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Ordo Xenos: The Darkest Night

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    Dicsord Channel:

    Four high ranking members of the Ordo Xenos with their respective retinue gathered as a Cell in the big hall which was akin to that of a Parliament. Each faction had their fancy thrones, fit to seat even an Astartes. Although all the mortals looked pathetically small in them, compared to the Angels of Death. Of course while one could easily think this was a proper gathering like that of a Cabal or even Conclave, it really was just four inquisitors coming together to bring swift results to the Imperium.

    On the Eastern Rows sat at the head a Captain of the Deathwatch. Former Lord of Fortress Vendaran in the Ultima Segmentum before it got hopelessly overrun during the First Tyrannic War. He and his Deathwatch Kill-Teams fought with vigor and all they had, but in the end made a full retreat to carry the horrors that the Tyranids were to the Imperium. Alas, the warp played with them and they emerged after Calgar and his Ultramarines emerged victorious in the Battle for Macragge. With his life already forfeited to the Deathwatch, Iron Hand Varuuk devoted his life to exterminate the Xenos - no matter what the price was. It was easily visible on his body as the only thing that remained human probably was his head - or so the rumors were. His Kill-Team knew him already as a ruthless warrior, walking into battle with the ancient Power Axe that was crafted on Medusa by some of the best Techmarines their chapter ever had. It accompanied him through all Three Tyrannic Wars, since he had become a Sergeant. For him, it was black and white.

    The aliens are the enemy that must be annihilated as much as the old enemy, the traitors. After all, the aliens were what brought humanity together back in the Great Crusade. But now they threatened discord in their midst. Eldar 'allying' with humans, though in the end it was always to their own benefit. The Tau who promised that one could serve for a 'Greater Good', though it was just propaganda to be part of their own warmachine, being used as meat shields and to bring terror to the Imperium by forcing them to fight their former friends and brothers-in-arms. Then of course the Tyranid threat which just devoured anything in it's path, akin to how Necrons simply want everything to be as dead as themselves on the inside. They all would be annihilated - or at least Varuuk would die trying.

    Behind him sat or stood:
    • Goreparan the Minotaur Apothecary.
    • Sirius the Blood Raven Tactical.
    • Obiken the Exorcist Techmarine.
    • Ruine the Imperial Fist Assault Marine.
    • Tyr Nosebreaker the Space Wolf Grey Hunter.
    On the Southern Rows, represented by Inquisitor Amleth sat casual, one elbow on the armrest and his head resting on the palm of his hand. He was known as a rather... Creative problem solver. Although it may look questionable by many of his adversaries, he could care less - his motives are only important to himself, and the end always justifies the means. He rose to power the traditional way, having been an acolyte to many Inquisitors throughout his lifetime until he earned the title himself. Which of course was more out of necessity than desire. After the Second Tyrannic War caused by Hive Fleet Kraken, so many good Inquisitors died that they had to use whatever scraps they had. Which included Amleth. Nobody even knows of his past, as all of his history before the age of 18 when he was adopted by a noble family has been eradicated. And interesting enough he never had more than one human in his retinue, just like now. But instead relied on aliens. So it was no surprise that at his side was his personal acolyte, Rygar Pox, a Techpriest from Metalica which makes him of course a devoted Electro-Priest. the aliens sat behind him with shock collars that Rygar could utilize with the help of his MIU, after all - remote controls were far too unreliable. It was more as a precaution in emergency scenarios and so that other humans don't think of him too lowly for utilizing Xenos help. After all, he did genuinely facilitate their needs and made sure their physical and mental health came first.

    Dark Eldar, Clawed Fiends and similar blood and/or soul suckers were fed with scum humans that would have died one way or another anyway. Verathians, Kroot and other 'wilder' aliens would live in a former mess that would have been turned into one giant terrarium. Eldar were allowed to keep their soulstones and even their own meditation halls. They were tools. And a tool will only remain useful if you keep it maintained well, that was Amleths belief.

    The seated aliens are:
    • Karack 'Smiley' Ghost-tooth, the Verathian Teethspeaker (Psyker)
    • Alnar, the Eldar Corsair Reaver
    • Laeris, the fallen Dark Eldar Trueborn
    On the Western Row, there was only a lonely throne as there was no retinue behind this individual. It was an androgynous character. And one might even be backhanded or punched in the face if calling this person by the wrong name, at least the cocky smirk gave that impression away. One leg was placed over the other, middle finger on the upper lip and index finger across the rectangular glasses, tapping on the temple. It was Inquisitor Sascha Yuri Gorbachev. The hair was bright blonde, straight and with spikes going to the right. Bright blue eyes with a certain glow, almost spark, placed beneath, scanning the room with great interest. Sascha was renown as an Inquisitor with extensive knowledge on the warp. Having served on black ships, also rumored to belong to either the Horusian or Xanthism faction of the Radical Inquisitors. Although there are more than one person in all arms of the inquisition who would swear that Sascha is a full-hearted Puritan. It was perhaps the jealousy of other, less successful inquisitors who tried to slander Gorbachev.

    It didn't matter what the rumors said - the track record spoke for itself. Sascha aided the Ordo Hereticus before in witch hunts, having quite a third eye to pick out those with psychic abilities. Yuri also aided the Ordo Xenos in many research projects, such as how Kroot can develop psychic abilities from devouring enough psychic users, such as Eldar. Or how the Tyranids evolved between the wars. It was a bit awkward to give so much tribute to a person who was barely over 60 years old, and even moreso since Gorbachev looked not a bit over 21. But then again, what would one else expect from a Delta Psyker having been born and raised within the Inquisition?

    And finally there was the Northern Row, representing the 'normal' Imperials by a Puritan Inquisitor who believes in the avatar of the God-Emperor who will walk among humanity in their darkest hour, if they continue to praise him and hold him dear in his heart. She studied Sebastian Thor thoroughly and has always believed in his writings. Inquisitor Marcella Brigitte de Provence might also be influenced by her background of having been raised in an Orphanage ran by the Adeptus Sororitas. While they hoped to raise a new Sister of Battle, it seemed the psychic potential in Marcella was too strong to let the talent go to waste. So the Inquisition was called in and with the Ecclessiarchy Militant as sponsor, she was granted the best of the best tutors and facilities. In fact she was shipped from some backwater world in the Segmentum Pacificus all the way to Ophelia VII to be trained in the ways of the Inquisition.

    Although she had problems at first with the necessary force and coldness that an Inquisitor had to bare, since she always had been someone who believed in unison, strength in numbers and that humans should take care of one another, she would eventually understand that it was for the good of the Imperium as she got older. Especially once she wandered as an Acolyte of an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor she learned of the threats within, how cruel and ill-willed the very humanity is she swore to protect and lead into the faith of the God-Emperor, that he is protecting them. Marcella learned with her own eyes how thousands of humans gladly worshipping the ruinous powers of the warp, turning away from the light of the Emperor. It made her upset enough to turn away from the Ordo Hereticus and serve the Ordo Xenos, wishing to fight the enemy from outside as it was easier on her conscience. A rare sight for a Puritan of her caliber is that she sees Abhumans and Humans on the same level - as long as their faith into the God-Emperor was equal.

    Next to her was her retinue of humans, sitting on the same line as herself, as she never saw her greater as any other loyal human being:
    • Macharius, the Stormtrooper
    • Rei, the Telekine Psyker
    • Red Tarsinis, the Crusader
    • Arleen Herithorn, the Felinid Sister Hospitaller
    • Denton 'Longfang' Reach, the Catachan
    Above them was a giant projection of a planet in the Segmentum Ultima. It's name, 'Klarheit II', it was an imperial world that had fought hard for it's survival in the recent wars it had seen. Constant war terrorized this world for the last century. First came the Orks which were relatively quickly taken apart through assassinations on their bosses. After that, was an insurgency by a local rebellion in the capital which killed some of the higher officials but failed to kill the governor - claiming that they failed in making Klarheit II a stronger system than what it is. After that, the system came under attack of a small Red Corsair fleet which raided them for weapons, ammunition and slaves. It is still unclear whether they were chased off, or if they simply left with what they wanted. Lastly and currently, there was a siege on the capital by the Tau Empire.

    The screen displayed two picts, one of a Tau commander clad in a customized crisis battlesuit with a red painted head and the rest painted in a deep green the name label read 'Commander Firestorm'. Anyone who knew a bit about the Tau would identify them as the Dal'yth sept. The other pict showed an Ethereal, a name label above him 'Aun'vre'Ka'Shi'.

    The Deathwatch Captain rose to instruct how the operation was going down. "Our mission is simple and direct. Eliminate the Tau threat and liberate Klarheit II once more. Their morale is weak and the Tau profit from the fact that there was a past rebellion. They claim liberation from the 'iron fist ruling of the Imperium', as they describe it. So their recruitment numbers increase by the week, especially since their Blitzkrieg tactics have gotten them fast advancement into the Capital. Foreseen reinforcements never arrived, which is why we have been convened this quickly to bring an end to this." A green square with a big question mark popped up, indicating the lost reinforcements are not to be expected anytime soon.

    Varuuk continued on without much of a pause. "The Deathwatch will handle Commander Firestorm and his battlesuits. Inquisitor Marcella will travel to the other worlds in the system to rally reinforcements from the local PDF, while her retinue is being handed over to Inquisitor Amleth. The aliens and humans will work together to get rid of the Ethereal. Without him, they will fall apart and victory is ours. Which means that we will keep the Commander occupied so he can't worry about the protection of his spiritual guide. Yuri, you will stay on the vessel and make sure to warn us of any warp activity, in case the Red Corsairs come back, or by Ferrus' hammer who knows next. Prepare yourselves on our shared vessel 'The Darkest Night'." The fact the title address was missing for Inquisitor Gorbachev combined with the use of the middle name was hinting that Varuuk and Sascha knew one another. The meeting was as quickly completed as it came together.

    ~~ Three Days Later ~~

    The group had armed up and readied themselves in whichever way they needed over the last few days, but at last arrived in orbit of Klarheit II. The mess of this warzone was visible from space, the planet being blockaded by a handful of damaged Tau ships, scans indicating that in fact the planet wa not even under imperial control anymore as broadcasts from the world have recruitment speeches of the Tau Empire on loop. Orbital imagery revealing flags of the Dal'yth hanging from the governor's palace.

    The entire retinue was present witnessing the images together, only Marcella and Sascha being absent as Marcella readied for her rally across the system and Sascha being busy meditating. Captain Varuuk clenched his hands into fists. "Change of plans then. The Deathwatch will board their flagship and take out the engines. That will make the ship fall towards the planet and break the barricade. The humans and aliens will wait until we are successful and then proceed to land at the governor's palace to survey the situation. We will join you on the ground as soon as possible."

    Inquisitor Amleth rose an eyebrow at the decision but smiled. "Very well, Captain. I will have my good man Rygar ready a thunderhawk to extract you, while we will deploy via Valkyrie. Should be plenty of space for us. I wish you good hunting with the Tau flagship." He waved playfully and then turned on his heel. "Come now, Karack, Alnar and Laeris. And of course you, too, retinue of Marcella." The mortal inquisitor called over his own deployment squad, two-handed force claymore on his back.

    Captain Varuuk marched towards the boarding torpedoes, expecting without a word needed to order, for the Deathwatch marines to fall in line. He was also clad for full combat, Power Axe on one side, bolt pistol on the other, a frag and krak grenade on each side on his waist on the front. Shortly all six Astartes sat in their torpedo like a proper kill-team, waiting for the signal to launch. "Speak your prayers to your progenitor, ancestors, the emperor or whomever else you wish. Today we fight to get rid of the enemy from beyond - the Alien, the Xenos. They will wish to have never been born by the time we are done with their petty souls. But no matter how much you enjoy to bring death to them. Don't lose your objective out of sight. We will disable their engines and annihilate their flagship for one purpose alone: to get to our real target - their commander." The Astartes had time to speak their mind, do their prayers or make a quick plan as their cruiser and frigates approached the enemy fleet to get into range.

    Aliens + Mortal Humans will deploy via Valkyrie & combined under Inquisitor Amleth once the Tau barricade has been broken.
    Deathwatch Astartes will deploy via Boarding Torpedo to disable the engines to make the vessel drop on the planet and break the barricade.
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    Obiken stood silently during the meeting, his hands pouring over the data-slate in front of him. Truth be told, the gathering of the Inquisitorial cell in front of him had been of little interest to him. Going over the massive, unending list of work orders, repair requests, and other duties, the techmarine focused on what needed to be done in the next few hours, though he paid a peripheral bit of attention to the briefing. Rather than sitting in here, he had much rather be working, easing the pain of different machine spirits and getting elbow deep in a vehicle, a weapon or some other technology. Still, the meeting would not last long, and it seemed another world of the Impebesieged been beseiged by one of its countless enemies. So, the Exorcist continued to scroll through the list in front of him until the meeting ended, and finally stood up and followed the Deathwatch Captain out along with his battle brothers.

    Obiken had never been close to his brothers, but it had not been intentional. He had simply gotten used to being left alone by others, going as far back as he could remember. The techmarine, before he had even become an astartes, had survived alone on Banish. For some reason, his own parents had abandoned him, and as he fought against impossible odds to survive on the Feral World, he found that all other tribes shunned him. Thus the not-yet Exorcist would wander on his own, his only company an old auspex scanner he had found from the wreckage of some kind. The device never worked until he repaired it on mars some decades after, but for some reason, in a world of loneliness, it provided a sort of companionship to the young boy. Of course, Obiken would later find out it was due to the machine spirit within the scanner keeping him company, and for that, he found a strange feeling of belonging with machines he never felt with human beings.

    Smiling to himself, Obiken touched the tiny pouch where the auspex rested on his armor. When he ran the trials for his future chapter, the astartes ordered them to strip themselves of all possessions. The techmarine could still remember the fight where it took no less than three other trainees and a space marine to wrestle the old broken machine out of his grasp, and he only stopped struggling after a curious techmarine agreed to safeguard the scanner for him until the trials were done. No doubt old Brother Morian had thought little of the boy's chances of surviving the trials, but survive he did. After seeing his attachment to the device, it became a foregone conclusion that the chapter would send the young astartes to train with the Mechanicus on Mars. The rest, between the battles fought with his chapter, the discovery of his 'abilities' and then his secondment to the Deathwatch, had been history.

    Obiken spent much of the next three days completing his duties. A tech savant's duties, from the lowliest of tech enginseers to the wisest of magos, were never completely finished. This was tripled when aboard a void craft. From monitoring possible discrepancies in the reactors and warp engine to working out a particularly stubborn and complex issue with a weapon in the armory, the techmarine more or less went around the ship non-stop, pausing only to recharge through food consumption or energy absorption. While some may find the work tedious and thankless, he rather enjoyed his duties. Obiken found comfort in the midst of machine spirits. He had an understanding of them and they understood him, and unlike most biological beings, they tend to not shy away when he neared them. While most of his teachers on Mars found this to be amusing, even laudable, there were concerns about his ability to part with machines. Understandable, as the Exorcist still found it difficult to do so now, when Mars felt like a lifetime ago.

    Obiken followed Captain Varuuk and the rest of the Deathwatch marines into the boarding torpedo. He had a more pleasant relationship with the Captain than others, perhaps due to the other astartes' home chapter and their respect of the machine spirits. Carrying the multi melta in his hands, the techmarine had his omnissian mono-axe on his back, next to his servo arm. To his sadness, his omnissian power axe had been damaged in his last engagement, and the parts required to repair it had not yet been delivered. Thus, Obiken had to make use of its mono-blade counterpart. Hearing the briefing while he checked over the boarding torpedo's status and made adjustments, he turned to the Captain. "With respect captain, perhaps instead of disabling the engines once we take the bridge of the xeno flagship, we might overload them instead? That way we might be able to steer the ship a bit more, and ram it against its counterparts as we break the blockade? That might allow us to inflict more damage upon the enemy fleet over simply dropping the vessel in a freefall."
  3. ++ Death Watch Astartes Mission Log ++

    Ruine Straps himself in as he say his battle Prayer.

    "And A Shepard I Shall be for the God Emperor of Mankind.

    For power hath descended forth from his hand, that my feet may swiftly carry out his will.

    I shall flow a river forth unto him and teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    In nomine patre. Et felie, Spiritus scanti"
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    Macharius sat attentive at the briefing. The Scion did their best to remember as many mission critical facts as they possibly could, particularly of that of their target The Ethereal. Height, Skin tone, eye shape , and Tau olfactory system ,as strange as it was the alieness causing a slight sneer beneath the helmet before it was quashed, remembering these key features would allow for the possible Identification of the target in combat , however Macharius was no assassinorum agent and the human mind fallable they would have to study.

    Listening on throughout the meeting Macharius felt a disgust and something else as the Angel of Death spoke of the increase of defection rates to the Tau of all groups. What did those poor souls see in blue skinned Xenos that the emperors light did not bring them ? What could they possibly be promised to defect ? Was it -no those trains of thought were a fault that would be corrected, good soldiers followed orders and Macharius was a good soldier and their order did not request information on the motives of traitors.
    It was not long until the briefing ended , the Scion's internal questioning taking far longer than it seemed.

    Over the 3 days before the mission Macharius spent most of their time in ensuring their aim stayed sharp and that their weapon stayed in well shape occasionally leaving it in the armor with a small note for thralls or possibly the vigorous Tech-marine to find and tend to. When not Testing aim or avoiding agitating the Deathwatch, inquisitors and Catachan aboard the vessel the Mute Scion Listened to recordings of the briefings instructions and looked at the pict of the Ethereal trying to ensure they remembered the Xenos' face.

    On the day of the operation Macharius ensured they were blocked off from the loop of Tau recruitment messages, another series of contemplations could endanger the mission and Good Soldiers didnt endanger the mission, Macharius was a Tempestus Scion emperor damnit and they were the best in the Millitarum
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  5. <Briefing>
    'Smiley' was sitting with the Eldar and Dark Eldar behind Inquisitor Amleth, the shock collar strapped around his neck over the white bandages he used to cover his visage and talon tipped hands while the wide brimmed black hat he usually wore sat on his lap. The Verathian wore a long trench coat that was closed up over a ragged looking grey flack vest that was underneath with grey fatigue pants and black combat boots normally seen on guardsmen. Even with the shock collar being...restrictive, his eyes that were spheres of solid white couldn't help but look around the room to see the sights before him. The size of the room wasn't something so much of a new thing after being on some ships of the human Imperium, even if it only had one function like every other before and, to him, being a waste of space otherwise. The giant human star warriors clad in black armor that looked more like slabs of metal, carrying weapons that were larger than himself and were probably as dangerous as they were massive. Among the normal humans in a section on their own, he saw one that had traits of a feline creature on a human body, making him wonder if it was treated any better than him, or worse than its more human comrades. There were even things he could sense in the spirits where his eyes fail him, showing him two had similar connections to the ethereal realm like him. This Sascha Yuri Gorbachev that sat at one of the large thrones, the one that did not have people with....her? Him? That was one thing he could not figure out with either of his physical and spiritual sense. Was possibly best not to ask, especially when they radiated so much power just sitting there. The other was the green haired woman among the humans with the feline person, who didn't seem to belong here with what she wore. Then again he didn't really either. It was hard to focus on any one thing for long, not because of how much to take in but because of the throbbing headache that developed in his skull. His instincts kept making look at one of the giants in particular, the one with the picture of a horned skull on his shoulder on a field of red and a large mechanical arm arching over above him that looked like it was attached to his back. But in the spirit realm, he could only see a void, an empty space where the giant should be, and it unnerved him. He count it as a small blessing knowing that particular giant would be far away from him as possible for this hunt. Though he wasn't sure what Tau where, so he was thankful that the light displaying object in the center of the room was showing what they were going after and the planet they were heading to.

    <Three Days>
    The three days, Karack would mostly keep to himself or with the two Eldars, doing his normal rituals and routines to keep his link with the spirits strong even while so far away from home. He was given some human weapons, this thing called a 'bolt' pistol and a piece of sharp metal that was serrated like a predator's tooth. While he knew how to use a knife, the pistol he only had the minimum basics learned to use this contraption. It would have to suffice, especially with the portents of the rune teeth telling him ill omens for things ahead...

    <Waiting for Deployment>
    Karack nodded with a click of his teeth as a sign of respectful acknowledgement when Inquisitor Amleth told them to follow, doing so. He looked over to the Eldars with a question in mind. @Wata @Taec "Have either of you fought a...Tau before?" he asked them, his voice a strange raspy whisper, knowing they had more experience than he did with the galaxy than he did.
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    During the briefing, Laeris was sat with the other aliens and the inquisitor he was unfortunately enslaved to. However, despite his current predicament, this did nothing to lower the trueborn's sense of self worth. He was sat leaning slightly back, with his legs crossed and his cape spread out as if he were trying to look important. As well as this, as he was listening to the briefing, his held was turned up, and he looked at the humans around him with distaste. Along with him, one of his kin and another alien were also enslaved by this human inquisitor. Although he cared little for other life, the alien was more interesting than the apes, and perhaps a useful ally in the future. His kin too, a corsair. Both were superior to the mon'keigh, both in the same situation, both were useful.

    Laeris ran his fingers through his hair as they discussed the tau. Out of all of the species in this galaxy, the tau are one of the worst. They are young, and weak. They're inability to fight in melee combat makes them both boring opponents on the field of war, and boring fighters when they're dragged into the arenas of Commoragh. Though, he would enjoy killing them nonetheless.

    Three Days

    During the days leading up to deployment, Laeris was supplied with a sacrifice by the inquisitor. Though Laeris was constantly angered by his enslavement, he had to admit that he was kept quite well. The inquisitor always provided him sacrifices so that he could rejuvenate his body and stay at the best of his abilities. He did sometimes wonder how the inquisitor was passing this off, but it didn't really matter. All that mattered was he got his chance to feast.

    Waiting for deployment

    Laeris followed silently as him and the other two aliens were beckoned by the inquisitor. He walked with his weapons holstered, and his helmet under his arm. When the other alien asked about the tau. Laeris looked at him questioningly. "How little experience have you had of this galaxy?" He asked. "I have seen the creatures before, both on a raid and in our great arenas. They are...pathetic. They do all of their combat from range and won't engage in a fight unless they have no choice. They are cowards, and I look forward to killing them." With that, he put on his helmet, pushing the plume to the back. He was ready for this mission. To kill the spiritual leader, and crush their hope. It would be beautiful!

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    Alnar was mostly absent during the briefing. He just sat in his chair, staring at the floor, working off the headache one of the over sized monkeys was somehow causing. One of his darker kin had joined their illustrious shock collar company, a day for joy. He sighed in relief once all of it was over.
    At least he knew Karack well enough to trust him not to get back stabbed and to even have a decent conversation free of slurs and contempt.

    Alnar had been standing with his arms crossed, zoning out of the world around him. Change of plans was about apparently, he was there to fight so far and not much else so why bother thinking about it further. He followed for he had no choice, the shock collar didn't exactly encourage respect toward his masters. Not that he could say anything against it either. At least Amleth hadn't broken out the whip yet. Yet.

    "Yeah, whatever." Alnar replied to Laeris. The Damned were all freaks but years spent hurting people for kicks made them capable fighters. Good thing this Laeris was ready to toss himself to the grinder, at least someone was happy about something. @Taec

    "They're just blue bastards with a target on their forehead. Equally screwed as we are." Alnar said to his latest spiky, talon friend. He was out of wine, not that more would have been available anyway and the headache wasn't going anywhere, goddamn hulk apes with their headache auras. @BuriasDempsey

    "Lord Amleth, what about my drink? I'll be a good boy and lick your boots or something." He asked as they walked. Maybe he'd get a beating for that but even that'd distract him from the headache.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate


    Within the meeting, the Hospitaller was seated as she was rather busy paying attention to the words said during the briefing, doing her best to get a measure of everyone present, such as taking notes upon who (or what) was present as part of retinues of the main figures present be they Marine or Xenos, the terms of address used between the main figures, and so on so forth.

    While the Imperium was supposedly one big happy family that worked together nicely and in harmony, personally Arleen would laugh out loud at anyone that voiced such a notion given her personal experiences of life, and so she felt it was prudent to be able to talk her way around potential personality clashes, and worse turns of event.

    Course, to hear about the Tau (and more worryingly, how they were able to get Imperial citizens to consider defecting) was something else entirely, given that she never quite saw herself as being involved in such a serious undertaking and in such a critical role (such as an assassination of a key figure), even with the knowledge she was part of the Inquisition. Still, the meeting was over soon, and she departed with the rest of her fellow humans.

    As much as someone with black fur, a tail and not-exactly-standard human ears could be called human, anyways.

    <The days in between>

    Over the three days, Arleen would be found doing her usual work of fixing up injuries, be they accidents in training, wounds incurred during maintenance work or rather more embarrassing injuries that the people involved in said 'accidents' would prefer the local priests to not hear about, for various reasons.

    While not tending to the injured or engaging in the needed functions of life (at least those her Inquisitor would consider important), the Felinid was also found on the shooting range, trying to get better at shooting even if empathically speaking, she wasn't exactly the best marksperson on the range. Especially when you compared her to the Scion or any of the Marines.


    Looking at her fellow team members both old like the Scion, Rei, Red, and Denton, as well the newly found Xenos, that she could tell from her studies that two of them were Eldar that she had to serve with (and she still wasn't quiet sure what the third alien was), Arleen couldn't help but listen in on the conversation going on, curious as to how the Xenos interacted with each other in such an environment.

    Meanwhile, the Hospitaller was physically checking out her gear, going through some basic final ministrations to keep her gear's machine spirits appeased as best as she could do. She was also following the Inquisitor to wherever she was going to be waiting for the Angels of Death to do their part of the mission, before it was up to the Aliens and her bunch to do the assassination part of the mission.
  9. < @Uriel1339 @bossaroo >

    Longfang, with his customized sniper rifle and his blades across his back - his Catachan fang laid across the back of his hip, walked down through the halls with the rest of his team, wearing little armor as he simply didn't need it. His eyes flowed over the others, and he dismissed most of them. The Xenos were something that irked him, but he knew if he needed to he could simply slit their throat - though he wouldn't as he wasn't one to draw an inquisitor's ire. That was not a way to survive and amongst guardsmen, humans even, there were none better at surviving than Catachans.

    Their target was one of the Tau's leaders, called an Ethereal. He understood that much, and that was all that he had to understand. Those that got into their way would die. Feeling the weight of his rifle, he shifted it a little as he thought. All he would need would be a clear line of sight, and the target would be dead, head exploding under the sheer power his rife required - and there was no need for a suppressor as he could tell, so he left it removed and hanging on his hip just in case.

    Though after a moment, his eyes fell on their scion and he scowled a little. He had been trying to get them into a contest of skills and arms, hearing that they were almost as good as a Catachan in skill, he wanted to see it for himself. However as so far all his attempts had been unsuccessful, and it was for that reason he watched the scion closely, since they would finally now be able to see one another in battle.
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    Goreparan sat at the back of the eastern rows near the shadows, not out of choice but by habit. With most marines, the shadows would have at most hidden their heads or their upper chest but for the 10 feet tall minotaur the entirely of his upper half was hidden save for his legs. The glint of his adamantium horns and the lights from eye sockets of his helmet, however, gave further presence to the giant sitting in the back. Any who looked at him would feel an almost malign presence like there was some sort of ancient beast in the dark full of cold death. They wouldn’t be wrong for thinking such things for the most part as Goreparan was indeed ancient and his stature and bearing only furthered such feelings.

    Looking around the chamber he frowned as he saw the retinue of Xenos brought by the inquisitor Amleth, not that any would see this as he had his helmet on. The other retinue brought by the inquisitor Marcella was hardly much better but at least they were humans. He supposed if they were brought here then both humans and Xenos would be useful to some extent in the mission if nothing else they could be used as scouts and diversions. Turning his gaze away from them he looked once more at the inquisitors sitting on the giant thrones looking more like children playing at pretend than inquisitors plotting at each other. Not that it would matter in the end so long as they worked for the Imperium's interests and goals.

    As the briefing started the Minotaur connected his helmet’s systems to all the data they had on the plant, its culture, its history and the culture and history of the tau they were facing. Upon hearing of weak willed traitors to the Imperium he made a note to find ways in the culture of the plant to insult and humiliate them, to make them angry and easy to manipulate into traps and kill boxes both the humans who turned and the tau who dared to act against the Imperium. While he was connected to the systems he also pulled up as much information as he could on everybody in the current chamber humans, Xenos, and marine. This knowledge would help him formulate what to watch out for if or when they became either compromised or a threat. Upon hearing that the meeting was over goreparan stayed in the chamber longer not leaving till he digested and memorized the information he had accessed.

    ~~ Three Days Later ~~

    Goreparan was a bit irked that they were wasting time chatting when they could be taking action but he controlled himself and waited for the others. Upon hearing the prayers and suggestion he added his own to the mix.

    “ if we are going to do that we might as well use what’s left of their automated defense systems against them.” Said goreparan

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