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Ordo Xenos Inquisitor + Retinue Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Inquisitor Veronica Bishop of the Ordo Xenos has been before her appointment given a one-year time span to gather her Retinue after finishing her training along with the only other succeeding Acolyte of their mentor. They had been two out of six Acolytes which survived the Anti-Xenos Campaign that served also as the final test.

    Now it was time to depart from another and build up a retinue. She was always known during her learning time to be quite more radical than her colleague who was already known to take command in the Deathwatch.

    First she visited several Shrine Worlds and Adeptus Sororitas. Within a week the first member of the retinue was found.

    Selina Mesuric. A Sister Repentia. It was a simple recruitment. Veronica was looking for someone intimidating especially if handling with... Difficult Governors such thing was never wrong to have. Two Months passed by.

    A nearby Ork invasion, combined with suspicious Tau activity, though got the interest of the Inquisitor and her newest member. Quickly acting Veronica attacked with the 55th of the Vostroyan First Born Regiment, that was already deployed. A brave lone sergeant-survivor was quickly added to the Retinue, going by the name of Joseph Halls. He and his company were about to purge a Tau Sympathist controlled city, which was luckily purged by the Inquisitor and her reinforcements.

    As they advanced on to finish the Warboss, they were driven into a corner where they were confronted with Kroot - proving the Tau certainly had plans here. By strict order of the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor a cease-fire and temporary alliance with the bestial Kroot was arranged. The majority of Kroot and Imperial soldiers died in the onslaught of the Orks, but Selina Mesuric was capable of slaying the Boss, along with Veronica Bishop and what seemed an exquisite Kroot Warrior. After realizing each others strength, the Kroot was added to the Retinue. He named himself Cha'ka.

    Now with a retinue of three, the Inquisitor moved on, noticing the lack of actual Xeno-Experts she went to the rather outer-rim worlds. And then she found the world that was just perfect. Dreadhaven. The travel took another Month due to ship engine problems.

    A Xeno-infested place among with the dirtiest scum of the Imperium, almost worse than Necromunda. Here it also was when Veronica first found a very damaged, but good enough Thallax. It was purchased with the blood of the seller and then fixed up. Though here it also was when she found Davarus Ventis.

    A good-looking, intelligent man with a face that reminded him in her fellow that 'graduated'' with her. The interesting twist was that he was in fact an aspiring Inquisitor and was on a mission regards possible Tau Pirates around. After a short message to the Inquisition he was put under her wings and another Inquisitor would pick up on his investigation.

    With his information about Dreadhaven, soon a Rogue Trader was visited that specialized in Xenology, with the farce of being interested to learn more about the Kroot they had with them, he was overwhelmed and the Xeno Language Expert of his was freed and promised a proper treatment and money. Ry'thss, a Pelager.

    Just as they departed, the Thallax was fully operational again and revealed itself as SA582 as inscribed on the shoulder pad. Three Months, heading toward Talassar Prime without ever arriving there, passed.

    A nearby emergency signal was caught by an Imperial Ship that seemed to be engaged with a small Eldar fleet. Without delay, Veronica Bishop and her Retinue consisting of Selina, Joseph, Cha'ka, Davarus, Ry'thss and SA582 departed to come to the rescue against the foul Alien.

    Once arrived they disposed almost instantly of an Eldar ship and boarded the flagship, among with a Boarding Squadron from the almost destroyed Imperial Ship that belonged to the Imperial Navy, responsible for delivering the 54th Psian Jackals. Only two Boarding Rams even made it through and once the Inquisitor and the Scions moved onward, they faced several Eldar that slowed them down dramatically.

    Ultimately their resistance was futile with Veronicas Retinue and the Scions fighting off the Eldar, while the Inquisitor herself sneaked away and took an alternate route to the Bridge. There she disposed of the Farseer and leader. The Eldar seemed completely broken from such act and an almost non-injured Inquisitor came back with a black-robed human who also wore a mask. Veronica simply stated that he was a Torturer that was abducted by the Eldar. And so the last Scion of the 54th Psian Jackals, former Lieutenant Thoren Corax and the Torturer by the codename Loki joined her Retinue.

    And with such done and the year almost over, the Inquisitor went to Talassar Prime to replenish her ships crew, ammunition and of course receive the first official assignment as Inquisitor.

    Player List (Current Retinue):

    Also please see RP rules in next post :)

    If interested in joining please look here for classes:

    And PM me :)
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    RP Rules:

    Everyone can contribute to the RP through NPCs and such as long as not over-the-top or too much effects upon other player characters. In case you use a NPC to attack another PC or in some situation we may end up into PvP, please only write the action, but not the effect.

    i.e. "Cha'ka charged against Davarus in attempt to bring his knife into the neck." is okay. But this is wrong: "Cha'ka charged against Davarus and drove his knife into the neck of the Acolyte, killing him instantly."

    If two players cannot be fair, I will intervene and describe the fight and / or will use Dice to determine each combat round until the combat is over.

    Furthermore please do only things your character would actually do and don't do Meta-gaming. Meta-gaming is to use anything out of the game and apply it in-game. Let's say Colapse and Midas have some sort of argument and despite their chars having become somewhat friends or actual friends, they suddenly wanna kill each other. No don't do that. Meta-Gaming - Big no no!

    So just stay fair and treat others how you expect to be treated. In worst-case, PM me if you are unhappy with something.

    At least try to get grammar, correct spelling right :) and perhaps use paragraphs if you write a lot.

    RP System / Char Progression:

    Your character can develop as you see fit / as it makes sense. This includes leaving the Inquisitors Retinue, although I only will permit if it makes in-game a lot of sense or a player has to leave due to RL burdens / changes. (Real Life comes ALWAYS first).

    There will be rewards depending of how a mission went. But don't expect to get the real fancy stuff straight after mission #2. I asked you for your equipment for a good reason: That is your chars equipment. If you want to get rid of it quickly, then why take it? Also Power weapons and such are rather a luxury and awesome thing than standard weapons - I want to let you feel that ;)

    I don't know anything else to add so far, if I should have missed something or anything needs more clearance please PM me!
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    OOC: When do we start?
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    OOC: After I showered :cool:
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Veronica Bishop assembled the retinue and together they descended in a Valkyrie to Talasa Prime which also housed the headquarters of the Deathwatch. As the Valkyrie moved down, through the window could be seen a massive Black Strike Cruiser. 'Lightbringer' it looked new from the docks, not a single scratch. Though it departed almost as soon as a Thunderhawk with the insignia of the Inquisition disappeared in it's womb.

    As they arrived, it was just a short walk to the Briefing room designated for Bishop and her rather colored companionship. She kept the two aliens right and left of her, letting the two Imperial Soldiers lead, with the Thallax and Sister Repentia right behind them, followed by herself, the Kroot and Pelager. The rear was formed by the Torturer - As if making a statement with the trust she put into him.

    As they seated in the usual formation - instructed by Veronica for any meetings - A Magos, Bureaucrat, Lord Inquisitor and Deathwatch Captain walked in and took there seats, without bothering with greetings it was instantly obvious that it was an urgent matter.

    "Inquisitor Veronica, I hate to admit it but as good as every force is currently deployed ever since a greater Tau Force was spotted in the Segmentum Pacificus, therefor we must use less trained forces such as yours for bigger tasks." The Lord Inquisitor started, sighing deeply. Obviously stressed and annoyed at the fact that Veronica was just recently elevated to her rank and her retinue did not make it look much better.

    The Magos picked up and continued. "What our dear Inquisitor tries to say is, an Explorator fleet found a new lively planet nearby of Golgotha and The Maelstrom. Every contact with said fleet was lost and the only information we gained of the lifeform was in a single report." The different files were in front of each member of Veronicas retinue. His pause and gesture prompted to read the report.

    First Entry (021.M42)
    "The unidentified life form seem to be sentient and intelligent, similar to the Kroot. More information is required."

    Second Entry (One Week later since 1st entry).
    "The Species has moved on from Tribal status to nations extreme quickly, we are not sure how such quick development was triggered."

    Third Entry (Two Weeks later since 1st entry).
    "They have developed their first projectile weapons and our contact attempts have been met with pure aggression, they seem to be very isolated and deny any sort of outsider. Now there are only three forces left from all the nations that have formed."

    Fourth Entry (One Month later since 1st entry).
    <Unreadable doodles>

    "Whatever happened, you must find out more about it." The Deathwatch Astartes continued, noticing that at least Veronica had the report completed, on the Kroot he was not even sure if he would be capable of reading the report... "Since it is your first mission and a dangerous as well, we will send a Deathwatch Team after you as soon as a team becomes available. Furthermore you will be assigned with an Astropath, just in case the creatures are psychic or you need to send messages and they somehow learned to jam the regular ways of communication. We cannot risk to lose another ship, and another Inquisitor."

    The Deathwatch Astartes' shoulder pad revealed to be that of an Iron Fist and just like his chapter was known for, his voice was not harsh but regal and filled with respect, it seemed even to be tolerant toward the Xenos. Although the Deathwatch took his toll on him as he stared into the mask of Loki, curious of what may lurk behind it.

    "Very well, we will have the report ready by then. Except anyone of my retinue has questions?" Veronica Bishop merely asked her fellowship, looking across the rows from Loki to Joseph, then from Thoren to Davarus.

    OOC: Seat Organization:
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  9. Davarus:

    "None from me ma'am, orders received and understood"
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  10. Marculario marculario Nickname Change

    Selina looked around, and back to the report. She then looked around once more and then looked at the report again. "Anything of importance we should know about the last group you sent there?" If there was something Selina needed, it was details. The more details, the better.
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