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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Standing given the circumstances, one of Felthernia Nar'Therena's claws idly scratched at the shock collar as one of her fellows circled around, and gave a comment to which she replied ( @Taec ) "Although if you insist on putting me in the front, it also speaks volumes about your own weakness if you need me to soak up the damage." So she then said to the other one ( @Wata ) "Alternatively, I could just remind him of the flaws that patiently showcase his lack of superiority."

    Still, there was a briefing going on, and it made sense to pay attention to it, details were important such as the goals, and the fact they were stopping at first. Even if admittedly, it was the first time the Starlen had heard about the 'Tyranids', although there were already discussion on the topic of subtexts for the mission. Evidently somethings never seemed to change no matter where she was. But on a more general note, given mentions of hordes, she was assuming that numbers, not skill was the Tyranid's main advantage.

    Still, there was nothing for the Avian to openly say, although she was clearly listening to the discussions between the rest of the groups. After all even small bits of information could be useful for the mission ahead.
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    "I don't know which one of you is worse." Alnar lamented and yawned. "Want to make a bet which one of these mon'keighs dies first and last?"
    He whispered that one to both of his fellow prisoners.

    @Taec @Maleth
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    ".... And, why should we be gambling upon death when preferably nobody dies on the mission? Even if you know, not necessarily the most.... Open-minded of people? " Felthernia whispered back ( @Wata , @Taec ), slightly taken aback at already skipping to making bets on who died first and last among the humans.
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    “They are vermin, unimportant creatures.” Laeris replied to the new alien. “Their deaths are meaningless, and they feel the same about us.” He was shocked that this alien would care in any way about the lives of the Mon’keigh.
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    "Compared to some of the other things out in the galaxy, or should I say, aside the galaxy...." ( @Taec ) The Starlen replied, face betraying her surprise at the dismissal of the humans. "I'd rather have their company, if I was lacking in other alternatives for companionship."
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    "I don't think they share the same kind of sympathy for you as you seem to have for mon-keigh."
    Alnar stretched his arm, he was a bit bored.
    "Doubt they'll spare much effort in saving us if we end up separated this time from our 'masters'. And hey, at least I am not tortured daily like some would do to their slaves." He shot a glare at Laeris. When did he become so cynical? Ever since she died it has been downhill from there. Maybe he should start thinking on how to escape and get his act together, then again, what would any of that matter anyway.

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    Laeris shot a savage glance towards Alnar. “What is your meaning? They require..convincing..” ( @Wata )
    He then turned to the other aliens. “Do you truly believe that these vermin are better company than being alone? HA.” (@Maleth). He looked upon the humans that have kept him against his will and back at this alien who now sympathised with them, confused as to how it could feel anything towards its captors .
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    ~~ Briefing Room, Adjacent to Main Bridge ~~

    As the group conversed the three Inquisitors gave each others looks, questioning one another most likely on a subtle telepathic wave. Alnar could pick it up but knew not to even attempt to intercept. Varuuk on the other hand seemed to know something too, there was none of his usual protests. One with better observation skills also saw his hands form into fists. Fists of anger and desire to avenge.

    His lips repeated the mantra of the Iron Hands over and over as he forced himself to relax, eventually letting little less than a sigh out. The air has become thick of intrigue, or simply secret knowledge.

    "Wanting to duel the Ultramarines, eh?" Varuuk eventually said with the enthusiasm equal of the present techrpiest Lanius, putting his hand on Goreparan's shoulder. "Fret not. You may duel as many of them as you desire. The flight will be long even through the warp and besides, you might be lucky and the rising star of the fourth may be present, if not I wish you the luck to duel one of Sicarius' Immortals." He grinned. Unusual for Varuuk to begin with, but there was something else behind his words. He must have had encounters with the Ultramarines, especially the two ones spoke of.

    Yuri sighed softly as the telepathic bubble dissipated and rubbed her bridge, turning to the sentinel. "Kryptman has caused the greatest loss of imperial citizens since the Great Heresy over ten thousand years ago. But what bothers us of the Ordo Xenos is how he was present at all times from the start to the end at all Tyranid encounters. He was the first to warn us and always came up with the most creative solutions to fend them off, such as genetic viruses. We are merely tracking down in attempt to learn whether the Tyranids might actually be his spawn, or if there is other foul play. He already has been stripped of all power after we learned that he made Orks and Tyranids fight in the Ork Empire of Octarius."

    Marcella continued on to respond to some of Goreparans questions. "Lord Apothecary." She addressed him. "We have what we came with. We are a strike force with intention and not a grand army. It is in our greatest interest to make a lightning strike forwards and move as fast out as we can. For the Mechanicus defenses I trust in Lanius as well as Amleth's Rygar. We have no current data of the world, but we have data of all structures that once existed Pre-destruction. They are from a hundred years before the Tyranid attack has been recorded. Last but not least regards your wargear items. Everyone will get the opportunity to request from the quartermaster once we depart as he will be busy making sure all is in stock and negotiating with the Ultramarines what they may give us."

    Amleth heard most if not all of the aliens whispering but did not interfere. After all they weren't too wrong in his mind. Although he is having the current issue of having to stay low. He kept his arms crossed and simply made sure that nobody would heed too much attention to him for now. His gambit on Klarheit did not work out, so his only chance of redemption within this cell was to play a bit more by the rules.

    Yuri clasped her hands to get everyone's attention one more time. "We are about to arrive on Calth, so everyone get ready to meet the people of Ultramar, or decide to stay on-board, you are dismissed and to do as you please. Other details will be discussed once we are on our way to Tyran, and try not to mention we are going there to our hosts. Remember that your duty as Inquisitorial agents are sacred and secret."

    Varuuk didn't need to be told twice and directly marched off.

    Amleth turned around and addressed the trio of xenos. "I suggest you to stay on-board. But in case you wish to explore the shipyards of Calth..." He took three inquisitorial icons out of a pocket and handed them to each. "Just keep the collars visible to not scare the humans too much."

    Marcella turned to the 'normal' human delegation with a warm smile. "You are all dismissed and do as you please. Feel free to do joint exercises with Calths crew, but try not to interrupt the Ultramarines themselves. We leave that to our Deathwatch. Just remember that we are guests, so treat your hosts with respect. You are my extended arm and I don't want a slap on my wrist because one of you did something wrong." The warmth of her smile and the way her orders sounded gave the heed of warning a very motherly tone. Then again she always has tried to be fair, yet firm during her inquisitorial duties.

    An hour later or so, the strike cruiser came out of the warp and docked with the orbital shipyard of Calth.
  9. Longfang hadn't said much of anything as he listened to the briefing, though he idly flipped one of his knives in his fingers. Tyranids, eh? All he knew about them were that they were one of the most dangerous hunts out there. Good. He looked around and, once given leave, headed off towards the training area to spend his time on his skills - he had nothing better to do.

    Once they arrived at Calth, Longfang would head out of the ship and look around. He didn't know if anyone would join him but, for now, he wanted to see how soft the soldiers here were, having grown up anywhere other than Catachan.
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    "Yes, Mam, I shall remain silent on our future operations as well as being on my best behavior," Red said giving a to Marcella a salute before eventually going off the shipyards of Calth, Red wanted a look around a place deciding to learn more about the area and maybe current news of whats going on in the imperium or in the realms of ultramar, or if he could learn anything interesting from the world and its people.

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