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Old World High Elves Vs. Wh40k Eldar

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Arlin, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Arlin Arlin Member

    I've always been more into Warhammer fantasy than WH40k, but I'm no expert which will be obvious by this post and question. My favorite race in Warhammer fantasy was the High Elves and as such I've always had a keen interest in the Eldar of WH40k. Thus, my question is probably geared toward the lore buffs here, hoping for some enlightenment. What is the difference between the High Elves and Eldar? Are they the same race just fantasy vs. sci-fi?
  2. Zharrat Zharrat Menial

    The main difference could be that the High Elves are allied with Humans and Dwarves (more or less). However, the Eldars are very hostile to the Imperium and the other races. In fact, Biel-tan is completly xenophobic, even more than others craftworlds.

    The eldar would gladly see 1 million humans die so that 1 eldar may live (Armageddon)
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  3. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    basically every race in 40K is xenophobic, thats why 40K is a great choice to make a PvP centric game
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  4. That's not true! Orkz are not xenophobic, they just love to kill (even their own kind).
  5. Also, in Fantasy, the Gods are portrayed as being alive and active.
    However, in 40k, the Gods are dead (except Isha, Khaine and Ceogorach)
  6. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Isn't C'tan aswell? :O The Necron one?
  7. I was referring specifically to the High Elves / Eldar gods. The C'tan (to my knowledge) don't exist within Fantasy
  8. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Oh ok, and you are right, C'tan doesn't exist in Fantasy.
  9. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    Everything that has been said, and in addition no civil war between them and Dark Eldar. The Fall led to the separation of the eldar factions instead, and there is no long lasting, scarred hatred between Dark Eldar and Craftworld Elves (unlike with Dark Elves).

    Hoeth Swordguys are awesum
  10. Ganelon Ganelon Well-Known Member

    Not completely true, Karandras vs Arhra.

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