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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Upon coming out of the facility and taking in his surroundings Goreparan almost swore out loud in frustration as he realized his suspicions were coming to fruition. With an irritated tone, he addressed first the physker and then the general

    “Don’t bother Psyker most likely either the ship has fled or they are in orbit fighting against the damned knife ears. Judging from the carnage and the lack of a dead Eldar or catachan I take it one is chasing the other. I suggest you think about how to contact whoever else made it out of the facility or how to combat the eldar”

    Goreparan then turned to the general and pointed at the city map before saying.

    “I will be heading outside to see if I can find the catachan or the dammed eldar. My best bet is that they headed to the landing zone, even if they didn’t the trail of bodies will point in the right direction.

    Along the way, if your forces need my help then feel free to give me their general direction. At the current stage, the most I can do is help with AA operations is by utilizing any anti-air weapons I come across. I can also try to check up on any of your units that have gone dark along with my route. However you should be aware that i wont go out of my way until i have confirmed the catachn's or eldars death's.

    Later, I will be more helpful in ground combat. If you need me then the call sign is minotaur. It’s up to you if you want to take up my offer or turn it down but if you do utilize me then send me to the most important, most desperate or most intense fights so you don’t waste my time”

    With his piece said the minotaur gave some information to the general before heading outside. Once outside he quickly picked up on the trail of bodies and tracked the signs of the catachan and the Eldar. While doing so he kept an eye out for any useful Anti air weaponry and an ear open for any information from the general.
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    'Stop, it has been too long. Denton should have returned by now and I fear the worst, there is more than one powerful psychic presence where he is which means the alien may not be alone, I will come with you to ensure the Francian headquarters is secure, you may not be able to sense the Eldar as they sneak around but I can. If they are in the building already we cannot afford to let them remain else they will wreck havoc with communications.'

    Frederick struggled to his feet wincing with pain as he once again accidentally put pressure on his wounded leg, he stood awkwardly in the briefing room putting his weight on his force stave as he collected himself ignoring the pain as best he could. He tested his walking pace with a couple strides across the briefing room using the implement as a replacement for his own leg and decided his movement was good enough for purpose. Breathing heavily Cooper feeling somewhat light headed fro the blood loss was keeping himself on his feet using a great deal of willpower, he addressed Goreparan @Tamu and reassured him that he was in good enough condition to continue on his own.

    'Do not worry about me, when we retrieve Denton I will return to this briefing room and assist the Brigadier General here as best I can, if these Eldar persist they may likely be going for critical command and control centers so as to throw the defenders into disarray, this cannot be allowed to happen.'
  3. Faced with a choice Lanius cursed the failings of the flesh and went to assist Red. "Red, quickly add your strength to mine and get up, we do not have much more time. The Deck guns are too far we must reach the Valkyrie." He said hoping his artificial voice would be heard over the fighting. He did not like being out in the open like this during a fire fight but he could not abandon Red. The Crusader was the only person here he could call a companion, or at least the closest thing to one. Needless to say he would not appreciate being left alone. "Do not let your flesh fail you today! Pull!" He said loudly as he began to try and pull the crusader up. @Vulpas
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    "Spirits? Dead? Damned? What is this tribal sorcery?", Phyrrus asked in utter confusion as he saw the Stormseer's strange Ritual. "We must leave now Chogorian! Even if you manage to vanquish this abomination the explosive will soon detonate. The damn fuse is lit, the entire structure will collapse, if we don't leave by way of your psychic arts we are dead. The primarch is dead anyway if the entire city is flooded with lava!"

    "If these 'spirits give you enough power to thereaten a primarch, surely they can deliver us to safety", he yelled in one last attempt to sway Gansukh.
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Red heald on as best he could only one hand holding onto the deck the other his shield. as he looked down and saw the sparking live wires he knew he needed both hands to better get a grip up. he would have to possibly recover, or replace his shield later. Letting go he let go off his chain shield. Hearing and seeing Lanius hand he grabbed his hand and began attempting to pull himself up.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Power Plant ~~
    @Colapse - Gansukh Oyoma, White Scar (SM) Stormseer
    @Grall_Stonefist - Tyr Nosebreaker, Space Wolf (SM) Grey Hunter
    @KorCharon - Phyrrus Ataraxus, Terran (M) Palantine Sentinel

    The explosion would come soon, but for Gansukh it could not come soon enough. Tyr already got back on his feet. There was a good minute or so left on the countdown.

    "It seems our friend here will not leave without a good fight. So if you seek safety. I would suggest you use those two things attached to your hips." The Grey Hunter chuckled, spitting quite a good amount of blood on the ground. He definitely would be a liability in combat and knew it. The Fenrisian just gave all he had to the Primarch and it was laughable at best. He was not stupid enough to get in between the fight of psykers, but he was no coward either. "I will be the last sentinel." Tyr said in passing to Gansukh, making for the end of the hallway and readying for combat in case the Primarch was going to come his way.

    The Void Tyrant grimaced when he felt the surging power through the Stormseer. "You give the spectres false lies to lend their power to you! They hate my legion for the wrong reason! They were misunderstood, simply seeking their father. Just like the Emperor sought us out after we were lost from his facilities on Luna! He has slain all in his path to recover us, groom us, so we were fit to lead the legions he presented us! But very well. If you see no reason but only the desire to fight, so be it. I shall give the Khan my condolences and apologies for killing you here. But I promise that you shan't be forgotten, loyal child of the Golden Throne."

    He channeled his powers akin to Gansukh. But instead of using and relying on the nature around, he made use of his very own raw power. Raw balls of Magma came from the depth, shooting up in an arc and coming down right on the Primarch. There was surprise in his eyes, but he met them readily. Raw warp shot out and turned the magma into stone. Was it anything less hot, it would have turned into a block of ice.

    "Impressive. But not enough!" He yelled, shooting more warp bolts as more magma came forth. It kept him occupied enough to not attack the Chogorisian directly. Or maybe he was just so bored of easy fights, that he wanted to drag this duel out a little longer than necessary, not taking Oyoma as a serious rival and discarding the non-Astartes in entirety.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Psy-Com ~~
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur (SM) Apothecary
    @Donairian - Frederick Cooper, Human (M) Primaris Psyker

    "Keep the radio. Frequency 99.3 will go straight to me, through this terminal. Update me if you have any significant information. Right now, it looks like their attacks are concentrated around this area. But there is no true ground invasion, which makes it unclear to us to what they attempt to achieve." The Brigadier General said and gave them a franc salute. "Good hunting, you two."

    And with that Goreparan left ahead of the stubborn Frederick who still would follow the Apothecary.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight ~~
    @BadDo9 - Denton 'Longfang' Reach, Catachan (M) Jungle Fighter
    @Wata - Alnar, Eldar (M) Corsair Reaver
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur (SM) Apothecary
    @Donairian - Frederick Cooper, Human (M) Primaris Psyker

    "Good to have you back, Alnar. You can consider yourself lucky that the Princess likes you so much. Then again..." The other friend of Alnar's slapped the first speaking one on the back of his head to make him shut up. "It is good to see you again." The one who spoke this time was of female voice. She was the sister of the former, older and wiser. Both ended up giving their respective short embraces to the fellow and rescued corsair, before the ramp closed and the falcon took off.

    Goreparan and Donairian could catch the last glimpse of Alnar within as he arrived with missile launcher in his hand, having found a rather primitive but operable one on his way. An unconscious Denton laid in the center of the platform as the Falcon anti-grav vehicle began to fly off.

    Simultaneously, the eldar vessels from the last raid started to turn around and towards the Minotaur and psyker. Neither could not tell if they were coming for another bombing run, or were going to be the escort for the falcon. The Primaris Psyker could easily utilize one of his many powers to support Goreparan either directly or indirectly, but Frederick would have to stand still to utilize his powers.

    ~~ The Darkest Night - Narrator - Back On-Board~~
    @Taec - Laeris, Dark Eldar (M) Trueborn
    @Vulpas - Red Tarsinis, Human (M) Crusader
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Lanius Skyruss, Human (M) Tech Priest

    Laeris, due to his delayed movement, was spared from the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, as they did not know of the former confrontation and his desire to join the aliens rather than do his duty as one of Amleth's pets. They continued their barrage upon the Eldar within the transport, killing yet another single alien as two of their own fell. The Dark Eldar was halfway to the anti-grav vehicle. And if he would glance for one moment backwards, he would see that both of the inquisitor agents were quite far away, but if his luck was to run out - they still could pose a danger.

    Lanius managed to pull Red out of his demise and both were safe for now as the Eldar did not concern themselves with either one of them. When both, crusader and tech priest got back on their feet, the Valkyrie would be still quite a bit away. Although if one considered the battle-readiness of such vehicle and it's status, they could give the Eldar transport maybe a short hunt outside the vessel. It was just a matter of how much of a risk they were willing to put unto themselves.
  7. Donairian Donairian Ordinate

    Having managed to push himself this far Frederick upon reaching the landing pad found Denton on his own with no sign of any Eldar trying to enter the Francian building. partially relieved Frederick was just about to walk over and examine the state of the Catachani before he noticed the approaching Eldar craft. Sensing danger Cooper turned to the space marine nearby declaring his intentions, he opened his eyes dropping his facade that for the time being was no longer necessary.

    'Retrieve Denton and do what you must Minotaur @Tamu , I will risk my mind to buy you some time.'

    Pushing painfully past feelings of delirium, pain and fear of the ever present threat from beyond the Primaris Psyker threw up his free hand and conjured a towering wall of warpfire between Goreparan and the approaching craft. It was a searing wall of mental conflagration that would both confound the attackers aim and work havoc with the true nature of their shots, however no such cover would be afforded to the Eldar craft in return who remained visible beyond the flames. It was all Frederick could do to maintain this effect and he worried that if he so much as moved a muscle his leg would give way and his mind would fail him, so with an intense look on his face and showing great focus he held his ground keeping his hand held high staring like death at the attacking Xenos.
  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @Uriel1339 @Donairian

    Goreparan wasted no time as he saw both the incoming craft and the fleeing eldar. With a growl, the minotaur aimed the missile launcher he had found at the fleeing craft intending to destroy it. However, upon spotting the catachan’s near the blast site the minotaur stopped his plan to use the missile launcher, opting instead to use his bolter.

    Goreparan sprinted towards the catachan while shooting at the falcon’s drives to disable them. Upon reaching the man he would grab him and slide him backward towards Fredrick making sure not to use too much force. If the falcon hadn’t been disabled then he would use the missile launcher against it, if the falcon had already been disabled then he would turn the missile launcher against the incoming bombers.
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alnar was about to respond but words failed. He stood still in silence to gather his courage before he wrapped them both into a single big hug and squeezed his friends close and hard. He was trying not to weep but he had longed for freedom for so long. Slavery had given him time to think and wallowing in self pity would be one he was sure would end from this point on.
    Alnar didn't let the hug go. "Words alone cannot express...I can breathe again." Eventually he let his friends go free and wiped his cheek quickly. "They will not let me go easily, let us just retreat and fast! Leave these primitives to the dust that they deserve!"
  10. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Laeris was beginning to grow slightly impatient, but he knew better than to be careless. Even if these humans were primitive, they still would have the chance to hit him if he were to falter. He turned quickly to view the two mon’keigh who previously apprehended him, ensuring they were a good distance away. It also seemed they had forgotten him. ‘Excellent’, he thought. Keeping his target in mind, he glanced around for more cover to use to shield his advance. However, Laeris was also aware that despite their superiority, the eldar could not hold out forever in an enemy vessel, so he decided to move faster on his advance toward his freedom.

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