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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    "Indeed, Alright then, Hmmmm" Red said thinking for a moment of a different topic since Lanius was less forward then he would expect. There was little to talk about, and at the moment only minor things were required of him. at the moment. "So, Have you ever seen the world of calth?" Red asked Lanius, hearing already they would be heading to Calth, he was curious amount his crew what Knowles they held about the world compared to his own.
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    Longfang paused when the Xeno called out to him, and looked back for a moment. He smirked at the thanks and watched as he walked back into the room. "Don't get used to it." he said to himself. "Not many are as pragmatic as me." he finished, knowing the Xeno probably couldn't hear him. And with that he started to wander the halls once more, keeping his eyes open as he headed towards the weapon ranges to train himself for the day.
  3. Lanius nodded. "Afraid not, Segmentum Ultima is large and I can only be in so many places at once." Lanius' mechanical eyes slowly went back to the data slate he was studying earlier. It seemed Red did not have much in the way of conversation right now. It was best just to continue his earlier task even if there wasn't anything of true importance about it. Studying the armory's contents might prove useful later and honestly it distracted his mind from the frustrations of being away from his laboratory.
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    Goreparan frowned as he saw the Palatine Sentinel and upon hearing the captain’s words frowned even more. With an unmistaken tone of annoyance, the minotaur said to the captain

    “Nothing but a token effort, if they had really wanted to do as you have said they should have at least sent a squad. It’s too easy for one lone man to disappear or be otherwise indisposed indefinitely, especially if our wayward inquisitor decides he knows better than everyone else once more”

    As he saw the sentinel look around as if seeking for threats or more likely someone that looked official enough for him to contact the minotaur heaved a sigh and said to the captain “We would not want our guest to be wanting of his welcome reception so might as well greet him.” Before walking over to the man and saying.

    “I am goreparan minkar, Minotaur apothecary, what is your name? and are you all that’s being sent as a watchdog?”
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    Ignoring the captain's sarcasm and the threats of the apothcary who seemed to posses a loose tongue, Phyrrus aproached both marines with measured steps. Little did they know he had through his helmets sensory equipment heard the apothecaries previous statement. In a neutral almost deadpan tone, his voice rendered through his helmets speakers, Phyrrus spoke: "Strike me down now if thou wish, apothecary, but beware if I do not report to my superiors regularly thou and thine allies shall be branded excomunicate traitoris by the senatorum imperialis itself. But enough of petty banter." Facing the watch-captain, Phyrrus removed his ornate helmet, revealing a stern face and short blonde hair with a few streaks of gray. Adressing Varruuk, he spoke:"Let me be honest with thee captain, there have been rumors that this ship houses xenos and other talk of strange proceedings taking place on this vessel. I have been sent here to ascertain that all here act according to the emperors, represented by the senatorum, will. Do not perceive me as thy enemy captain, for I judge thee personally a loyal servent of the emperor and a man of honour. My quest however is to reveal if the same holds true for all thine companions and allies."
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    "Indeed, Well it was good meeting you and having a talk, If you need me I will either usually be in the training cages or the armory getting my gear checked on." Red said to Lanius before heading off to the armory to get a check on his gear.

    Entering the armory he would then go to the quartermaster to see the status on his armor.
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    Goreparan chuckled as he heard the sentinel. With a bemused smile on his face, the minotaur gave some parting words to the sentinel and the captain before heading off to find whoever else he could from the humans that were left after the fight.

    “As amusing as it would be to see your encounters with the rest of the crew, denizens, property and so on I must be off. Besides it's not me and my petty banter that should concern you Sentinel, after all, it matters not to me what happens to the others for we are all expendables in the great war and the only thing of real worth is how much can be extracted from us and how we all end. So there is little point in me killing you but more in me warning you, if you cannot see the forest for the tree’s then you had best learn fast. I am sure the honorable captain can show you where you need to go”
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    ~~ Hangar Bay - Varuuk ~~

    "He talks like he hails from Ultramar." Varuuk noted amused and took his hands together into the aquilla to at least make the effort of being formal.

    "Well met Sentinel. As for the Xenos on-board, I suggest you to not pay them heed and merely let them be. Else their Slavemaster-Inquisitor might get angry and send you off to a black ship." It might have been sarcasm, if the Iron Hand didn't sound dead-serious as he was.

    He gave Goreparan a strong nod, no other words required for now to be exchanged between them, especially not with a potential spy in their immediate proximity. So he turned back to the smaller human and attempted a warm smile which was rather useless in a cold-as-steel hearted man and firstmost warrior such as the Deathwatch Captain.

    "I'm sure you belong to one Inquisitor one way or another. And my guess would be under Marcella. However. I suggest you to let the Inquisitors wait and get yourself an impression of the crew first. After all. One can judge best a man by the company he keeps. You will find Amleths Xenos probably in the lower decks. Marcellas human retinue is spread across the ship. Our psychic guide and counselor is absent, probably in her chambers. And you met two of the three Astartes on this vessel. The third being a Space Wolf. One of the executioners of the regent of your homeworld." He took a small breath to re-focus and give the sentinel a moment to cope.

    "Unless of course you have other matters to discuss with me." He crossed his arms, to obviously show that he rather not spill more words that could dig him deeper in, but as a Watch Captain it came natural to him to be some sort of guide to newcomers.

    ~~ Armory - ~~

    As both humans entered the armory, there was one of the regular guards going about maintaining his equipment. "Lord Tarsinis." He greeted him with a bright smile and a nod. Followed by a second, less enthusiastic nod towards Lanius.

    "I see they at last gave you a serf? You truly deserve one after your performance at the church. Not that I've seen it. But the survivors spoke greatly of your combat skills. I however wonder if they can keep up with that of a true Ultramartian. It is a bit awkward to come home without touching the ground of your homeworld... Then again. It might be for the better." He shrugged, smiled and continued to polish his well crafted and definitely older model of a Las Rifle. There was a small upside-down omega engraved on it's side with a red painted skull in the center. The paint chipped enough off to reveal the silver it once was beneath.

    Neither Red nor Lanius could really recognize the man, such was the burden of being more or less a hero as a crusader, or that of a new member of the crew respectively. But both could tell from the insignias on the uniform of the middle-aged man that he was a Third Lieutenant of this vessel.

    ~~ Hallway - Narrator ~~

    The alien was left alone, as the few people who were on the observation deck took their leave when he entered, going opposite of Longfang.

    But as the Catachan walked along, one female figure spoke from the side. "Trying to make friends with Amleths... Whatever one may refer to as the Xenos?" The person stepped forward out of the shadow, although Denton already recognized her from the voice alone.

    "Not that I truly care how you fare or what you do with the Aliens, Denton. But as usual, all I ask for is your loyalty. It helps not, that a Sentinel of Terra has been assigned to me. And I like the troublesome personality of yours. So... Try not to get identified as an alien collaborator and get shipped off to a prison you can't break out of... Or worse. And that is an order." Marcella Brigitte de Provence instructed.

    "And before I forget. Try not to pick a fight with the Ultramarines. I know how exciting that would be and that you might love to kick some stick-up-their-arsetartes... Okay, we both might enjoy seeing that. At least wait until we are ready to depart." She winked, took her turn and started to march off. But easily slow enough for Denton to catch up.

    As for Alnar... He would feel the faint tingle on the edge of his mind, calling out from the warp they were passing through. It was of non-malicious nature, yet an Eldar could never be too careful, especially since they usually do not pass through the warp. This primitive and volatile means of transportation would lead earlier or later to the doom of the humans. Ships getting lost in the fabric of time. Their fragile shields, so called Gellar Fields, capable of failing any moment and allowing the daemons to pour in. And to believe primates with such reckless thinking are controlling the majority of the galaxy as of now. And him, a slave to them.
  9. Lanius was not at all amused by the serf comment. "I am not a serf." His irritation somehow leaking through the synthesized voice."I am Lanius Skyruss, an adept of Forge World Lucius and at most I serve Inquisitor Marcella and that is the only reason for my presence upon this vessel." He said, his red lenses looking at Third Lieutenant with the same emotionless stare they always carried. "Refer to me as a serf again and I may not be so kind in correcting you next time." He then decided to continue moving deeper into the armory.
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    Red came in beside Lanius himself being insulted by the simple serfs mistake. "Indeed our freind here Lanius is not a serf and as he says is apart of the retinue of the inqusitors Marcella," Red said trying to help expain the situation to the lieutenant as he could see that lanius had been offended by the words. "Indeed my skillins in melee maybe quite good but I doubt I could ever match a son of ultramar in melee combat, The battle at the church was quite a battle with the Xenos the tau, they had began with quite a charge when death watch arrived in the middle of them causing half there forces to focus on the church and half on us. The emperor was watching over us all that day and with the survivors we worked together to protect the imperial citizens and crush the foul xenos, Arleen herself helped kept us all on our feet, while Lanius provided range support with his hotshot along with a local sister of battle, along with the support form death watch on the xenos rear of there forces they had no chance of winning." Red said commenting on the battle that took place at the church from the last mission. "Coming home? is Calth your home world lieutenant?" Red asked deciding to strike up a conversation with the lieutenant.
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