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One of those early morning Tea messages from the Crusher of Dreams

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Oveur, Aug 5, 2015.


So, Nathan starts promising unreal stuff when he drinks tea?

  1. Yes, the filthy liar he is giving us false hope for a great game

  2. No, he's informing us, and speculating on a solution they might have found

  3. No, he informs us, has intent on trying a new solution, and wants to talk about PVE as well

  4. No, that just wasn't tea in the cup

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  1. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Still, that's an encouraging start. Of course, please remember, before focusing on map size, let's focus on stable servers with more people. Naturally, a larger map will make more people comfortable of course, but, we don't need to go to full territory at this point, in my humble opinion.
  2. MHezzu MHezzu Confessor

    Well, that's 28 founders on a single match atleast on the initial access eh? :cool:
  3. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    Nope, you're not. Would not surprise me one bit to see some TT stuff come out of this game. Why shouldn't it if its popular and true to form!

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  4. MHezzu MHezzu Confessor

    Still beats Halo's ancient big team battle of 16 players :D
  5. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Hmm, since there's going to be an NDA anyways, let's fast forward, start FA next week and let Founders do the stress testing: win-win
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  6. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    according to my gf, there totally is...
  7. MHezzu MHezzu Confessor

    Yeah, you guys will get all the erratic & unpredictable whacky behaviour only players can accomplish.
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  8. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    Oh, no worries, we aren't stress testing that much quite yet. This is more functional testing.
  9. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Two questions for you

    1. Why are you not part of the team?
    2. Where is the hákarl you promised?
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  10. MHezzu MHezzu Confessor

    all players spamming chat & earning exp while jumping around with jump packs. Might be tough.
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