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Old World Blues [WHF casual rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Mar 8, 2016.

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    @Valonox @DeranVendar @Grall_Stonefist @Casavay @Maleth

    Magical power flew left and right and before Tugg could even cast his own spell, he saw a hail of two dozen spectral blades appearing close to him, right next to the disembarking Norscans. You could guess what happened to them as they were sliced into little pieces, their fur "armor" providing no protection whatsoever from Dark Elf spell. Speaking of Druchii, for a brief moment they were free of any enemies, those two Marauders that survived the Bladewind were still reeling from the effect, but before the slavers could move in for the kill Tugg's own potent spellforce came into view.

    Crunching parts of the fallen, the Great Maw blessed him with a portent of its devouring strength. From the edge of his cleaver a dark brown bolt appeared, streaking straight into the Corsairs who despite their natural-born agility, had no time to get out of the way. Ethereal bolt impacted on them and their bodies twisted into dozen different sides, as if struck by couple of sledgehammers at the same time. Crumped, broken and utterly without form, bodies of the Dark Elves fell on the deck, joining the rest of their comrades that now hurried to Khaine's sweet embrace. One of them survived however and dashed forward, stabbing Tugg in his belly, trying to at least get a measure of revenge now that the doom was fast approaching. Ogre didn't seem to care and swatted the Dark Elf aside, crushing him with his cleaver and killing him on the spot, the curved sword still sticking out of his body. Two remaining Marauders suffered the same fate as they were clobbered soon after, the Butcher not giving them any chance to react.

    There would be no more enemies for the Ogre to fight as both Milena and Alozia saw to that. Removing the chains holding two ships together they destroyed the thing linking the fate of the Norscans and the Druchii, each of the ships now having to weather the storm alone. Fitting, as the wave that swooped over the slaver ship hit the Norscan longship in full force and knocked it over, both the vessel and its crew disappearing in the dark waters of the cold sea.

    This however didn't mean that there were no enemies at all - both the Captain Bleakwind and her Norscan compatriot still lived, alongside two Corsairs that fought against the furious dwarven assault with cold certainty of their own. Actually, make that one, as the same bald human who saved them earlier finally managed to make himself useful, tossing his own knife he managed to hit one of the Corsairs straight in the chest, dropping him instantly and leaving his comrade to fend for his life alone.

    "Nice armor Dwarf. When I kill you I'll tell my smith to melt it down and forge me a shiny poker so I can make my slaves work faster, especially now when you ruined the entire batch," Druchii female spat back at Barakthum, mix of saliva and blood leaving her mouth as she moved a bit away, recovering from Ironbreaker's charge. However she was wounded but not yet beaten, launching herself at Barakthum with increased vigor, sharp sword once again flying for his face and neck, the Dark Elf trying to find weak spots in his Gromril armor and punish his insolence at going against her all alone.

    While the Druchii Captain switched focus on the Ironbreaker, Marauder Chieftain let loose a howl of anger. "WHAT?! FACE ME COWARDS! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE JUDGEMENT OF THE DARK GODS!" hundred-times before heard warcry of Northren savages but before the Chieftain could smash his big axe into Barakthum's back and turn this duel into a mexican standoff, Dawne came at him from the side, the Witch Hunter living up to her profession as the seeker and destroyer of all things Chaos. She aimed her rapier straight at Norscan's right side below the armpit for that sweet punch that would obliterate his heart. Alas Manan didn't seem to be fond of Sigmar's servants and the wave that washed over most of the crew hit her in the back and ruined her move, the sharp edge of the sword merely slashing across Chieftain's thick biceps.

    "Raaagh! You'll just have to do then!" he growled and following that good old "blood must flow, yours or theirs" maxim that many among the tribes lived by, smashed the hilt of his great axe into Dawne's face before nearly cutting her in two with the weapon. Witch Hunter was tossed back couple of feet and straight into the wet deck, half of her chest armor was gone, destroyed alongside better part of her jaw. Grevious wound no doubt but one that wasn't lethal, at least not yet.

    However getting killed by either of the leaders was only one of the concerns you'll have in the following couple of moments as the storm reached its peak. Thunder crashed across the sky, too close to mast for anyone's liking, threatening to split it in two. But if that wouldn't do it, the thing that was rising in front of the ship definitely would. Worse than any sea monster of legend, a giant wave formed on the horizon and was rappidly closing distance. If the ship retained this current course there was no avoiding it and when the hit happens, only Gods (of your choosing) can help you. Thankfully, Druchii ships were known to be agile little sharks and steering one away, forcing it to ride the wave differently, shouldn't be much of an issue given the fact the helm was close to where the leaders were fighting and well in reach.

    OOC Storm reached its peak, once again you'll get hit by (now) d3 Strength 3 hits due to bad weather. However not only that but you'll also be hit by a monster wave (tsunami?) and something will have to be done to prevent a crash:

    Option 1: All hands to starboard! Steer starboard ya scrawny dogs!

    Wave is going at you head on. Try to ride it steering the ship starboard and pray that it doesn't flip you upside down.

    Option 2: Portside! We go portside!
    Same thing, just steer it port. All options will give you different rolls and chances, so the choice will matter!

    Option 3: Wave? That's not a wave, that's a breeze!
    Wouldn't steering the ship to a side only help the wave turn it and crash it completely? A true pirate can't be fooled by such trickery! You chose to go hold the course and ride the lighting!

    Option 4: Do I look like a pirate to you?
    All this mariner big talk bores me, whatever happens happens. Also wasn't Grall sailor, he should know what to do? And does it matter what happens in the end? It's not like we'll die anyway, the plot armor protects! You sit back and relax, waiting for the wave to come to you and enjoy reaping benefits of the crit success of the following roll.

    Remaining enemies: 1 Corsair, 3/3 HP Marauder Chieftain 2/3 HP Corsair Captain Bleakwind

    Your wounds:
    Alozia:3 Tugg:6 Barakthum:6 Milena:5 Dawne:2
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  2. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Dawne got up slowly and gazed at the Marauder Chieftain with a piercing glare that wouldn't scare him but maybe other yes. Dawne was showing the face of her enemy spitting a glob of blood, and rolling her shoulders forward to pull her coat up showing no fear. "As tough as a Warrior it seems this will be interesting." pulling her other pistol she shot near his head missing on purpose. Quickly Dawne put one pistol away, then grabbing the other pistol she started sprinting and coming up low going for that bicep and fire the other pistol under his chin. "For Sigmar!" She shouted at the top of her lungs this was do or die.
    (1 Feint, 1 Attack)
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Aloiza at first had to fend off the storm before getting anything done, as another wave pounded into her. At first, the ward kicked in and saved her at first, but however the torrent of water soon busted the ward and smashed her into the deck once again, leaving her covered in more would-be bruises and other marks that would show her wounds.

    The Sorceress however picked herself off the deck and focused her efforts on the Marauder Chieftain, firstly calling out her Word of Pain that ravaged the body of Marauder. The spell left him howling in agony from her hex, as she then assaulted him. Her staff merely nicked at flesh, and provoked a counterattack. Due to the pain ransacking the body, it was ineffective as the strikes were missed and dodged. The Druchii took the opportunity to slip in, and gouged out a deep wound with her dagger into the Norscan's flesh.

    However, fighting wasn't enough given that there was the small matter of getting away from the giant wave ahead. So, Alozia went for the wheel, and pulled for the Starboard direction, not wishing to let anyone else risk pick a direction that could end.... Poorly.

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