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Old World Blues [WHF casual rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Old World Blues

    Dramatis Personae

    (in alphabetic order)
    Alastair Breckenridge, Halfling Banker

    Aleron Dacourt, Knight of the Realm - MIA

    Alozia Kalitara, Dark Elf Sorceress

    Claire, Priestess of Shallya

    Ebba Kaulbach, Imperial Bright Wizard

    Fiddlesticks, Goblin Bard - MIA

    Fulke Ritter, Disgraced Greatsword - MIA

    Harold Varden, Wanderer

    Khelandria, Witch Elf

    Kolja, Kislevite Boyar

    Kristoff von Volkald, Wolf Priest of Ulric

    Lena Harova, Priestess of Morr

    Maceson Cragbrow, Dwarf Inventor - MIA

    Mariah De'Leon, Bretonnian Knight Errant

    Ori Orinsson, Dwarf Blacksmith

    Pierre Le Brisson, Questing Knight - KIA

    Sammuel York, Leader of the Hogs, Imperial artillery regiment

    Sebine, High Elf Noble - KIA

    Thomas Constantine, the Employer

    Tobias Samith, Major of Eichenwald

    Tuska Blackhide, Black Orc- KIA

    Tugg Brewgor, Ogre Butcher

    Ubarin, Gold Battle Wizard - KIA

    Vacus Embermore, Dark Elf Black Guard

    Vamir Tristhyra, Shadow Warrior - KIA

    Wiebke Feuerstolz, Imperial Engineer - KIA

    Xiuhcoatl, Saurian Temple Guard

    Yanta'i Svvar, Wood Elf Waywatcher - KIA


    Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?
    Eh sinnerman?
    Where you gonna run to?
    All along them days?

    The rain poured like from the cable, as if an angry god split open the sky and in response, it cried out its tears upon the unsuspecting world. It was non-stop raining for couple of days now out here in central Ostland, and it didn't look like the weather would change any time soon. The people were used to the cold and the rain by now, but it didn't made them any less grumpy, not to mention it prevented them from going about their usual business. And when such low-lives, or shall we say, ordinary citizens of the Empire this far out in the North, had nothing better to do, they on almost every occasion went straight into tavern.

    So I ran to the river, it was bleedin'
    So I ran to the sea, it was bleedin'
    I ran to the sea, it was bleedin'
    All along them days.

    The tavern in the village of Hasselhund was located right in the center of it, surrounded by dozen small cabins. The village itself was populated by exactly 52 souls, most of them being woodcutters and their families who worked on the nearby sawmills for the surrounding forest was rich in black oak. The tree itself was considered a weed, however its properties and the interesting looks made it being used in crafting ornament furniture as well as building ships (which was perhaps the more important fact here) because this type of oak was quite water tolerant.

    So I ran to the river, it was boilin'
    So I ran to the sea, it was boilin'
    I ran to the sea, it was boilin'
    All along them days.

    Another important feature of this village was that it was located right in the middle of Ostland, the roads from it leading to all kinds of interesting places. If you went north you would find yourself in a town of Ferlangen after which, three days on foot, you would reach the Sea of Claws and the old Erengard road. To the west, there were number of smaller villages around the borders of the great Forest of Shadows and Hasselhund was a pit-stop for any merchant and supply caravan going there. To the east, you would find great plains and towns of Lubrecht and Vandengart, after which you would reach the southwestern border of Kislev, the place any adventurer worthy of his name but smart in his head would stay away from. Finally, to the south lied the only road around the Middle Mountains which led towards the Capital of Ostland, great city of Wolfenburg, and the lands of the Empire beyond. So all in all, quite small but important place to find yourself in.

    So I run to the lord, please hide me Lord,
    Don't you see me prayin'?
    Don't you see me down here prayin'?
    But the Lord said, go to the devil,
    The Lord said, go to the devil,
    He said, go to the devil,
    All along them days.

    Despite the music coming from the tavern, inside the place didn't look so lively. Besides the barkeeper, a bald and short man looking so trustworthy that you wouldn't give him a dead sheep to guard for you and a peasant girl running around with tankards, by the looks of her face undoubtedly barkeeper's daughter, you would see only couple of other souls inside. Three dwarf merchants sitting in one corner and minding their own business and a group of dozen locals, looking slightly worse than the barkeeper himself. Thugs and scumbags masquerading as woodcutters were sitting and drinking local alcoholic beverage which had extremely foul taste, one that could only an Ogre like. Them, and of course the figure sitting behind an old piano doing the song.

    So I ran to the devil, he was waitin'
    I ran to the devil, he was waitin'
    Ran to the devil, he was waitin'
    All on that day.

    The stranger was dressed in a long dark leather coat with an interesting hat that you would often see in a Witch Hunter's wardrobe. However there was no mistaking this man for a servant of the Church, for he had no icons representing Sigmar or the twin-tailed comet. Instead, you could see two swords on his back, each of them safely held in the leather scarbard. They were around 45 inches long, the handle simple and elegant. His form was slightly bulkier under that coat which would betray that he had some sort of an armor there, although other than couple of chain links, you couldn't see anything for sure. On his belt, he carried two pairs of pistols, well-used and easy to reach. His hair was short and dark, the face was clean-shaven and devoid of any scars, at least as much as they could see. There was also a trace of a grin on his thin lips as he played the old song, seemingly enjoying it greatly.

    I cried
    Power! Power! Power!

    As the song finally stopped, the stranger stood up from the piano and walked over to the other corner of the room where he sat behind a long table and took a sip of a dark drink the barmaid brought for him especially, as well as a pot of fine-smelling deer stew plus a goat's cheese mixed with fresh olives and sauce made of local mushrooms. However the man haven't started eating just yet - instead he leaned back and took couple of scrolls from his belt and placed them on the table next to the food.

    If anyone was looking more closely, they could see the post fixed on the wall outside the tavern. A man called Thomas Constantine was looking for able man and women to join his mercenary party, promising great riches and adventures to anyone daring enough to become part of it. To those interested, they could find him sitting in the tavern, playing his favorite song on the piano...

    OOC Player reminders:
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    Vamir from the realm of Caledor which he had abandoned his home of the great elvish Isle long ago wondering the woods and towns of man, his dark now a maroon instead of a vibrant dark red, he tugged his hood to hide his piercing blue eyes, he walked through the town peering and found the sign at the tavern and thought 'I might as well aid man-kind' cleaned his mud off his elvish boots and walked into the tavern. As he entered he looked around and found the piano and sat a table away wishing to listen to his human music. Waited for the maid to come and ask if he could have a drink. Then asked the maid in a humble tone. "Ale please biggest cup you hold please." That instant he pulled out seven silver out of his pocket and looked to the bar maiden. "Will this cover it or will I need more?" Vamir relaxed in the chair looking at the man tapping his boot to the beat of the song he kindly waited for the man to finish his work of art before speaking to the man that wish to create a mercenary band.
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  3. < @Colapse >

    Yanta'i looked up at sky, pulling up the hood of his cloak and sneezing. Athel Loren had the cover of the trees to shield from such a downpour as this, but he was far from home now. Not that he minded as much, looking down at the young wolf by his side.

    Talsin had been found as a pup in the forests, being terrorized by some foolish humans who had already killed her mother. Damned beasts sometimes, humans. Of course, having to be near them for so long had given him a bit of a resistance to their aggravation.

    Why had a wood-elven waywatcher left the forests? Simply said, Talsin had desired to wander. And given Yanta'i's attachment to the female, he couldn't help but go with her. To protect her, you understand. It wasn't because of his own deep-seated desire to wander. That he doesn't have. Got it? Baka-Senpai

    Hasselhund. The human village down the hill. Probably had a tavern. Good places to sleep, he supposed. Not that he had much choice. It was there or in mud. Not that mud would be bad if he had no other option. It was soft at least.

    He shrugged and walked down to the tavern, Talsin following along as she normally did. Unless she was killing something or otherwise causing trouble assisting the elf. A notice caught his eye by the door. Riches always helped, but it was the call of adventure that truly called to hi... Talsin. With that, he stepped inside.

    His hood was still up and he looked around, his face unreadable. The last notes of the piano were still ringing when he saw the man that was there sit. He went to step forward... and groaned as Talsin shook herself, cleaning the water off of her. When that was done, he cleared his throat. Maybe nobody heard him. He went to step forward again...

    ...And faceplanted on the ground when the playful female ran in front of him. He groaned, any air of coolness gone. Standing up he lowered his hood and looked at the wolf, who was wagging her tail happily. "Cheeky bitch." he said with a smile before going up to the pianist and leaning against the wall.

    The Wood Elf looked him over, as well as the high-elven warrior (@Valonox) that was also at the table. "Did you still require help?" he asked simply. No sense in sharing if it wasn't needed.
  4. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Vamir looked over and saw @BadDo9 of all thing a wood elf "A drink is always nice even if it ale and not wine but I am no noble. What brings you here Way... Wood-Elf. Here to join this artist. Come sit friend it is always a pleasure to see another elf I am not a noble stuck up. I am Vamir of Cal" Vamir stopped he did not wish to be to formal with an elf that could be scouting to take on the town for the Wood elves but he did not know the intent.
  5. < @Colapse @Valonox >

    Yanta'i looked over at the other elf as he spoke. A slight nod to try and retain a coolness that was already long-gone. "Yanta'i Svvar." he said before looking down at the napping wolf beside him. "This is Talsin." he said before looking at the table and shaking his head. "No thank you, though. Sitting would feel unnatural right now, and..." he paused. "Now is most likely not a good time for me to drink." he said, a slight smirk appearing when he remembered the last time he drank too much.
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    Kristoff trudged through the thick muck these peasants seemed to think was a road. He pulled down his white wolf skin hood, taking in the freezing rain that pummeled down upon him. While many seemed to grumble or grow ill from the inclement weather, Kristoff found invigoration. He had spent a great deal of time as an acolyte in the Nordlands, where the blessed winter of Ulric seemed to never end.

    It was there, that he found his best friend. His brother in arms and blood. It was at that moment that said brother brushed aside him, shaking off his drenched coat of fur and further soaking the Wolf Priest.

    "Come now Vorgen, surely it takes more than a light drizzle to get to you!" He teased at the the arctic wolf, who nearly matched Kristoff in terms of sheer muscle mass. The wolf gave a small huff of indignation before kicking up some mud into his face.

    "Oh, you little bastard!" Within seconds Kristoff tackled the beast, and an odd wrestling match began in the quiet hamlet. After a few minutes the wolf had pinned the giant of a man, his mouth lightly around his neck.

    "Alright, you win this one. But I'm still up on ya by two bouts!" With that boast Kristoff stood up and tried to wipe the mud off his snow white furs. The tavern seemed to be the only place worth visiting, so he decided to head in. Lo and behold, right outside was a strange posting. Some lad with a fancy name seemed to want to go on an adventure into the unknown. A large grin cut across Kristoff's face as he let out a boisterous laugh. "Well my brother, it seems Ulric has blessed us with an interesting challenge! Let's show that old sod what we're made of!"

    With out any further hesitation he barged through the door, quickly scanning the room for the poster. His eyes immediately stopped when he saw what seemed to be a witch hunter sitting with two elves. Seeming to be the oddest group he immediately approached. He took a seat without a word, and began to help himself to the food on the table, throwing some chunks of deer meat to Vorgen who had nestled beside him.

    After he had a few bites, he took a moment to look at this strange group, "Greetings knife ears, I assume your all here for the this lads little quest?" Voren barked at Kristoff, seeming to shake his head. "What do you mean that's not polite!? Just greeting the bastards..." (@BadDo9 @Valonox
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  7. < @Keidivh @Colapse @Valonox >

    Yanta'i looked over when the door slammed open and a rather large bear of a man walked in, flanked by... another wolf? He rose a brow at that, and at the man's comment, but he was used to the words of humans. They didn't sting as much as they might hope. "I suppose I am." he shrugged, before looking down at Talsin.

    The female had already picked her head up at the scent of a male, and her tail started to wag when she saw him. He stood up and slowly approached, her head, ears, and tail lowered to all show a small amount of submissiveness and respect. If he allowed her close enough, she would let out a small yip, asking if he would interact with her.
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    Kristoff couldn't help but be distracted by the wolves tentatively greeting each other. He couldn't help but chuckle as Vorgen pushed a piece of deer meat towards the female wolf. He was curious to see how the two would get along.

    "That's a mighty fine companion you have there lad. Few are blessed to have such a friend." He himself never forgot how he came upon his brother. Ulric had been gracious that day, awarding his kill of the great den mother with a fine cloak and a brother.

    (@BadDo9 )
  9. < @Keidivh >

    Talsin looked down at the meat and gave a slight tail wag and soft yip before leaning her head down and eating it. Once she was done she looked at the male and yipped again, nuzzling her muzzle into his before stepping back and getting into a play stance, yipping curiously.

    Yanta'i watched the proceedings with interest and a stupid grin on his face. He barely registered the fact that the man spoke, but he looked at the human, trying and failing to calm his smile. "Indeed. I suppose it would pay to be civil in this situation. Yanta'i Svvar. That young bitch is named Talsin."

    (OOC - By the way, this is a perfectly acceptable use for the word 'bitch'. She is a female canine. Just an FYI to those who don't know :p)
  10. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member


    Kristoff couldn't but roll his eyes as Vorgen seemed to get a big stupid grin on his face from being nuzzled, and immediately began bouncing and spinning in excitement at it. He then got in a pouncing stance, letting out an excited, playful bark. Kristoff hadn't seen him act this way since he was a pup!

    "Kristoff von Volkalf, Wolf Priest of Ulric." He said absentmindedly to the elf, most of his attention on the adorable display by the wolves. "My brother here is called Vorgen."

    OOC- Oooooooo you said a swear!!! :eek::confused::p

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