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Open Letter to the EC Team - RP Sub-Forum Download

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 14, 2017.

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    From: The EC Role-Playing Community (also known as 'EC Tavern')
    To: @Oveur | @KatieFleming | Rest of the EC Dev Team

    Dear EC Dev Team,

    We, the RP Community, found here sometimes short after the announcement of EC and its pre-alpha status together as vivid fans of Warhammer 40k, united under the banner to get a new game - and an MMO even! A shimmer of hope and light in the face of the cancellation of 'Dark Millenium'. Those of us who couldn't wait to play out our dream characters just started to make casual forum RPs, many of us being veterans, but as many also roleplaying for the first time.

    We grew and grew and grew, until the Off-Topic Sub-Forum didn't cut it anymore. So we asked of Katie and Miguel at the time to please give us our own little corner to play with. And you gladly gave us that corner. We are thankful for that, and we grew even beyond that where we had to organize in a Discord channel to manage all our players, to clear out questions of the individual games and make sure everyone is having as much fun as the user next to them in the list.

    And although we asked once in a casual passing by before if we could have the RP posts backed up in some shape or form, we were denied back then. Now the need arises however again as the rumors of possible shutdown of EC start to make their rounds in the community. The idea having spawned from a founder thread named 'Is this the end?', sourcing that there is no more Level Design and/or PvE Team anymore working on EC and basically the game development being on life support with a skeleton crew.

    But we do not wish to talk about game development here or what should have, what could have been, or any such thing. We, as a community and sub-culture of Eternal Crusade ask for one thing alone, no matter what the future holds: Please give us the means to have in some shape or form a backup of our sub-forum. Four years of content have been created.

    And here some statistics:
    507 Threads have been made
    163,535 Posts have been created
    --- This is more than the entire Founders Lounge
    --- Around Half of 'General Discussion'
    --- Only 2 sub-forums have more posts.
    The oldest post is from October 24th, 2013.
    The thread with the most posts has 8,802 posts.
    The thread with the highest views has 373,247.
    At least 7 of the 20 most posting members in the entire EC community have participated in at least 1 RP.

    We know you guys run XenForo for this forum, which means that everything is a SQL database. We also understand that it can be troublesome to find the right database which has no vital information such as user logins and passwords. And be assured we are looking for ways how to back it up - but as you can see, manual copy-pasta is not going to do it. We also know that you guys don't maintain the forum in-house but have a 3rd party.

    So please give us a way to maintain four years of creativity flowing free as a sub-culture to your game and to just retain those fond memories. Whether EC will continue or not, it is only a matter of time when the database gets corrupted, or you guys might migrate to a different software or domain, or perhaps XenForo having a vulnerability that you do not want to have exposed.

    Thank you for reading, for giving us an environment to have found each other so these interactions could begin in the first place and for doing the best you can.


    The EC RP Community
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