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One Shot slugga?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by DrDaft, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. DrDaft DrDaft Subordinate

    Well im having various success with it atm, I end up either shooting them in the back of the head or try to then follow quickly up with a light attack (using chain choppa with LS only atm) and it seems to work nicely when your being all sneaky like,

    Its also really good when your in a 1on1 melee with a spam marine as when you do get a dbash of a single shot to the head and you can see the panic in his movements which is always funny to see

    but honestly so far my fav sideweapon is either the slab slugga or the dakka slugga
  2. Anvilgrin Anvilgrin First Blood!

    I've used it a bit. Good "back stab" type weapon if you get the chance to run up on em. You either kill em outright with a shot to the back of the head or it knocks the bejeebus out of their armor and you kill em with one or two fast attacks. Also works well as a finnisher if you've been in melee and roll to the side and pop em with it. It's a one trick/shot pony for sure. Like it's been said, you'll never get a chance to reload in combat. If you live for those rare moments when a LSM comes bull charging at you and you pop him in the face and he drops like he's been pole axed and you can smell the nerd rage, worth it!
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  3. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    After the unnecessary, imo, nerf to the rokkit pokkit launcha, this has become my favourite side arm for stormboy.

    The only hindrance is the cost and reload time. while the former is truly limiting in your loadout choice, the latter can be solved by quick boost out of combat.

    Still, I always love it when a fast attacker spammer gets his head, not literally sadly, blown up by this shiny.
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  4. After your comments i am trying more the one shot slugga on my slugga, i noticed that when i use the melee lock and i fire i get usual an automatic headshot, those eldars running toward me with their power swords and oneshotted can confirm this LOL :D:D:D.

  5. Sarise Sarise Active Member

    It's a novelty weapon that's fun for blowing off steam. However, if you're looking for consistent performance from a sidearm you'd best look elsewhere.
  6. Yep true, but Gork'nd'Mork know how much fun is when you oneshot a sword spammarine, as melee i perform better with a Dok otherwise :D.
  7. Anvilgrin Anvilgrin First Blood!

    Yeah, it's a novelty weapon, but it kills people. Now if you want a REAL novelty weapon full of orky goodness, now the SKIP that's good times right there! I think I've killed like 100 people with of them from the other team. All in all it pretty much makes YOU the the special effects ork of the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Adds lots of explosions, bottle rocket whistle sounds and clouds of smoke and dust. If you have it and a match is going south and just need to cheer up, THIS weapon is what the Bad Doc ordered ladz!
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  8. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    They need to make the nades splod on contact. It might actually be a good weapon then.
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  9. Bilgecrank Kokuten Arkhona Vanguard

    The One-Shot Slugga isn't actually a slugga, it's a choppa inside a slugga that you can throw. It's basic Ork Fizikz, you see. We're not too quick, we don't reach too far, and Arkhona doesn't let us carry a choppa in the off hand. So what's the solution? The One-Shot Slugga: it's the off-hand Choppa that you can throw. This ingenious Mek-Boy design allows Arkhonan Orks to effectively dual-wield Choppas, but still plays to the universal rule that 'offhand-must-be-shield-or-gun'. My friend, the One-Shot Slugga isn't just some unreliable, one-shot wonder; this weapon is is the pinnacle of Orkish Finkin' and Kunnin', a pure and unadulterated avatar of Orkish Choppa/Dakka Philosophy.

    Do the Space Marines have a pistol that embodies and throws the fury of a Emperor-driven strike with the pull of the trigger?

    Do the Eldar, with infinite wisdom and age, possess a reality breaking weapon that allows you to shoot and chop at once? In the same hand?

    Do the Chaos, famed for reveling in blood and mayhem, have some kind chaos murderface weapon that turns your hand into a shooting sword? Nothing even close.

    No. The Orks, the smartest and most kunnin' of all races, created a melee weapon with reload and range. Will it save you in a fight? No, it was never meant to, that's what your choppin' hand is for. That's why they call it the off-hand, the One-Shot Slugga is meant to be the last choppa strike that was meant for the enemy that backpedaled, that executes, that flees.


    But, seriously, use a different slugga to maintain in range, the one-shot is meant to enhance your melee, or to be a poke(axe-throw) for hesitant enemies.
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  10. Anvilgrin Anvilgrin First Blood!

    The weapon that bothers me the most is "the stick" or do they call it Da Clubba or some such....IT'S A STICK! That's our blunt melee weapon as orks...a freakin' STICK! We are orks, you could have stepped it up a notch or three for cryin' out loud. I would be happy to see them replace "the stick" with at least a board with a nail through it, at least that would be slightly more intimidating. Now if they wanted to make it a tad more orky, I'm not asking to me it an electro stick or shock clubba (though that could be fun) Give us a big arse chunk of steel I beam with some rivets/bolts sticking out of it! That is something I can see an ork beating a marine to death with.

    Just picture it, ork running through the rubble of (insert random map name here) toward the 'umie lines " Oi look 'er it'z a big arse zoggin steel beam wiff rusty boltz wot stickin out like spikez on one end! I'z gonna smash me uh 'umie git in da gob wiff dis fing 'ere!".

    Much more orky....but no we have....The Stick.

    Dev's please look into this and make it your highest priority! Honestly you should be ashamed and sack the git that even suggesting it. That or make him/her come on the next live twitch cast and apologize to the ork community for such an insult to Gork and Mork.

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