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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Goreparan nodded as the others talked and started healing the wounds of the others and then himself. Even as the captain gave out his orders the Minotaur gave out his opinion. If the captain heeded the advice then good if not then so be it.

    " we need to heal our bodies and armor, rearm and restock, no doubt the good inquisitor has made a mess of things down there and it would better our cause yo be well prepared captain"
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Kill-Team Deathwatch ~~

    @Grall_Stonefist - Tyr Nosebreaker, Space Wolf Grey Hunter (Tactical)
    @Kalle - Sirius, Blood Raven Tactical
    @SpeceralWolfe - Ruine Master, Imperial Fist Assault
    @WanderingJester - Obiken, Exorcist Techmarine
    @Tamu - Goreparan, Minotaur Apothecary

    "You are right about one thing. I should not get right back on the battlefield." Varuuk finally said, only once the Valkyrie touched down on the cruiser. He marched out nonetheless where the Deathwatch naturally grouped up around him.

    "I will set up a command center on the field. I will take Sirius with me, along with some of the Stormtroopers. I can only imagine that various vox towers got destroyed and communication will be nigh impossible. You lot have fifteen minutes to fix yourselves up, resupply and then get on the ground. Take a Drop Pod. By then we should have clear satellite images and a scout vessel better find our Inquisitor Amleth and his little friends. He better be alive... So I can use him as a punching bag." Varuuk growled low with plenty of feistiness. Another reason he preferred the Adeptus Astartes over the Inquisition.

    After the given quarter hour, the group minus Sirius re-assembled in the drop pod. Obiken had punched in coordinates that were given to him by the bridge crew who finally got clearer orbital scans. It was a temple of the Ecclessiarchy near the Governor's Palace. A Tau force apparently approaching it. Now the question for the Deathwatch was - are they going to deploy closer to the church, or would they drop closer to the enemy to take them by surprise with a landing on top of them - or even slightly behind and take them apart in a pincer attack?

    Everyone got +2HP also you may assume you again all have 1 frag grenade, 1 krak grenade.

    Final HP values after combat & Larraman rolls
    Varuuk - 5/13HP
    Sirius - 8/10HP
    Tyr - 8/10HP
    Ruine - 9/11HP
    Obiken - 10/11HP
    Goreparan - 8/11HP

    ~~ Team Imperium of Mankind & Co. ~~

    Team Heroes of the Imperium
    @bossaroo - Macharius, Stormtrooper
    @Maleth - Arleen Herithorn, Felinid Hospitaller
    @Vulpas - Red Tarsinis, Crusader
    @Valonox - Vissarya, Sister Superior

    All that Red got was static from the vox. Arleen got to work on those that got cut or hurt from the events - focusing on children and women first. Macharius and Vissarya looked more than ready to give the Tau a good fight. And that is when someone yelled "incoming!". He was their local scout as he was the only one with Magnoculars, looking far into the distance he saw a marching group of Tau.

    "Roughly forty, perhaps up to eighty. Hard to tell how many there might be unseen! They are coming from the Governor's Palace. No tanks. That may give us perhaps twenty minutes until they get close enough to shoot!" The scout replied, with a hint of fear in his voice.

    Frederick and the preacher took their position low with the rest of the civilians who couldn't fight. But those that were armed, locked and loaded their guns. Their heads turning to the Sister Superior who kept all of them alive so far through her battle experience and leadership.

    "We can take them. Just tell us what to do." One especially grizzled survivor said, his las-rifle looking like it had seen much better days. Battle was about to start and the only advantage the Imperials had against the vile xeno was that of cover from the temple. Considering that most of the urban area was obliterated from the fighting even before the explosion which is the topping of the cake.

    Team Defector
    @BadDo9 - Denton 'Longfang' Reach, Catachan
    @Colapse - Rei, Telekinetic Psyker
    @BuriasDempsey - Karack 'Smiley', Verathian Ghost-Tooth (Psyker)
    @Wata - Alnar, Eldar Corsair Reaver
    @Taec - Laeris, Dark Eldar Trueborn

    Laeris was first up and saw that Denton took care of all the maintenance drones, they apparently were turned off already, but now they were for sure not going to power up. The raided toolbox was sitting in a corner - empty except with useless rusted nails and bolts.

    Next up was Smiley, pushed on by Alnar and Amleth. After them followed Rei who finally got up. Amleth then sent Alnar after the group, followed by Denton. Just as Amleth was about to get on, the Commander started to finish his reboot, gears turning, electronics buzzing. "Go. Go! GO!"

    He shouted up and hurried along. Escaping a syringe aiming for his foot by an inch or so. The Battlesuit pilot knew he was going to be too heavy and rushed out of the room - possibly to intercept the group. But for now they had survived the encounter with a mad Firestorm. Panting heavily from that insane experience, Amleth dropped to a knee and rose his head to just breathe in and out. "By the Emperor's grace that was close... We have to move on... But... We will need weapons..."

    He slowly got up after another minute, feeling much better already. "So. Off to the armory." Without much ado or dramatics he just walked on out of the door and through the engineering department which was basically abandoned - but raided. Most likely the researchers of the Tau took the Adeptus Mechanicus equipment to study it. They marched through the long, red emergency light covered hallways, offices emptied without even an icon left. A cold gust blew through it, unnaturally cold. As if a specter just moved through them.

    "I guess the heaters aren't online." Amleth joked and smiled, walking ever forwards. "I wonder where they took all the techpriests. And their equipment. They could not have them shipped off-world yet." He spoke out loud to himself, shaking his head. Eventually they got to a T-crossing. A sign to the left said 'armory' and the one to the right was blank. Without giving it further thought, Amleth took a left turn, expecting everyone else to follow.

    Walking in total for a good ten minutes, they finally arrived at the armory. Denton got to work with his screwdrivers and took the console off, a bit more tooling around and a spark given by Karack and the hot wiring of the door worked, it opened up. The armory was mostly empty, but their own equipment was neatly stocked here as well as some other imperial standard gear. Las-Rifles and pistols mostly. Not even a grenade however.

    After everyone armed up, Amleth turned to the group. "So. What now? Whatever the explosion was the communication grid has been probably destroyed. Unless we could hijack the Tau's system. And I believe we are still being hunted by that Firestorm guy since he just ran out when I got on the maintenance tunnel. Which makes sitting around here not an option."

    Rei and Karack can use their psychic powers.
    Everyone has their standard gear as per character sheet - minus grenades and other explosives.

    Amleth - 10/10 HP
    Rei - 9/9 HP
    Karack - 8/8 HP
    Denton - 9/9 HP
    Alnar - 8/8 HP
    Laeris - 9/9 HP
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  3. <Extraction>
    Tyr smiled at the captains words, at least the iron hands uncompromising nature was a good sign for once, a man of proper Imperial honer and standards.
    "If i don't get the chance, give him an extra hit from me Captain" Tyr said before they docked back on their ship and whent for their quick re-arming.

    " I say we hit the Tau right where it hurts, surgical strike and move up from the back, we know the basteds true weakness is the weak arms and lack of will, if we hit them hard and quick the attack on the Church will break." Tyr said, adding his iron opinion to their soon to come attack plan.
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    Vissarya looked at the Militia slowly gazing over them saying nothing she stopped at the grizzled who had brave words. "He is right we have a short time to prepare for our defense." Her voice became more emboldening as she puffed up and spoke. "We shall endure! Prepare as much cover as we can we need as many areas covered as possible. The remaining seats of the chapel will have to be used I want you all to have a partner Focus fire on one target." Look at the PDF and the militia then peering to the Chapel Boy. "Someone will have to run the ammunition." Vissarya hoped the boy would stand and join the effort, She then looked into the direction where the tau was coming from and pointing with her spear in that direction. "Focus most of the defense there, some of you will have to defend the rear. Let us get started we have 20 minutes. MOVE! For the Emperor!"
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    As the wolf said his peice goreparan spoke up

    "I am also similarly inclined with the wolf on this matter, If possible we should look at dropping turret pods as well, that should help clear the weaker ones. Additional information about the tau forces and any loyal forces at or near the site will also be of good use, especially knowing the inquisitor location. Now if you will excuses me i am off to the armory to change my war gear and repair my armor, afterwards i will be at the medicae deck to restock on a few chemicals before meting the rest of you at the drop pods later" said goreparan before heading off.
  6. "As much as I would love to go and destroy all these blasted Xenos, I am afraid even with my gear I would eventually be overwhelmed. I recommend we go and try and regroup with the rest of our team, and then bring the fight to the enemy. Any we kill on the way will just be easier.." then he paused. "Then again, if we find that Etherial.. we could stop this here and now." he said, while he checked over his weapons.
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Kill the Ethereal and they lose their will to fight." Alnar replied and checked his shuriken. He took one las pistol just in case, for a memento if nothing else.

    "That's just my slave thoughts spewing "heresy" though, what do I know." He laughed and dusted off his coat after all the climbing and crawling.
  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Laeris nodded at the comment made by the Corsair. “Take away their morale and they will be easy prey for us to slaughter.”

    As he picked up his weapons, he considered again making a break from the group. It was irritating to him that the best course of action would be to stay with the mon’keigh. Finally he was roaming without the collar and little to stop him, yet he could not do anything. With a sigh he turned to the inquisitor. “What do you propose we do now?” The irritation in his voice was clear.
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    Red was silent as he heard the Sister barking orders, He nodded to her as he heard her and approached of her stratagem of building up cover and getting ready for the brunt of the assault. Looking to his silent Scion he nodded. looking to Macharius. @bossaroo "Lets head to the most needed points Macharius, Either front or rear from what it sounds like." Red said before looking to the Sister Vissarya.

    @Valonox "Sister Vissarya, Me and Macharius can act as support to help reinforce the line just show us where both of us will be needed and we will get to our work." Red said Taking out his bolt pistol in his other hand and readying his chain shield in the other. "We will not fail the emperor in our duty." Red said as words of confidence as the battle would begin at any moment, Do almost anything needed to help with the preparations or the battle itself.
  10. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Vissarya stayed quiet for a moment seeming to be lost in thought. "You apart of the Inquisition I have no authority over any of you. I would recommend that you find a place were you think that you be suited best or my order stands and goes to you all as well." Looking to the retinue of the Inquisitor then following with a slow respectful nod to Red showing him that they had the right to choose where they wanted to defend or die.

    @Vulpas @bossaroo @Maleth
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