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One of those early morning Tea messages from the Crusher of Dreams

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Oveur, Aug 5, 2015.


So, Nathan starts promising unreal stuff when he drinks tea?

  1. Yes, the filthy liar he is giving us false hope for a great game

  2. No, he's informing us, and speculating on a solution they might have found

  3. No, he informs us, has intent on trying a new solution, and wants to talk about PVE as well

  4. No, that just wasn't tea in the cup

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  1. the_dtox the_dtox First Blood!

    Name one complete MMO upon release in the last decade though. All of us MMORPG players have paid to test at one point or another, whether you thought it or not. :)
  2. DrMort DrMort Curator

    Unfortunately the payment for just part it anywhere and everywhere, this is a new trend manufacturers earn their bread with caviar.I already am surprised to nothing.
  3. Syphid Syphid Well-Known Member

    So I guess the Behavior vision of "open and transparent" was just a phase to get people to buy founder's packs?

    I've beta tested several MMOs, and never once have I seen a pay-to-NDA-Alpha-Test. The closest thing I've seen is pre-order priority beta testing for The Old Republic, and look how that game turned out.
  4. DrMort DrMort Curator

    What about Star citizen? many beta testing now paid.Or the same Fallout 4
  5. Vengir Vengir Cipher

    Actually, I enjoyed SWTOR - and was happy to beta test it as part of a preview./early access/extended bug hunt.

    Ultimately, it depends on whether you're looking at this from a selfish point of view, or want to make this as good a game as it can be. If you're just concerned about self gratification, then whinge away that early access isn't for a complete game - Call Of Duty will be releasing something for you every 12 months. If you want to be playing Eternal Crusade in 12 months though, why not feel like you're helping out , and getting to see the game before the masses at the same time?
  6. you're being delusional nathans been nothing but transparent actually so much so some could say it was detrimental to the games progression.
  7. By "paying" do you mean founders packs? You realise you are paying for the game, points, and alpha right?
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  8. Unahim Unahim Curator

    You pay to pre-order the game (and maybe to support bE). The founders access is an extra thrown in. "Hey guys, if you want you can come in early. GW asks that you sign this NDA though. If you don't want to play during the unstable part of the game, cool, cool, see you at release!"

    It's hilarious how people can be upset about the terms given for alpha when bE could have just decided not to let anyone in during alpha and it would have been completely within their right and reasonable.
  9. I do not know about you guys but i want this game to succeed i am a huge warhammer and warhammer 40K fan. It takes time and skill creativeness and most of all money to make a game as long as we as fans are here helping to guide the game through the warp of failed MMOs who cares what happens in to get the game through alpha and bate the Imperium of man and the fall of the Eldar did not happen in a day. and never in the history of man, eldar, or chaos have everything and exactly as planed orks are an exception it when exactly planed if they get to yell WAAAAGGGG. Now i Know there are those of you that love chaos and ripping things apart at the joints (Korn) and others defending with all your might the Imperium but lets be constructive and instead of shrinking like a pregnant kroot hound help make the game something that lasts as long as the Imperium its self
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  10. Nicodemus_I Nicodemus_I Subordinate

    The announcement here is really cool and all, but honestly, I'm far more interested in whatever it is this guy claims to be his tea. My theory is that it's pretty regular tea, but with psilocybin mushrooms mixed in.
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