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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Longfang looked after Marcella and narrowed his eyes for a moment. She seemed to be going in the direction he wanted to go for now, so he decided to catch up to her. "I would rather it like me - if that is possible - than be looking for a chance to kill me." the pragmatic Catachan said with a rumble in his voice. "Such gives me a better chance of survival for as much as I am to work with these Xenos. In any case, I will endeavor to keep this Sentinel off my ass. And for the ultramarines.." he chuckled. "I'll do as you ask."
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    ~~ Hangar Bay - Varuuk ~~

    An announcement on the ships speakers would disrupt the conversation.

    ~~ Armory - Third Lieutenant ~~

    "Apologies, venerate priest. Hard to tell you apart." The Lieutenant said with an honest nod and formed the symbol of the cog with his hands in apologies. Only then he re-addressed the crusader present.

    "More or less. My parents lived on Ravishol, an Industrial world. Had birthed me while visiting family on Calth. Then lived voidborn for all my life. Naturally joined the navy. Still not sure what they saw in me that got me on a Strike Cruiser. Perhaps they just saw my Ultramar bloodline on paper, who knows. The bureaucrats are weird folk. I honestly prefer the cold-hearted truth-bearers of the Mechanicum all day." The Lieutenant chuckled, finishing the maintenance of his weapon, putting it into storage and then getting ready to leave. "I still would like to see you try to best a battle brother in melee."

    He waited patiently to be dismissed, following naturally the chain of command.

    But already then an announcement on the ships speakers would disrupt the conversation.

    ~~ Hallway - Narrator ~~

    "Where is the challenge if a predator does not even desire to hunt you? I fought you Catachani enjoy the thrill of the hunt as both, predator and prey." She smiled softly, a rare sight but clearly entertained by his raw wording.

    "I have a feeling you say all that only to put my mind at ease and that we both know better of what will happen." Marcella dismissed her statement already with a wave. "Nevermind. Let us just assume you meant what you said."

    An announcement on the ships speakers would disrupt the conversation.

    ~~ Briefing Room, Adjacent to Main Bridge - Inquisitor Gorbachev / Narrator ~~

    The entirety of all retinues, including a newcomer alien, an avian six-limbed creature with the same collar as the two Eldar came together due to Gorbachevs call for everyone to gather.

    Naturally the cell split into their groups. In one corner was Varuuk with the only other two space marines left, Tyr Nosebreaker and Goreparan the Apothecary. The Iron Hand Watch Captain looked even a bit excited for a change. Perhaps it was the fact there was opportunity to meet Guilliman's folk and meet proper warriors with a code - fellow Astartes. Although Tyr and Goreparan could only guess that it would most likely would come to clashes - taking in consideration that none of them were very close to the Codex unlike their future hosts.

    In another was Amleth with his alien retinue and his one Techpriest, Rygar Pox of Metalica. He was flanked by the stasis-released Felthernia Nar'Therena he kept as an ace up his sleeve considering that Karack was exported for 'special training'. And if he could not have a psyker of his own, then he would just have to find other advantages. Alnar and Laeris would have to get along with the avian alien, or not, but Amleth would not repeat the same mistakes he did on Klarheit II.

    Then of course the third delegation was the biggest under Marcella. Two new faces for the most would be found amidst her group. A counterpart to Rygar Pox - a Techpriest by the name Lanius Skyruss. And the newcomer Terran Sentinel Phyrrus Ataraxus. Of course there were still Crusader Red Tarsanis and Denton 'Longfang' the Catachani. With the absence of any psykers whatsoever it left Yuri as the only one with true potent amidst them.

    "We are about to leave warp and arrive at Calths orbital shipyards. Our plans of mere refuel and restock are unchanged. We will spend approximately twelve hours docked. And although I do not know who of the Ultramarines will greet us out of courtesy, I'm sure it will be someone with at least a Captain Rank, unless they are all occupied campaigning. And I know what you are thinking, there is more than just the proximity of our original location to Calth why we chose to dock here. And you are right." Yuri turned the holodesk on and used the rune buttons that clicked heavily under their use.

    "We will push hard to the edge of the Astronomicon to a long lost world for... Research." The planet filled with some of the most horrendous history pulled up on the holodesk and would leave some in awe, fear or to the very least respect for those who have fallen and given the most recent galactic threat their name - the world of Tyran.

    "Since Inquisitor Kryptman after the Tarsis Ultra campaign that just concluded a few months ago has lost his rank, they question the authenticity of the data-codex he found supposedly on Tyran over 200 years ago. Which is why we are to either find prove to his claims and the supposed last words and warning of Magos Varnak. Or if possibly something else happened. In other words. We need to find out if the Tyranids were created or even maybe attracted in any way or shape through Kryptman's influence. It is more than suspicious that shortly after he reviewed the explorator fleets data that the Tyranids came to assault not just these outlying worlds but caused the first an subsequent tyrannic wars. We all have lost comrades-at-arms, family and kinsmen to the Tyranids."

    Yuri, despite disgust-filled eyes, rested a glance on Alnar and Laeris for a moment to acknowledge the recent tragic Eldar-Tyranid conflict now known only as the Battle of Duriel. Without words spent, a nod was given to Varuuk and then Gorbachev looked back to the holographic world of Tyran. Details showed little more than a lifeless rock with leftovers of imperial structures and wrecks of vehicles and mass graveyards of Skitarii that were never properly put to rest.

    "The Great Devourer's shadow is still great and I cannot pierce the veil to prophesy what we can expect. But we do not believe that we will face any great mass of Tyranids as all life has been devoured. Which is also why we travel by ourselves. Any greater force might actually attract Tyranids." The rather potent psyker then turned the holo-projector off and the hands disappeared in the inquisitor robes.

    "Questions. Comments. Concerns?" The semi-inquisitor-in-charge inquired.

    Varuuk clenched his fists but then slowly relaxed them again. If it was up to him, they would come in guns blazing and kill as many of the rotten creatures as they could. But then again, that is somewhat the opposite of what the Inquisition is supposed to do. He shook his feelings off and reminded him with mantras whispering out loud only in the earshot of Tyr and Goreparan that the flesh is weak.

    Amleth placed a thoughtful hand on his mouth and caressed the side of his cheek in thought. One might assume he was planning something already but due to the last missions outcome held his tongue.

    Marcella sighed heavily and crossed her arms. There was an expression on her face that might give away that she knew of this already before the meeting and just wanted the operation itself to be over already. Any deployment related in any way or shape to Tyranids would always be a problem in her mind.

    This left any of the retinue to voice their opinion or suggestions on how to go about this.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "So our mission is going to be beyond the astronomicon, heading to a long lost world... If we are going up against a possible threat of tyranids, It maybe a good idea to pack some weapons that might pack a punch if groups of them still exist, like flamers, Explosives, Things that might be good when taking on large groups of them exist, or bring things that will help us sneak around them like camo cloaks, or have someone like our catachan long fang lead our group in if any threats remain to remain undetected. Both suggestions are the opposite of each other do to weapons that take on hordes usually being, load, or bright, but it may not be bad to bring some equipment in case of things going fubar with one of the plans." Red said suggesting what they bring along or how they take perform this mission.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alnar had his sour face on as usual, staring back at Yuri when he felt the gaze.
    Arms were crossed over his chest as he glanced at the Starlen then at Laeris.
    "Just when I thought they didn't get any uglier than Smiley...At least the group dynamic is still whole."
    He spoke out loud quietly so the rest of the room wouldn't really hear it. The corsair didn't bother to take part in the briefing overmuch, his concerns were not the success of vermin or the supposed sanctity of their lives.
  5. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Laeris saw the glance from the human. It amused him that a creature that hated them so much could feel any sort of “ is indeed..most interesting.” Laeris responded quietly, tilting his head to look at the new alien. “Although, it is always good to have a lesser creature to fight in front of us, wouldn’t you say?” Laeris gave a savage grin, slowly circling this alien, not caring at all for the briefing. Even with his experience of the universe, far greater than the mon’keigh sharing this room, he had not seen this species.

  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Laeris is of no matter. If you ignore him hard enough he'll get bored and go poke someone else."
    His eyebrow twitched, still keeping his voice down. The company he had now made him wish he had never left the Craftworld. Mistake he was paying begrudgingly.
    "Besides, I don't feel any superior right now, shackled by vermin."

    @Taec @Maleth
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    Goreparan quietly listened to the briefing and frowned for a bit before asking his questions and relaying his concerns as well as requests. He had many things to say about this mission with meeting the Ultramarines being the least of it.

    “Firstly, what preparations and forces do we have on hand or can get on hand to deal with any defenses or enemies that are bound to be encountered that are too much for us. I would rather be prepared for things then be unprepared.

    Secondly, I assume we are to search for secrete labs both known and unknown and if so then what data do we have on them? Or are we to search the entire barren planet?

    Thirdly what are our plans to deal with massed tyrranids or any form of mechanium defenses? The surface may be clean but I doubt the depths of the planet will be and I have no illusion that we will most likely have to find or go to hidden labs to figure this out. What is our plan in general?

    Fourthly can we requisition war gear or items for this? I for one want drum magazines and a chain sword to better deal with hordes or if better war gear surfaces for the task then i might want those. As has been pointed out we should think of doing the same for us all in some form or another.

    Finally, while I do not mind meeting the ultramarines they might not react well to meeting me. In the case of being challenged to honor duels as is my experience of meeting the Ultramarines and their successors ever since that incident am I fine to beat them? Or would you rather I stay out of sight? I do not mind beating them but they are generally too bland to fight in duels”

    Said the minotaur.
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    "It is not without irony", Phyrrus murmured in a cynical voice, amplified and rendered in a bland tone through his helmets speakers. "We set forth to do battle with xenos but there some in our very midst. I shall postpone my complaints for some later occasion for I have some questions and statements regarding the task we are set upon." His helmeted gaze moved across the gathered crowd, observing their reactions. "If what you say holds true Tyran is a dead world barren and striped of all life, therefore I wonder why you would send an entire inquisitorial strike force there and your questioning of Kryptman's tale reeks of typical inquisitorial intrigue and powerplay. Is there a hidden subtext to all this?"
  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Goreparan chuckled as he heard the sentinel before replying.
    "Did you just ask that question? This is the inquisition there are always plots and power plays at hand sentinel . If not with the ones involved directly then trough those involved as middlemen or as the hands in the shadows and so on. As for hidden subtext i doubt we will get an answer but i do second you on asking for it as well"
  10. Lanius listened to the debriefing silently as he cataloged important information both subconsciously and consciously. His brain wasn't terribly augmented save for the components that allowed for his multitude of bionics and artificial organs to function in accordance with the fleshy cogitator. He was aware his mind was no such thing but it was the best language that suited his mood. Cold calculating machinery rather than flesh, weak pitiful flesh was temporary. His stopped his train of thought for a moment as he realized he was drifting off into currently irrelevant topics.

    His red lenses moved to inspect the gathering of assorted humans, astartes, and xenos. While he was still new to the group he could recognize that something even newer than himself was present. A strange avian creature vaguely similar to a species he had known as the kroot. A brief thought of this simply being a variation of those strange morphing cannibals appeared in his mind until another inspection found this specimen too different. Perhaps some sort of distant cousin or some such, he couldn't say he actually cared about the inquisitor's odd collection of xenos pets however.

    Inquisitors, strange folk, how he had become part of the retinue of one was a less than odd story really, he had a specific skill set and Inquisitor Marcella required it. Though why she insisted on ordering him to leave his laboratory for the monotony of this ship.... He cut off that train of thought as well and now simply resigned himself to listening to the conversations of those in the room. His hand gripping the shaft of his large chainaxe as his mechadendrites hung hidden under his robes, chattering out of a boredom he would not voice openly.

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