turned his attention to the current issue - being attacked. He summarised it was most likely the very same humans that he had been fighting just prior to now. Laeris considered revenge on the primitives that had held him captive, but decided that could wait. “We need to get away from these Mon’keigh quickly!” He said to the eldar. “Before their weapons actually do damage to our transport.”
  4. Longfang groaned a little as he blinked his eyes, the light making him have to close them for after them being lightless for a time. "For such thin things, that one sure can punch." Denton groaned as he sat up. Blinking at the Sentinel, he frowned a little. "Well, from what I can tell the situation hasn't changed. Eldar are all in the skies, no?" he would move to stand up, still a little shaky, and made sure all his equipment - including the dataslate - was still on his person.
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight ~~
    @BadDo9 - Denton 'Longfang' Reach, Catachan (M) Jungle Fighter
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur (SM) Apothecary
    @Donairian - Frederick Cooper, Human (M) Primaris Psyker
    @Colapse - Gansukh Oyoma, White Scar (SM) Stormseer
    @KorCharon - Phyrrus Ataraxus, Terran (M) Palantine Sentinel

    The group as enthusiastic as they were to bring death upon the aliens, they immediately started to escape once Alnar was retrieved. Goreparan launched his missile launcher just in time,and while it was a solid hit, only secondary systems appeared to be hit as it continued to fly away. His bolter caused only ineffective, decorative damage from what the group could tell.

    The battle stopped as sudden as it came. These Franc soldiers either dead or moaning in pure agony all over the streets as the imperial forces were stranded, Gansukh resting while Denton recovered from his fistfight.

    It seemed that indeed the bulk of the fight ravaged in orbit as the group could watch the exchange between the cruisers. The Imperial vessel struggling with turning around as the Eldars risky move paid off. Although the Eldar would most likely get away, the deployment overall could be considered success, since Goreparan did in fact retrieve the information they were sent to get.

    Now it was just a matter of time to see how the orbital fight would conclude before a pickup could be arranged.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight - Inside the Falcon ~~
    @Wata - Alnar, Eldar (M) Corsair Reaver

    "You would not have complained if it had been an Eldar girl putting that collar on you." One of his friends in the back teased him, giving Alnar support with putting one of the hurt ones' arms around himself.

    Then there was an explosion on the right side, tossing the Falcon around for a moment mid-air, but not quite bringing it down. But it was enough for Alnar to land on top of the one he just had his arm put around. Who of course was not embarrassed by the situation as they were not Mon'keigh or depraved Comorrites. Instead the one Alnar landed on even held him protectively.

    One of the others held herself on one of the support grips, growling at the explosion. "Get us out of here already!" She pulled up a holo-display of the damages done to the falcon. "We are losing energy fast. We need to get to the cruiser, now."

    "Working on it! Just hang in tight back there!" The pilot yelled back, the good mood soured a bit. But at least the Falcon was still making a good distance from Tyran and onward into orbit, finally out of range of the Astartes weaponry. As they were closing down to the Eldar capital ship, Alnar could take a last glance to the human inquisitor ship on which he served as prisoner for so long. And as he stared, a vox-link was established.

    "Do not forget to give your princess the price. The coin. And may our paths never cross again." It was the voice of the Deathwatch Captain who repaid his own debt to give Alnar this freedom.

    ~~ The Darkest Night - Narrator - Space Chase ~~
    @Taec - Laeris, Dark Eldar (M) Trueborn
    @Vulpas - Red Tarsinis, Human (M) Crusader
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Lanius Skyruss, Human (M) Tech Priest

    "Acknowledged." The pilot admitted to Laeris and transferred weapon energy to the engines, giving it an edge over the Valkyrie, even if not much. "Let us hope you have not grown soft, Archon." One of the Kaballites said bitter, clearly disappointed to feast upon those who tortured their lord.

    Red and Lanius would make some space up again after Red managed to hit auxiliary systems of energy conductors. But they were getting too fast too close to the Eldar cruiser. Just then a squadron of Fury Interceptors flew by and unleashed a salvo of missiles.

    Laeris' crew went for evasion maneuvers and managed to remain unharmed. Ironically for the pilots skill, the missiles went into the cruiser and removed a chunk of hull. The explosion hurled the piece right into the Eldar transport, sending it spinning through space for a moment and giving Red the opportunity to punch a hole through the cockpit. Luckily for Laeris and his Kaballites they were in the back which was sealed off the cockpit, leaving them unaffected by the vacuum. Unlike the pilot who was dragged out, screaming through the vox-gem before hitting his head on flying debris, before the Valkyrie tore him into pieces.

    Pilotless the transport spun towards the cruiser, although the Imperials luck and skill would be limited as just before the xeno vessel reached critical damage, the weapons would need to stop firing due to overheat risk. Lanius up to this point somehow managed to evade any shots, but that was more likely due to the Eldar prioritizing the Fury Interceptors and bombers over the Valkyrie than his flight skills.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Briefly panicked Alnar rose on his knees after he was relinquished from the protective embrace, straddling his friend while searching his jacket for the token. When it was found he stared at it as it lazily shone on his palm. Alnar clenched the token inside his fist.
    "They will find me as Khaine if they shoot us down. I'm out of mercy or sympathy."
  7. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    Suddenly the attack stopped, Frederick halted his psychic conjuring and allowed himself a moments rest almost collapsing to his knees as the mental drain was finally allowed to take its toll, he had only felt this awful a few times before and as he braced himself on his force stave he knew he still had a little way to go yet. He struggled back to his feet, regaining his footing and fighting off a splitting headache to match his loss of blood, he winced again as he put pressure on his injured leg inadvertently and the adrenaline though unintentional gave some clarity to his thoughts. He tooked to the Palatine Phyrrus, though he had turned on him before he seemed in better condition to understand what he meant than Lord Gansukh currently appearing spent himself from a great exertion. Cooper stated his thoughts as plainly as possible though he still sounded pained for his efforts and present condition.

    'If the Eldar are leaving then there is a strong possibility that the vox frequencies will be clear, we must regain contact with 'The Darkest night' and exchange reports. There is something of pressing concern though, @DeathKorpsOfKrieg Phyrrus whas is the current condition of the Void Tyrant Primarch?'
  8. Seeing the xenos craft lose its pilot Lanius saw every reason to press the attack as he kept them on target with the spinning pilotless transport. “It’s dead in the vacuume but still drifting towards their ship, destroy it quickly Red we will have to turn back before we get to close to their ship. I may have dedicated myself to the machine but my lungs still require air to function and so do you.” He said as he watched their distance from the Eldar ship. For obvious reasons he would like to avoid being captured by xenos. @Vulpas
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    "You got it Lanius, Guns are nearly overheated but we have a few krak missiles that may due the job," Red said as he did he began arming the missiles then getting a lock he would fire them away. "Lets do this fast and hard," Red said as he pressed the button the fire button for the krak missiles.
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    Gansukh slowly rose on his feet, using his wooden staff to help him get up. "Void Tyrant is...down, engulfed by the planet's molten core. Brother Tyr sacrificed himself so the false Primarch could fall and we could escape," the Stormseer said, sorrow evident in his voice. He had nothing of his Space Wolf brother, nothing to return to the Watch Fortress and eventually Fenris herself. He felt sadness and anger, but such was the way of the warrior - at least Tyr gave his life in the service to the Allfather and now he may drink and feast in his halls for all eternity.

    "At least all of you live. But where are the aliens, where is the one called Alnar?"
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