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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Nice one. Doesn't change the fact that you are wrong tho.
    Everyone is free to play with whomever they choose. Premades have no hardscripted advantage over pugs, I see them beaten regularly. Actually, I win more against premades then I loose.
    Every team can coordinate, in EC you do not even need voice-chat for that. The only thing stopping you is a lack of effort and that can rightfully be punished by loosing.

    At this point, the guilds are the last thing keeping this game alive and yes: you can either join them and have fun, or become sad and bitter and stop playing. Your choice entirely. (Or, of course, you can just git gud and solo-carry your team, which I assure you is possible in at least 50% of all fights)
  2. Some guilds can be beaten by randoms yes but your advice is useless when one team happens to clearly perform better than the other.

    What would help is limiting stacks(war parties) to fighting other stacks and having a separate group option.

    Tag Team/Squad of 4 players maximum to queue against randoms and other squads. Even started doing that myself for a bit with @Ream and @Choure UK Boyz.

    A wild @LOBOTRONUS randomly appeared in our group once! :D
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  3. Yes, always problems at extremely low population hours.

    Though you forgot to mention that with current population it can be bypassed somewhat anyway!

    Stack of players in their Discord etc split into the smaller groups but end up in same match.

    Mostly it's just a reflection on the failure of the team to act properly when there was still 1,000+ players.
    Would be worth implementing if/when it picks up again.
  4. We also do Mondays at @7:30pm GMT as MYST and the Saturday event is usually around 8pm GMT, you are more than welcome to tag along with us
  5. Personally I'd say 5 would be a better number if they were to cap the WP size as thats the normal squad size
  6. Kriximus Lucifron Recruit

    Right and you're a genius as evidenced in this thread. Get over yourself dumbass, you come over here and whine like multitudes of other people yet you haven't actually said anything useful have you?
    And if you're so smart what would you do to alleviate the problem? Delete the guild system? :D
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  7. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    @KHETTI, guild leader of MYST here. I haven't posted in quite awhile and I can't vouch for every guild, but EC has match sizes at a minimum of 15; if you're alone you're at a huge disadvantage, and pretty much no matter how you divided up the war party sizes, guilds would still attempt to combine them because it's an awesome experience to fight 15v15 or higher between guild stacks - or save a pug from getting stomped. You forget to mention that for every game matchmaking pairs us with a total pug, it pairs us with 2-3 against groups - whether tagged or not. The devs even removed tags from the game for awhile and players loved it - especially lone wolves like yourself because they honestly couldn't tell which was a guild match and what wasn't - they were just along for the ride. Anyway, recently, guilds have been getting together and doing a lot of fun play matches because it's far more important to build community than build competetion. Which is why, historically MYST has always scaled its efforts to the threat level your force presents. If we can tell you're new, disorganized, or clearly not up to a challenge at that moment, we're not going to go out of way to terminate you. In fact theres days were not up for a challenge either, it's a game where virtually nothing matters after all and we've been playing it since day 1. Well give you points if you fight and test wild and outlandish tactics to make it worth our time and make it interesting for you. We'll blitz the hell out of you if it's clear it'd be better to start a new game instead of milking you for kills. We've done mass melee many times, MYST at one point fielded a 20v20 fortress match against itself, and regularly plays with other guilds to create interesting and varied events, one of which was a full on melee brawl we've t to replicate several times, but more often than not recently PuGs rely on us to win fights for them, so they'll disrupt the activity when they're very clearly outnumbered on both sides. Or they'll steal our tanks, and quite often solo guys just get in the damn way. But we're here for you too. We regularly keep the Eldar faction alive, and are one of the few groups of players capable of forcing the Eldar to actually have matches. I say all of that because I sometimes come back to these forums and realize that there are many individuals who just don't understand that both of us have roles to play in EC. You as a solo player should be able to enjoy yourselves in your way, while guilds comprise of many different people attempting to do the same. Because we stand on opposite sides of the same field, doesn't mean we can't play together. Most of the time where things start to unravel is because of a major lack of communication.

    Case in point:

    WCA vs MYST on Ronan with about 15-20 pugs out of nearly 40 guildmates. Guilds wanted to fight in melee in front of A. PuGs wanted their guilds to bash the shit out of each other so they could win, and a handful didn't care either way. The guilds were in communication with each other, the PuGs were not. MYST and WCA agreed not to fight and attempted to melee and told their sides what they were going to do. PUGs did everything they could to disrupt and degrade that effort on both sides. I was actually very suprised to see how much the Eldar backlashed against it. They team killed the hell out of us, had quite a bit of salt, and made it really difficult to do anything, so we just went to Ronan stairs in front of B and let the PuGs do their thing on A while we fought for fun at B with WCA. It was a shitshow of course and the LSM PuGs clearly degrated WCAs effort after a few rounds and A started to fall. So we had to end it.

    But since then I've been thinking quite a bit about it. I mean there has to be some common ground here. People want new game modes. And the guilds have been providing those experiences since the devs can't or won't do it for us. We just need to get PUG cooperation at some level. I mean Fortresses for one thing are absolutely one way to make you as an individual player feel utterly useless and grindy. They're big enough to physically seperate guilds and PuGs in the same match.

    Maybe we can make it a community wide effort to have some sort of vote at the start up phase of a game to see what people want to do in a fort game and then players can act accordingly. If two guilds take themselves out of the fight and have at it on the sidelines while the PuGs sort it out over the points, I feel as though everyone is going to have a better time than any combination of 30v30 on a fortress.
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