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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    "Don't get yourself killed, Gansukh!", Phyrrus yelled while he ran towards the control room. "We will need your arts to escape the coming calamity." He would need to move quickly, so Gansukh, who was their only means of escape would still be alive by the time the facility came down.

    Without much care and with little regard about the Francs that would no doubt also suffer, but all the better if they perished, as they were most certainly tainted, Phyrrus armed the explosives and threw them on the control panels, hoping the destruction of any and all control mechanisms would iniate the cascade.

    "Emperor preserve us", he yelled and ran back towards Gansukh while the explosive's timer was ticking down. "Stop your earth magic for the Emperor's sake! We will need your psychic pathway to escape what is to come! I've set the charges and the space wolf will form our rearguard, we need to leave now!"
  2. Lanius made himself small behind the crusader as Xenos made their way into the hanger and began firing. “I believe so yes.” He answered Red’s question about interfacing with the deck guns or a vehicle. He was confident on his ability to do so but making it over there quickly while under enemy fire may be difficult. Lanius made sure to reload his pistol before he decided they should start moving. “We should make for the deck guns while the Storm Troopers provide a distraction.” He said to Red, motioning for them to move. @Vulpas
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    "And yet the dead trailed behind you." Denton laughed on one knee, getting another solid punch with a 'crack' across Alnar's face, freeing his neck from the Eldar's grip. Slowly he stood himself up and chuckled. "I don't care about any of that. What I do respect is your ability to survive, despite what that inquisitor did to you." he slammed a fist into Alnar's gut, the Catachan still fighting, despite being a bit wobbly on his feet. "I'm not stopping you, but I am not simply walking away." he smirked. "It's been a good while since I've had a good knockout. Bring it on."
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    "Got it, I will keep you covered As we move ready?" Red asked looking to Lanius Raising his shield Red knew he would cover the tech-priest as he moved with his shield.
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    Goreparan contemplated calling the elevator down but decided that even the few seconds it might take could be used to get a move on. With this in mind the minotaur followed the path the eldar had taken, while a part of him thought that with these relics he could fight the primarch the more logical parts of him dissuaded him from such a reckless course of action. Even with the relics it was not a favorable battle in the minotaur mind and this was not even considering that enough time had passed for the primarch to have moved away from the sealed room.

    Dammed if he did and dammed if he didn't the minotaur chose to save the relics and gain a better fighting chance later. The minotaur was also growing concerned with the black of response from the ship and the others. Mayhaps his message hadn't reached but the two humans who had left earlier should have made contact by now and he should have heard something. Shaking his head as he continued upwards the minotaur deiced to reach the surface and find out things for himself instead of worrying about it blindly.
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    Alnar held his stomach and spat blood. "Enough."
    He did a swift lunging jump at Denton, bringing an elbow down across his face. Furious one two combination of punches and a kick to the inner thigh got the Catachan on his knees. Alnar brought his leg up and with great force delivered an axe kick. The heel connected with the human's head, forcing the fight to end.
    "I decided for you."

    Alnar rolled his elbow and nursed his sore jaw. When he picked up the shuriken catapult again he groaned in pain. The Corsair resumed his vigil of the skies.
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Power Plant ~~
    @Colapse - Gansukh Oyoma, White Scar (SM) Stormseer
    @Grall_Stonefist - Tyr Nosebreaker, Space Wolf (SM) Grey Hunter
    @KorCharon - Phyrrus Ataraxus, Terran (M) Palantine Sentinel

    Sooner rather than later, the Primarch traced the origin of psychic energies, with a barely conscious Space Wolf in his giant left hand. He tossed Tyr across the room, causing him to roll several times before eventually landing at the feet of Gansukh. The Grey Hunter was alive and barely conscious, but nonetheless conscious. He was beaten black and blue, but the Primarch had some wounds of his own. Clothes were torn and reeking of dried blood.

    "He would make Russ proud if he was here in person. Did not back down the slightest. But I could not bring it over my heart to execute one of the Executioner's sons. So are you ready to let this childsplay be over and return to our glorious Imperium?" The Void Tyrant Primarch asked, flexing a little. Not in provocation, but as part of recovery from a fight that might had been more troublesome than he would like to admit. The stasis recovery was not yet completed.

    In the meanwhile, Gansukh and Phyrrus would be clearly aware of the literal ticking time bomb in the command center of the geothermal power plant. But one thing that Phyrrus would be incapable of realizing since he was no Seer like the Chogorisian was, that the world indeed was on their side. The lava beneath gurgled and the heat of hatred would surge through Gansuk, filling him with heat and pure energy of the world itself. The spirits of the fallen felt unavenged and sullied by these heretical humans who had no regard for the Cult Mechanicus, the Omnissiah or even the Emperor. It angered the spirits that couldn't move on. And finally someone who listened to them was present. Gansukh became their avatar of vengeance, if he chose to answer their call.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Landing Pad Fight ~~
    @BadDo9 - Denton 'Longfang' Reach, Catachan (M) Jungle Fighter
    @Wata - Alnar, Eldar (M) Corsair Reaver

    It was as if Denton's chin falling on the floor was a signal for the Eldar forces. A squadron of bombers came first, showering anti-air defense positions in explosions and screams of death. Shortly followed by a Falcon and a squadron of viper jetbikes for escort. The Void Dragons landed on the available landing pad in front of Alnar. The ramp lowered and not a single Eldar was moving out to 'secure' the platform, for they knew. There was no conquest here. Only liberation. Nonetheless, two Eldar that Alnar would recognize as close friends would kneel at the ramp, Shuriken Catapults ready to fire if an enemy would present itself.

    ~~ Tyran - Narrator - Franc HQ - Psy-Com ~~
    @Donairian - Frederick Cooper, Human (M) Primaris Psyker
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur (SM) Apothecary

    Frederick got nothing but static, although Goreparan would hear him already halfway up the facility climb. Soon enough the psyker and the Apothecary would be reunited with a lack of Denton Longfang to go around. "I see yet another survivor from the depths of that hell-facility. And I fear we have no luck of establishing communication with your ship."

    Just then quakes shook the earth. The Brigadier-General hurried towards a wall and hit a combination of buttons to project a live-feed map of the city up. Red triangles represented the enemies most likely and green ones allied forces. A bunch of red ones were seen to fly above the city, dropping bombs and destroying various defensive positions. "Bombers." He grit his teeth, slamming fist against the wall.

    He grabbed the vox-box from Fredericks hands and barked orders into it, most of it codenames and pre-defined sectors. The two imperials could gather that the general was putting anti-air on priority. There was little the two could do, but probably they should come up with an action plan to either aid those still in the facility, or check on Denton who chased Alnar the Eldar.

    ~~ The Darkest Night - Narrator - Back On-Board~~
    @Taec - Laeris, Dark Eldar (M) Trueborn
    @Vulpas - Red Tarsinis, Human (M) Crusader
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Lanius Skyruss, Human (M) Tech Priest

    Laeris was more or less in the middle of the combat. The Eldar yet shouting over to him to come with them - and quickly.

    But they would have to focus on the advancing Stormtroopers for now. Individuals started falling on both sides and Red managed good ground with Lanius right behind him. That was until the Corsairs noticed their movement towards one of the Valkyries and tossed a grenade at them. Red managed to hold his shield to save his and Lanius' life, but the deck beneath gave way to the plasma explosion. Crusader Tarsinis fell, his damaged shield still in his left while his right grasped onto the deck barely hanging on. Beneath him were furious power cables swinging about, endangering to electrocute him.

    Lanius was forced to make a decision - pull Red back up, or move for the Valkyrie and kill the Xenos. Just then yet another Stormtrooper fell. The Eldar took some shots, but none anymore claimed a life. Albeit one got a bad shot into the knee, severing the leg off beneath it and causing it to tumble on the floor. Despite the injury, he maintained his shots unto the mon'keigh.
  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Laeris weighed up the situation quickly. Here he had the chance to leave the company of the annoying primitives, but where they to fail and him to be recaptured yet again would mean his death. Disregarding this thought, Laeris chose the path of his kin. Anything would be better than serving these mon’keigh any further.

    Whilst the humans were distracted by the eldar,, Laeris quickly began to make his way toward the eldar, making sure his moving was somewhat unpredictable by crouching and jumping over any debris that came in his path, so the humans could not just stop him immediately by shooting him in the back.
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alnar could barely believe this moment was happening, each pained step he took up the ramp removed weight off his shoulders. He clapped his hand on one of his friend's shoulder as he passed them.
    When he took his place in the Falcon he exhaled and slouched, like all the fight and anger was gone like that. Suddenly he felt extremely tired and weary. His face hurt for sure, Denton really could throw a punch. Alnar massaged his chin, having no words for his situation. This is really happening. He just stared at nothing and focused on breathing.
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    But Gansukh wouldn't hear Phyrrus's words any longer, for his mind was now in a completely different state. He only managed to turn for a second in Sentinel's direction, the mortal officer would find Stormseer's eyes blazing inferno red instead of normal cerulean blue. He would send only one thought to his comrade, before his voice was lost in the myriad of screams.


    Harnessing the power of the tortured world spirit was a tremendous effort, one that not even the White Scar knew how would end. It was impossible to succeed in fully controlling the behemot, but that was never his intention. While their plan of blowing the generator up was a good one indeed, Gansukh knew they would need another option and there was also another thing, the thing he didn't tell Phyrrus. He suspected that, due to Primarch's mastery of the art, casting an Infinity Gate in his surroundings would not end well, most likely the Void Tyrant would prevent the spell from happening or would somehow use it to escape himself, which was one thing Gansukh couldn't allow to happen.

    So instead of fleeing, the son of Khagan opted for the next best thing.

    Trying his best to keep his sanity in check, the Stormseer plunged into the power of the vengeful dead, using all of their stored hatred to form a pure spear of fiery death and throw it at the Primarch. He also let loose an unnatural howl, summoning forth the destruction of the vulcano below, urging the magma to come higher and engulf the trespassers.

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