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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    And as the Primarch once again showed off his vast power, Gansukh made his final gambit. The explosives they set up were about to blow and it was now or never.

    Using the reserves given to him by the tortured world spirit, the Stormseer brought forth the earth's fiery blood once again and once again, a hail of magma bolts flew from below up in an arc and onto his enemy, rising in number and velocity as the psyker threw all that he got. But while the Primarch would find himself under the main assault, it was only a diversion.

    With the hail of molten lava, Gansukh tried to focus hidden part of it, the one directly below the walkway, into a blazing geysir. This one wouldn't go up in an arc, this one would strike the railing right below the monstrous creature, melting metal and hopefully breaking the foothold, thus forcing the Primarch to shift his attention to it or risk falling into the vulcano below.

    As that happened, Gansukh would use whatever power he had left to picture the landing pad where they all first touched the Tyran's soil to try and open a portal to it. He didn't know how long that would last, but he was sure it wouldn't be long. He also hoped that Tyr would understand what was going on and instead of staying, he too would use the portal to escape the impending doom that was about to engulf this facility. White Scar also hated that he had to leave the Primarch alive and hope that the explosion gets to him, but there was no other option available to him that would help him slay this monster.

    If the portal was successfully opened, Gansukh would lead by an example and move in first in order to try and hold the warding so that both Phyrrus and Tyr could get through as well.
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    Phyrrus watched the ongoing clash with fascination as the terrible energies clashed violently together. As the Stormseer was his only means of escape and they were far below ground he chose to stay and be of whatever assistance he could. Hoping to distract the primarch as much as possible in order for the Chorgorian to open the conduit to safety, Phyrrus braced himself in stable cover and began discharging his volkite serpenta into the Void Tyrant‘s hand. He hoped that the burning conflageration unleashed by the ancient weapon would at least disrupt the false primarch‘s focus somewhat and thereby give Ganuskh the opening they needed.
  3. Lanius looked at the Valkyrie from his position after Red had been pulled to more steady ground. “I do not think we will be able to make it there before the Xenos Craft leaves but we could give chance in the void. What say you Red?” Lanius asked hoping the man would respond quickly as time was of the essence right now. Either they pursue and attempt to destroy it in the void or stay in the hanger and perhaps look to defend other area of the ship the Xenos have boarded. @Vulpas
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    "I don't know if the Valkyrie has enough firepower to take out that ship, and I am pretty sure I don't have a license to pilot a Valkyrie, and even if we did. I think we have more important things on our hands, We need to help defend the ship and the hanger. As it won't matter if we get the inquisitors to pet back if the ship falls." Red said looking to lanius
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Power Plant ~~
    @Colapse - Gansukh Oyoma, White Scar (SM) Stormseer
    @Grall_Stonefist - Tyr Nosebreaker, Space Wolf (SM) Grey Hunter
    @KorCharon - Phyrrus Ataraxus, Terran (M) Palantine Sentinel

    The Void Tyrant matched every single assault, taking a step forward every now and then, trying to close distance. By doing so, he forced Tyr to take position next to Gansukh - knowing he was their only chance.

    "Just. Stop!" The Primarch roared when enduring a shot from the Volkite Serpenta, having taking the shot with his raised leg, forcing him down to a knee. However, it put him in the perfect preparation for a jump. The explosion in the control room occurred shortly after. And as he saw in the last moment the magma-bolt from below shooting upwards, he did indeed leap forward - attempting to reap the trio with him, now that their plan has unfolded.

    "Oh no you don't!" Tyr roared, leaping towards the Primarch, bare fist going straight for the face and breaking the nose as he was famed for. The impact was enough to send the Void Tyrant flying through the hole in the catwalk, but through the jump-attack of the Space Wolf, he too went flying with the Primarch.

    Gansukh and Phyrrus would see the Wolf hit Mendum Alvus over and over again until a lava column shot upwards, consuming them both. The White Scar and Palantine Sentinel were only left with their escape.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight ~~
    @BadDo9 - Denton 'Longfang' Reach, Catachan (M) Jungle Fighter
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur (SM) Apothecary
    @Donairian - Frederick Cooper, Human (M) Primaris Psyker
    @Colapse - Gansukh Oyoma, White Scar (SM) Stormseer
    @KorCharon - Phyrrus Ataraxus, Terran (M) Palantine Sentinel

    The bolter hammered into the falcon, but failed to disable the engines. The anti-grav vehicle took off into the distance, putting it barely into maximum range for the missile launcher - it was now or never to change weapons and fire.

    The other xeno vessels which had turned around, made a general assault, bombing and shooting everything in vicinity. Luckily, Fredrericks wall withstood and kept the three safe. However once he dropped the fiery wall of protection, suddenly Gansukh and Phyrrus were in front of him. They smelt of ashes and fire.

    Gansukh and Phyrrus were hit with a wind of freezing cold after they were almost steamed alive, the outside air feeling like the fierce winds of Fenris, as Tyr would describe was he still with them. The two would find a slowly recovering Denton on the floor, Frederick Cooper the Psyker staring at them and Goreparan aiming at a distant Falcon anti-grav transport, escorted by a variety of vessels.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight - Inside the Falcon ~~
    @Wata - Alnar, Eldar (M) Corsair Reaver

    The crew would not feel the bolter impact, but warning sounds would chime. "Don't worry, Alnar!" The pilot yelled back, another familiar voice. "We haven't come all this way just to get shot down! Have some trust in Isha's Dove will you?!" He gave a blank part of the console a good slap as if emphasizing his compliment to the vessel. And Alnar would feel a certain familiarity how humans would revere the machine spirits of their weapons and ships in a similar way. It was a disgusting familiarity.

    "We will be out of in range within the next thirty seconds and our cruiser is already moving to the pickup point. This whole world will be behind us in less than five minutes." The older sister reassured Alnar, giving him a playful punch in the shoulder.

    ~~ The Darkest Night - Narrator - Back On-Board~~
    @Taec - Laeris, Dark Eldar (M) Trueborn
    @Vulpas - Red Tarsinis, Human (M) Crusader
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Lanius Skyruss, Human (M) Tech Priest

    Lanius and Red understood well enough that their current means were insufficient to take down the Falcon and went for the closest operable Valkyrie instead. The Techpriest naturally would get into the pilot seat, while Red would take the guns. Surely this was no Fury Interceptor like those that were seen whooshing by in the now escalating void combat. But it would have to do for the time being.

    The falcon started to hover and move slowly towards the exit of the hangar, ramp pointing towards Laeris who now broke out into a full steam ahead sprint. There was one final leap just before a grenade exploded where he stood one moment before. The detonation accelerating his momentum, causing him with the grace of a fish on land to crash on the deck of the anti-grav tank and make several rolls.

    "The dark blade has been recovered." One of the Guardian-armored Corsairs spoke out loud into his vox-gem before the falcon accelerated and the ramp closed. Then their weapons were aimed on the belly up Dark Eldar. "We saved you. But that does not mean we have to trust you. Archon."

    Then they chuckled and removed their helmets. He saw familiar faces and was quickly lifted up by the two Kaballite Warriors back to his feet. The tattoo of his Kabal prominent on their forehead. "Comorragh thinks you are dead. But we heard rumors from the Void Dragons. It seems that Duke Sliscus went great lengths to arrange a deal with Saarania to have you here. So whatever your actual plans for the rebirth of our Kabal. It seems you will be paying off a debt first to the Serpent King." He shrugged somewhat after bringing his lord up to speed. The others just watched, letting the Primus of the Kabal and the Archon commune.

    Just then the first wave of fire rained upon them from the pursuing Valkyrie. The Falcon took some hits, but evaded most of them. It was not exactly made for void combat, but neither was the Valkyrie. The Dark Eldar pilot spun the vessel, moving backwards while unleashing a barrage of shuriken fire against the Valkyrie. Lanius made a maneuver in the last moment, but there were scratches across the hull from massive streams of the alien projectile.

    The two vessels were among themselves as the bulk of the space battle was above and below them, the Falcon anti-grav vessel however was clearly heading backwards for the hangar bay of the Eldar cruiser, its crew clearly not interested in the space combat. Unless the Archon would have a different idea.

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