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Old Hatreds (Chaos IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Jan 9, 2017.

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    "Already got the other two Melta Bombs, take whatever you wish. Just stay out of my way, do as I say and you'll be fine from my wrath." Solithar spoke as dropped the Heavy Bolter on a shelf as he rummaged for Bolter ammo but found nothing, was still a time to reload his Bolter though.

    "No doubt there will be hundreds more diverted to either the corridors or this armoury itself, depending if the rest of this strike force has them bogged down elsewhere. It'd be for the best to rig this armoury to be destroyed if they should happen to access it. No need to use a lot of explosive though. The Lasrifles will provide all the explosives we need." Solithar walked on over to the Lasrifles and their battery packs. "These will be triggered by an explosion that make if much bigger, then that will link into the frags, anything inside this room will be dead."

    Solithar took a moment considering what type of trap should be set, no point having one on entry, that'd make the majority of the force coming to reinforce or recon survive, no they needed something to go off once the next force was in here full or near enough.

    Going to the corpses outside, Solithar dragged a rather intact one back into the armoury and strung them up, then put a couple of grenades into the man's hands and left them there with the pins ready to fall should anyone disturb the corpse. The explosion should be close enough to the other explosives and lasrifles to spread the explosion all over. Writing in the Armsman's blood next to the corpse. "Vorosh, carmayatha."

    In theory but medical expertise was where Solithar excelled this was more Yeith's expertise... Every corpse became a mine, every access tunnel was a mine, the ground were mines. Only logical route for a commander was turn around, but when were Astartes ever logical in their approaches... Most see a wall that needs taking and they'll charge straight into it... Solithar smiled behind his helmet at such a memory.

    "Don't touch the corpse, Mortal." Solithar maglocked his bolter again and picked up the Heavy Bolter began to leave the armoury with the corpse moving. "Mortal! Zun."
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  2. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Feeling the uncomfortable sensation of the heat from the shots hitting him Fortissimus raised his shield, making an effort to keep the joints in his armour protected from the Stormtrooper's fire. "Finally a mortal with some real courage!" He exclaimed in an almost triumphant tone before grinning under his helm and slowly advancing towards the enemy lines, only exposing himself when briefly peeking over his combat shield every now and then. Hopefully some of the traitorous would actually prove to be of use and follow suite, especially after some of the loyalist found themselves being on the receiving end of a thrown grenade.
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    Ishamel would dive away from the Grenade before it exploded, roll on the ground back to his feet.

    He started muttering to himself, channeling his skills in sorcery for several seconds.

    He could hear the Warp whispering to him. Daemons yet to be born promising power unending if he would indulge the emotions needed to create them.

    Not now, will you? He thought. I'm busy.

    Finally circling around and standing beside the Helbrute, he fired his psychic attack - a Doombolt, at the largest mass of Loyalist troops.

    (OOC: Psychic attack: Doombolt)

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