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on the whims of inquisitor valoren in character thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by lord-watchman, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    inquisitor valoren sat in his breifing room in silence as he awaited the arivl of his team of operatives to arive, he looked out at the side of the gothic cruiser the defient breath, it was time he did ot like wasting as he went over the dosiers of the force he had managed to gather.

    it was at this moment the ships captain entered the room "my lord are you sure about this should we not be diverting to deal with the heretic marmoroth and his folowers rather than looking at this bland planet, from the records its only down 0.001% from the previous cycle of imperial tithes." as he finished the inquisitor looked directly at the man.

    "captain it is not the fact the tithes is down that bothers me it is that there is roumor of a vessel landing in the last teran week of unknown material and the vessel was not reported" as he spoke he placed the dataslates down "i would rather there not be a reason for me to come here and find out who is causing this disruption but that seams unlikely now that ive been sent an description of a marine meeting with the governor"

    before he could say anymore a crew member walked in "sir, my lord the transport carying the team has arved do you want them bringing here or waiting in the ship" as the sldier spoke he saw the captain tense up as the inquisitor stood from his desk.

    "bring them here" as he spoke he hen turned to the captain "get the navigator ready we need to be in the helion beta system in the next day" with that the captain and soldier left the room.

    hanger bay

    as the aquila lander touched down the soldier walked up to it and watched as it opend "my name dalkar i have been sent to escort you to the inquisitors breifing room"
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  2. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    A Black Templar walks off the ship carrying the mighty Black Sword with every step his boots boom the floor of the deck plating. "Very good guardsman when the rest of the members are ready we will follow you." He stood next the guardsman and looked and waited patiently for the rest of the party to come along.
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  3. Having arrived with very little warning even by the Inquisitions standards, a single matte black personal shuttle of an unknown class bearing the trade-mark sigil of the Commissariat entered into the mighty vessels hold after having broadcasted an encrypted tight-beam message mere seconds before the vessels automatic guns would of shot it down as a hostile. Landing on taloned claws which locked unto the hangars deck with a metallic thud, the rear ramp had already opened and a single figure walked off.

    Behind him/her, wisps of smoke and heavy incense began to cycle out into the stale, unclean air of the vessels own heavily recycled air supply but overall the interior was barren. There was no pilot, almost no storage compartments, in fact it appeared as if the entire vessel had been mostly stripped down to the bare necessities excluding a single shrine to the Emperor nestled on the single wall separating the passenger compartment or cargo hold from the pilots sanctum.

    Dressed in a cream and crimson speckled uniform and wearing a mask of pure ebony which made it almost impossible to tell where the face began or ended, the lone figure marched down the ramp and made their way towards the briefing room ignoring every attempt of identification or questioning even at gun point only making an additional movement to showcase a letter of writ marked with the sigillite of the High Lords of Terra. The reinforced soles of the armored boots reverberated down the corridors even as the owner made zero intent of hiding their presence and from either side of their waist buckle hung two pairs of dueling sabers. Across their back was an old, ancient patterned rifle which was heavily modified to the point even an expert of lore would be dumbfounded as to what the original model had been.

    Reaching the briefing room and pushing past the guards at the doors who chased after him/her the figure took out a data slate and slid it across the table towards the Inquisitor before taking a seat. Through either a combination of sheer bravado or experience, the figure nonchalantly continued to sit at the far end, their gaze unperturbed and unmoving as if they were a statue ignoring every stare and whisper as they (ignored?) listened in on the meeting taking place.

    OOC: Has arrived after everyone else on a separate vessel as per Commissariat contingent. There is no way of confirming this person is even the Major-Commissar.
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  4. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    The Crusader Averas began checking his Equipment whilst speaking prayers to the most Divine Emperor of mankind . He flicked his power sword to life the blade crackling with energy before he deactivated it he would check its flame function when his less devoted of team mates would be alarmed. His power armor and storm shield were polished and functioning at fill efficiency. He raised the weapon afforded to him by the Emperors most holy inquistion of Ordo Sepultrum and his pride and joy , The chem sprayer. A weapon that which excels at purging out the plagues and blights of the Imperium , the weapon seemed in good condition so the Crusader rose from his seat in the lander and walked forward to meet their welcoming commitee

    "Greetings good man, may the emperor guide your hand " Averas then turned to the Space Marine standing nearby said guardsmen . He bowed his head "greetings Angel of Death , I look forward to Serving along side the Emperors finest" he kept his head bowed but turned to the lander ramp and awaited his compatriots. He was a bit Surprised when another figure forced their way past the group and his expression soured
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  5. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    His cloak rippled off revealing the marking of the Emperor Champion as well the the Mantle of the Deathwatch. "To you as well Inquisitor may the Emperor guide you strength and will shall we go to the briefing room." He then looked to the guardsman. "What is the name of this wonderous vessel. I was not given the name in the Ordo Xenos dossier."
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  6. Following in Averas' wake a statuesque woman in a jumpsuit and hooded cloak, a multitude of canisters of differing size and a single holstered pistol hanging from the belt slung low and loosely around her hips, flowed down the ramp of the lander, her movements possessing a near-boneless quality. An easy but slightly condescending smirk flashed across the pale woman's face when the Commisariat shuttle and its passenger arrived, amused by all the commissar's bombast and grand-standing, before she turned to the trio just beyond the end of the ramp, the woman tall enough that only a slight tilt of the head would be needed to look the Space Marine in the eye-lense.
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  7. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    "Do you often enter a room without announcing your self commissar" as the inquisitor spoke the room went cold and felt as if there was a creature of warp energy staring at them all but as soon as it appeared it vanished "you know little about me and you would still enter like so"

    "Good good" as the soldier spoke he stated directly at the emperors champion as he spoke "well it's a good thing we have no witches apart from the navigator then if your here my lord"
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  8. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    "Wonderful that puts me at ease knowing that I won't have to deal with their tendencies..." The Emperor Champion stated with no emotion like it was ingrained into him, then he continued. "Let's get this operation under way shall we." He motioned the Guardsman to start moving.
  9. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    "as you coman my lord" as the soldier spoke he walked over to anouther soldier "there are a few left to arive i will guide the first of them to the inquisitor then" with that the other soldier stood at atention and nodded "now then if you folow me i will guide you to lord valoren" with that he brought them to the room where valoren was stationed "i should warn you he can be a bit excentric at times"2
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  10. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Inquisitor Clarke kind of melded around with the shadows watching the byplay of the eariler arrivals. He shook his head and smiled. Quietly he stepped from the shadows and followed the first group like he had always been there. His appearance was a weird mix of Imperium and Mechanicus symbols on a uniform that was unique anymore. He had the rank of a Captain in the Guard pinned into his maroon beret and the symbol for House Guard of Magos Dominus Simon Cowell's with the device signifying that he was elite house guard. He was definitely in his formal attire from the medals on his chest of his formal jacket that made him a highly decorated soldier of many a battlefield and crusade. The oddest thing of all is his still young face (looks 30) and the fact that he has a badge of office of an Inquisitoral office but not any of the Ordo Majoris. He was armed with a Cane, An Assualt rifle of sort slinged over his back, and a odd Pistol of obvious Mechanicum orgins. (Rest his armaments would take searching him to find. )

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