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Old World Blues [WHF casual rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Tugg had Been alone in his cage, might not have been at first, but the butcher was ravenous hungry in this imprisonement, so by now anything barely edible in the cage was gorne.
    Then suddenly the ship shook violently, as it now was under attack, not long after stuff could hear the lock to his cage being opened, he saw a human opening it reluctantly, though Tugg tried to push into his mind that he should try to not eat the other slaves, atleast not yet.
    He hurried the best an ogre could out the cage, immidiatly looking for anything to eat, be it the dead, rationelt or things only edible to ogres, meanwhile also finding his old stuff, pretty easy given it was ogre sized. He dident listen to a word the dark elf said, as all stuff wanted was to eat him.
  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    @Grall_Stonefist @DeranVendar @Casavay @Maleth @Valonox

    While Alozia was ready to stand up for her fellow kinsmen only if in the end she would get more loot, turns out that the rest of "ex-slaves" didn't share her sentiment. Clad in full Gromril plate and armed with gilded weapons like a true ancestor, Barakthum strode forward and honored the word given. Quickly understanding what the most horrible fate for the slaver would be, the Ironbreaker took hold of the spear fixing the Dark Elf, waiting for that second to hear the sound he was looking for - rumbling of a hungry belly. Tugg knew that he shouldn't eat the other slaves just yet, however that didn't mean he shouldn't eat the slaver, especially when he was right in front of him, dangling with his wasted legs like a little fish. Perhaps he tasted the same like he looked, all sharp and bitter, but a snack was a snack and Great Maw wouldn't look with kindness if the Butcher went to a fight on an empty stomach.

    Once the situation in the hold was resolved, there was only one way for you - up the stairs and up on the main deck! Moving in a ragtag group (not counting the Dwarfs who under the lead of their elder gathered in a fine formation, all seven of them), you headed straight up and the first thing that welcomed you was the cold night's sky. That and the sound of people dying.

    Deck was filled with corpses of both the slaves who were too quick to flee the hold, Dark Elf slavers and finally, their attackers, which by their smell, ragged looks and mindless howling, could only be one thing. Norscan raiders. At least a dozen Marauder were dead, their bodies cut apart by cruel weaponry of the Druchii of Karond Kar. But where there were dozen dead, there were two dozen more of them trying to climb aboard the ship and get in the grips with the enemy.

    On the port side you could see Norscan longboat linked with the Druchii slaveship by two thick chains. Group of five Dark Elf Corsairs were fending off another group of Marauders while simultaneously trying to sever the chains and free their ship. Suffice to say, they weren't having much luck as more and more Norscans were jumping from their longboat aboard this ship and soon the slavers will be severely outnumbered.

    Behind you, you could see the bridge where a rather large Marauder warlord carrying even larger two handed axe was fighting a Druchii Captain over the ownership of the "wheel", both sides looking shaken but resolved to gain control of the vessel and end the combat the quickest way possible, by killing the enemy leader.

    However before you could decide who do you wanna help or kill next, you saw that your escape haven't gone unnoticed. Group of Dark Elf Corsairs who just finished executing the last slave who escaped earlier by riddling him with bolts, turned their attention towards you and moved to intercept. There were eight of them in total, while most of them carried some kind of a melee weapon, from cutlases, punch-daggers, curved swords or all kinds and shapes, three of them were armed with a minature versions of crossbows, so called Repeater Handbows, and were aiming them in your general direction. There was no way to escape fighting now, but perhaps there was a chance for some kind of maneuvering. For what was worth, the unknown bald guy who freed you (and stuck around since then), said nothing and prepared his weapons to fight the incoming Corsairs.

    OOC: There are three "battles" happening simultaneously here and you can decide in which one you want to participate, all three providing you (when resolved) with a different result.

    Fight 1:
    Black Arc Corsairs going for you directly. Somebody has to deal with them or else they'll just hit you from behind and most likely slaughter you before you can react. However if two (or Barakthum and his squad) characters stand ground and meets the Corsairs, they'll solely focus on those characters and won't spread their attacks to other people.
    - 8 Corsairs (5+3 with ranged weapons)

    Fight 2:
    Boarding action. Five Corsairs are defending the ship from Norscan Marauders jumping over. At the moment, five Marauders are in melee while four more are in the process of hopping over to the Druchii ship. Each turn four more will hop over and join the fight until there's no one left aboard their own longboat. There's 20 Marauders in total (9 on the Druchii ship and 11 more "in queue") versus 5 Corsairs. There are 2 chains linking the ships together. You can use a "free" action to sever the chain, passing the Strength test with 1d6. You can only try to sever one chain per character per turn.
    - 5 Corsairs
    - 5 + 4 Marauders (11 in reserve)

    Fight 3:
    Boss fight. Two leaders are fighting in a duel, you can decide to interfere and try to swing the fight in someone's favor. The Hound will be pleased, Khaine not so much. If one of the leaders die, their "army" will have to pass a test or break. The other army will however become unbreakable and fight till the end. Also, next to the fighting leaders there's the wheel that steers the Druchii ship, if you conclude the duel and both leaders are dead and the chains are severed (and you decide to stay aboard the ship), you'll be able to steer it away and the battle will end.

    Your wounds:
    Alozia:4 Tugg:7 Barakthum:6 Milena:5 Dawne:5
  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Ogri!" Barakthum wrenches slaver from the wall, arms wrapped firmly around the pinning bolt. Two of the Ironbreaker's kinsmen are at hand to hold his weapon and shield while he pries bolt free and swings it about, narrowly clipping the she-elf sorceress and anyone else unfortunate enough to be close by. "Come an get yer fill, ye fat sods don't fight too well when your hungry aye?" Barakthum shuffles forward, offering the dying elf-kabob to Tugg. (@Grall_Stonefist )

    Barakthum and his unit break out of the hold and straight into a cloud of reaper bolts. Far from a fool Barakthum had already ordered trailing squad to keep their shields up, no telling what the bloody elves would of had in store anyways. One lad did not quite catch the memo, shield arm weak after being starved and a fever boiling in his brow, his body jerks and topples back below deck with a bolt buried deep in his cranium.

    Go to your ancestors kinsman, maybe they can forgive you your weakness. Ironbreaker advances without so much as a glance back for the dead. Own shield caught another projectile, snapping it without so much as suffering a scratch. Before the narrowed eyes of the dwarven lord and his great axe depicted upon bulwark's surface, the opposing groups closed for close combat. Az digs into the armor of one Corsair, Barakthum lurching around and hacking open the slaver's stomach with a single swing while Druchii recovers from a failed slash with his saber. Another pounces at the Ironbreaker, blade dropping in an overhead helmsplitter. Steel sparks against Gromril, slicing down and skipping off a raised beard strip. Barakthum's glare pierces helm's visor and shield connects with a knee cap, slam causing an audible crack that topples elf into a screaming heap. With a casual chop the Dawi leaves victim to bleed out on the deck, jugular split and life bleeding from dark eyes.

    Behind him his small unit of familiar strangers meet the remaining Corsairs with shields raised. Though captivity may have weakened them there is not a force alive that can extinguish the fighting spirit of a true dwarf. More blades met retrieved shields in a series of chimes and shrieks, serrated knives screaming uselessly when blocked. Another of the sea raiders dies when a warrior anchoring the far left flank takes his axe and savagely hacks into his opponent's chest before rounding with shield and using it to sweep Druchii off his feet. Axe's smile sinks into another skull, avenging the fallen Thranz of Barakk Varr while evening the odds further.

    "Butcher these Elgi! If the raider-men wish to die then they can attack us to, otherwise let them to their slaughter. Our grudge is with these accursed knife ear scum!" Barakthum lowers his head and breaks into a full sprint, snorting like a bull as he charges another of the elves. Another section of the small shield wall staggers back, wounded but not felled. A warrior by the name of Brongi hacks up a loogie starved of saliva and fed by blood onto the boots of a Corsair that had managed to plant a heel in his exposed face.

    "Not good enough! No where near good enough!"
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the rest of the former slaves evidently not agreeing with keeping the slaver alive, Alozia left him to whatever fate he got from the dwarf, or Tugg. So, coming up to the deck was a bit of an unpleasant surprise with Marauders and Corsairs alike providing ample problems. Not that a little magic could be used to solve the issue, but problems had to be dealt with one at a time.

    So the Sorceress turned her attention towards the Corsairs, and with a firm point of her staff and a name spoken set forth a hex upon the Corsairs, letting all of them enjoy having pain be set upon their limbs. While that happened, the Dark Elf attempted to attack the Corsairs, but she was foiled by the first target's armor, which prevented a jab from her staff inflicting any harm.
    And for the second Corsair she attacked, she missed with her staff being swung at him but failing to connect with any part of him.
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    The Kislevite warrior couldn't watch as their captor was being devoured alive, and had turned away to spare herself the sight. Nevertheless, she felt the punishment was more than just, and that the terrible slaver was ended rightly even if Milena rather avoided thinking about the particulars of such a grisly fate.

    Once she had stepped upon the deck with the others, and one of her dwarfish allies nigh-immediately succumbed to Dark Elf predations, her head whipped about and her body turned to assess the situation. It was not pandaemonium yet, no, but clearly this barge had fallen prey to Norscan hunger for battle and loot - perhaps, yes, slaves - and although Milena knew she shared more blood with these than with the elves, their arrival was no mercy or salvation. She had lost much pride over the years of being a sellblade, but she was still noble, and would never bow to anyone like a leashed dog! Much less get sacrificed on some heavens-forsaken altar, to some backwards, primitive pseudo-deity or demon spirit! Milena Sokal was Shallya's, and in death, her soul would belong to the Maiden.

    Or at least, that's what she hoped. But to make this hope a reality, lives needed to be taken. The Gospodar looked around, and decided quickly. A skirmish off to her side did not interest her - best to let the elves and barbarians weaken each other, not to mention that technically she had no right to harm either; and the same was true for the duel crystallising somewhere to the other side. The dwarfs, however, were holding off a charge of pirates already - and had suffered a loss. Alongside the elven witch and the lady she'd shared a cell with, the short men (for describing them as "small" wouldn't do their muscular, powerful build justice) were already engaged. Even under the Dove's watchful, stern gaze, aiding them in battle and inflicting death upon their former captors would surely be forgiven, Milena figured, and with this conclusion, she broke into a run, reaching for her weapons as she did.

    The elves were still trading blows with the dwarfs when she arrived, barely managing to pass by the living wall of beardling metal and lashing out at the firstmost sneering face she saw - her saber did not strike true, but this was hardly the first time the Kislevite had fought elves. Carried onward by the momentum of her run and the water-slick wood beneath, she twist her body to move with the blow. So hastened, her axe was carried onward and did not stop as it sliced through her chosen foe's thigh and groin. He toppled with a cry, and Milena took a step back, both arms now to her right, so that she did not find herself in the middle of angry slavers.

    She would be lying, were she to claim that she didn't enjoy shedding blood or ending lives - her sword was thrust downward, the point driven through the prone newly made eunuch's neck; her left arm swung forward, though the axe only hit air and did not truly discourage the Corsairs. It was exhilarating. Another chop forward, bringing down her sabre on the nearest elf - it bounced off his armour, putting her off-balance and ending her assault as she retreated a step. The cut and thrust of melee upon a ship was not an all too familiar sensation, and ere she lost her footing, she'd rather fight at a slower pace.
  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    @DeranVendar @Casavay @Maleth @Grall_Stonefist @Valonox

    Lighting split the sky in the distance, for a moment the sound of it silencing the scream of a dying Druchii as Milena ended the life of the latest slaver. Around her, Dwarfs under the lead of righteously angry Ironbreaker clobbered the Dark Elves, their essence sapped by Alozia's magics. Winds, both real and ethereal, blew through the night and brought the storm in every meaning of that word.

    Dawne was there as well, the female Witch Hunter equally capable of hunting Naggaroth's raiders as well as dangerous apostates. Her sword, the weapon made in some lightless forge in the Land of Cold, seemed to hunger for the pale flesh of its old owners, it almost acting on the will of its own as the Witch Hunter fought next to the Kislevite noble, ending another Dark Elf's life as the sharp point punctured the neck, spraying more blood all over the deck.

    Where the Druchii came at them with eight pirates, now only three remained. However while the Corsairs, seeing that they were fighting a loosing battle, shortened the distance between them and tried to pull out a fighting retreat towards the bridge, it would be false to say that they were beaten. They were loosing the ship aye, but their race was known to enjoy the warfare on completely different level than most of the races of the world. Their cool was there, their anger kept in check, their movement precise and calculated. Even as the bald nameless human, who up until then stood next to the Dwarf shield line, lunged forward to slice through the leg of one of the Corsairs too busy fending off Milena's onslaught, another Corsair intercepted the attack and with a quick thrust, disarmed the human and kicked him straight in the chest, driving all air out of his lungs.

    While the Dark Elves, experienced in this line of work as they were, could perhaps go toe to toe with such group of escaped captives, having to fight on two fronts, three even if you count the increasingly bad weather, got to them. On the side where Norscans were boarding another Druchii fell, his torso blasted open by a Marauder with a cudgel with its head in the shape of a snarling Chaos hound. Vengeance was swift and both the Norsemen and his weapon were sent, in couple of unqeual parts, straight into the cold sea below as another Corsair sliced him apart. One more Chaos-worshiper died as two slavers stabbed him in unison, curved swords making a mess from his chest. But where two fell four more came to replenish the ranks, that is until Tugg arrived.

    Ogre Butcher, apparently not satisfied with the snack provided earlier, followed the rest out of the hold and into the starless night above. Dark Elf sailors proved to have a stingy meat and a change was in order. What better way than to taste some of the Norscan raiders, perhaps marinating in corrupting energies flowing freely from the North in this time of the year gave them a different, more refined, taste. Alas, the hunger got the better of him. As the Marauders hopped overboard and were about to get into the melee, the lumbering mountain of flesh and muscle charged into them from seemingly nowhere. They had almost no time to react as Tugg sent them flying overboard, their bodies looking like broken twigs after connecting with Butcher's belly. Of course, the sudden death of the latest batch of Marauders didn't stop the remaining ones back aboard their longship to try and jump over, the chains linking two ships still held and there was no reason to stop fighting now, not even when an Ogre joined the fray.

    However simple slaughtering of the raiders was just the beginning of your problems. Perhaps Stormfels himself ate something bad for dinner and now was making the oceans hurt or you simply had bad luck, whatever was the case another lighting cracked across the sky and the wind strengthened, seemingly spelling doom for the embattled ships. Waves crashed against the hull and some even went over, tossing the corpses around as if they were simple toys. The sea was unpredictable and getting hit by one of those waves (which by the looks of them were just getting bigger) could be the last thing for any of you - perhaps even more certain for those wearing heavy armor. Falling overboard awarded you with a one way ticket to Grungni's, Ursun's or whoever else's deity's hall you preferred.

    While all of this was happening, leaders of both the Dark Elfs and Norscan Marauders kept on dueling, ignoring the world around them. So far they looked equally skilled, but as the survivors of the Corsair group you almost completely whiped out slowly got closer, the chances of Marauder Chieftan surviving the fight were getting lesser by the inch.

    OOC Storm is increasing in its strength, each turn until the combat is resolved each character will be hit by D3 Strength 2 hits mimicking the waves which these two ships were now trapped in. Next turn it'll be Strength 3, then the turn after that Strength 4 and so on (This is me testing different modifiers to see how they work :) ).

    Fight 1:
    Where there were eight, now there were only three. You beat these Elgi right and proper, now they are retreating towards their leader, Captain Bleakwind or whatever her name was. However if you chose to stay on them, since they failed the test they won't be able to reinforce the Captain and whoever attacks these 3 Corsairs won't be attacked by the boss (unless you specifically state you want to continue towards the boss duel)
    - 3 Corsairs

    Fight 2:
    Boarding action. Fight continues, despite Tugg killing the entire wave by himself, there's more of them where they came from! Another 4 are jumping over and joining the melee. There are 2 chains linking the ships together. You can use a "free" action to sever the chain, passing the Strength test with 1d6. You can only try to sever one chain per character per turn.
    - 4 Corsairs
    - 3 + 4 Marauders (7 in reserve)

    Fight 3:
    Boss fight. Two leaders are fighting in a duel, you can decide to interfere and try to swing the fight in someone's favor. The Hound will be pleased, Khaine not so much. If one of the leaders die, their "army" will have to pass a test or break. The other army will however become unbreakable and fight till the end. Also, next to the fighting leaders there's the wheel that steers the Druchii ship, if you conclude the duel and both leaders are dead and the chains are severed (and you decide to stay aboard the ship), you'll be able to steer it away and the battle will end.

    Your wounds:
    Alozia:4 Tugg:7 Barakthum:6 Milena:5 Dawne:5
  7. After having impacted the Marauders trying to bord the dark elf ship, the Norscans broke, got bashed or simply thrown clear off the ship, with what Tugg had excepted to be at least some sort of a fight, he remembered something about Norscans supposedly being hard fighters, though currently they seemed puny and easy to squish like most things. Though there was still fighting left to be done, and Tugg could feel the magic winds surrounding him more and more, the Maws touch upon him, a power he hadn't felt since he was enslaved by the corsairs, instead of going to try and disloge the bording chains or anything like that, Tugg picked up a dying Norscan before chomping down on him, crushing bones and biting through flesh, he then pointed his weapon at the cosairs close by channeling the bonecrushing power in attempt to throw it as a spell.
    Afterwards he would just contenue his melee at whatever was closest and still alive.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    For Alozia, at first it didn't go too well as at first one of the waves buffeting the ship smacked into her, leaving her worse off for wear as body met both the force of the wave and floor of the ship. However, she soon got back onto her feet, and she made her advance upon the Corsairs, and while one swing of her staff didn't even manage to connect, sailing high over her foe's silhouette. However, her next attack went better, hacking into a Corsair's neck and the resulting wound causing them to drop onto the deck and thoughtfully bleed out for her.

    Once that was done, the Sorceress moved from fighting Corsairs and instead towards the boarding action. Firstly, she invoked her magic once again as the Bladewind Spell, setting forth a clutch of blades to hound the Marauders, claiming five of them with the magical blades, four of them being those that were coming to the ship, and one of them being already on the ship.

    When her spell's work was complete, the Dark Elf moved onto the matter of the chains holding the ship she was on with the ship providing the boarders. With a few repeated blows to one of the chains she had managed to break it, and then she prepared for anything else that could try to harm her.
  9. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Milena exhaled her breath as she braced for the crash of a wave - but only truly felt the effects of spray. At this point, it was almost a refreshing mercy. But the fighting was far from over, and her companions far from free. The Kislevite disengaged from what few Corsairs remained - an easy task for their cowardice - and took the moment's respite to reassess her surroundings.

    Only now did she spot the chains holding the two ships together, and her immediate reaction was to sprint to the section of the gunwale where it was affixed. Putting all of her weight and momentum behind her left arm, she brought down her axe upon the elven wood; the chains needed to go, but for no feeble promise of salvation would she risk breaking the blade upon metal. Fortune was with her then, it seemed, that, with another kick, the weathered bit that the chain had been adhering to gave way and broke off. With a clatter, the chain fell, and Milena could not help but smile at the shifting luck. Still holding onto both weapons, she turned around and cast her gaze at the captains' duel, her breath burning in her lungs and the faint taste of copper on her tongue.
  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Barakthum's boots pounded up the steps leading to the wheel and dueling captains. Against all odds his dwarves were the ones intercepting elves for once, another of the Corsairs dying as an axe splits their knee and brings grimacing face to eye level with one of the warriors. Warrior slams slaver's head hard enough with his shield to cause an audible snap. Body drops with neck at an entirely unnatural angle, dwarf giving a victorious shout and turning to aid his brothers with a grunt. Water laps over the railing from a wave tall enough to crest the wood, but shallow enough not to wash everyone away. The Dawi with their armor and squat legs could easily drown faster than even their Ogre if swept off their feet, however the bearded folk are made of sterner stuff and spite the seas with dwarven curses and their own sturdiness.

    Barakthum avoids entirety of the breaking wave, several feet above the deck he receives only a chill misting of the splash. Another of his kin cries out, fighting back breaking waters and then a particularly nimble elf that slides a short blade through the linked plates of his armor. A wee butter knife would not do in any son of stone though! Dwarf rips himself off and hacks madly at the retreating Druchii, combatants sneering at each other. Up high Barakthum closes with Captain Bladewind. Woman turns a slash against Chieftain into a slice against dwarf, Ironbreaker howls at the top of his lungs and takes it on the chin, or more accurately the chest. Light blade merely scratches Gromril, and Barakthum having no interest in letting the bloody Elgi recover bounds up and slams armored head into her lower stomach. Needless to say the force of a charging dwarf in heavy armor using himself as a living projectile dangerously close to the nether regions feels surprisingly similiar to just getting clobbered by a hammer. Impact is enough to jostle organs, bruise flesh, and cause a bit of bloody spittle to erupt from Bladewind's mouth.

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