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Old Hatreds (Chaos IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    OOC: @Vlayden if you would be so kind, as to make a name for the mangy cur we call "Sergeant".Lanius even asked him about it in my last post. :)

    "Take the stairs downwards; then take the path on the right, and afterwards, take another right. Keep going in that direction; there should be a few turns, but keep going 'back'." the man spoke as his twitching, nervous glances danced to his left and right, always trying to find danger to his person.
    "But-- Be warned, there are Astartes on this ship. At least two dozen, and they might have some there." he added his eyes finally resting upon the melted slag that were the two deceased Iron Warriors.

    "Two dozen of them you say? And each one of them an army." Rotticus spoke up " Gwahahahaha! Let's test that theory shall we?"

    From the glossy surface of his polished helmet, light from the nearby sodium-lamps and flickering lumens was caught as Lanius turned, his veneer directly revealed as is both expected and proper for a noble.

    "It seems our cousin decided for us."he stated as his eyes followed the backs of the ex-Novamarine, as the later decended down the stairs heading for the engine room.
    "We should not split up!"he added, sudden urgency in his voice enrapturing the hearers in the confidence one found in the safety of group, as well as terrible fear of being alone in dark corridors of a starship.

    His red cape swishing down his right shoulder, as he suddenly turned to follow Fortissimus, Lanius walked down the group of mortals that joined them, standing next to the last one down the line, placing arm on his shoulder.
    With a voice that carried fatherly concern as well as statesman`s rigor he added in a quieter voice, yet loud enough for all to hear:
    "Do not attempt any foolishness.Do not engage Astartes head on.If you find any of your brothers, attempt to at least subdue them if you are unable to persuade them.Avoid bloodshed, for they too are worthy of living normal lives." with the last being said, he nodded as if in mutual understanding to all of the Armsmen gathered, and went after Fortissimus.

    Following the fallen Champion down the stairs, he thought of the inherit, myriad flaws of the regular human condition.By comparison most of the Astartes, especially those that rebelled against Imperium or those that sought their own fortune, were so far removed from the baseline human.In such the usual fear and often cowardice is not understandable, especially to them who apparently knew no fear.To an Astartes, fear in a mortal is merely sickness of the weak, something that afflicts only mortals.

    Lanius knew differently.For he understood both Astartes and mortal.
    He enjoyed both!
  2. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Ishmael, after analyzing the situation further, decided not to follow after the Night Lord into Astartes enemy fire. He turned around and circled back, eventually finding his way to the rear of the main group.

    He slipped through the group until he was somewhere near the center of the mass.
    He smiled beneath his mask at the Helbrute's comment on the Astartes, and once the Sorcerer had given the order, he followed behind.

    The attack seemed to be going swell so far. He recalled shooting a few people, though it was impossible to know who fired the killing shot in the din of battle.

    The depraved nihilist hoped another chance at carnage would come soon.
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  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    @dx144 @Vulpas

    As the Night Lord & human entered the room out of sight, they were greeted with what appeared to be an office of sorts - many file cabinets lining the walls and a cupboard in the corner, though the most peculiar sight was the crack on the wall opposite the door; the metal wall was dented and deformed, with cracks at where the wall and floor connected. With some effort, they could tear it open, and even if the humans heard it, they'd have no way to be able to use their heavy bolter; a helpless defense line.
    The carnage will certainly be swift.

    @Jammysod @High_Adept_Zeth @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BruticusTheGoreHound @Azathoth

    As they took a hard right and pressed into the Hallways, the 'Seperatist' Armsmen (as close as they could be called) would linger a small distance behind the Helbrute, some already having seen what nearing it could do to some men and women... And others simply not wanting to risk being near something so foul. All the same, the group's Rubricae would fight as any Astartes would, landing pinpoint shots as more of the enemy humans came into view-- a frag grenade being thrown into their midst.

    "FRAG!" The Armsmen shouted, most jumping back out of sight whilst those too far from the corner huddled against the ground, even as the Rubricae themselves ignored it.
    When it exploded, for one, of the dozen Armsmen they had, two were killed on the spot - shrapnel shredding through their throat and backside, whilst a third was injured from it. A rubric that was beside the frag at the time had lost its leg, causing it to fall to the ground; though even so, it didn't halt in its bolter fire, one of its partners coming over to help it to its feet.

    A cheer was heard from the end of the hall from the Loyalists as they saw what injuries they'd caused, lasfire streaking down at the Renegades; taking out a peeking Seperatist by slight accident.
    "Blast it--!" The Sergeant said, looking at the others and lifting his laspistol to fire back, inneffectively. His men and women stayed back for now, mostly doing the same and offering suppressive fire from behind Rotticus' chassis at a safe distance - his brutish size was such that it wasn't too difficult to hide behind him.

    (@Jammysod & @High_Adept_Zeth ) - Fortissimus soon afterwards felt the pinpoint taps of lasfire hitting at his joints. Even Lanius was unable to dodge some of the shots; and seeing at the end of the hall one could see what appeared to be a Stormtrooper. The signs themselves were obvious; the black armour, the large backpack, the hotshot lasgun in hand and the crimson eyes from the helmet. They were lucky as is not to get penetrated, though that luck may not hold out while he was opposite them.
    A plan would end up being needed at this rate; or perhaps goading a certain someone into action.
  4. @Vlayden

    With each lumbering step of the metal avatar of slaughter beneath him, Kooru would feel his spirits rise higher and higher. The rumble from the procession of the Helbrute, the scent of blood and ichor in the air, the sounds of screams and gunfire surrounding him, Kooru knew he was in the eyes of his God, and would seek to please him with his actions. Laying atop the chassis of the mighty machine, he'd pop off shots with wild joy, humming a fun tune to himself, sending prayers above. It didn't matter if his shots typically missed, or went wild, for he fired with such zeal that even if only one in ten found their mark, he still would steadily increase his list of casualties to his name, the las gun growing hot in his hands. As it was, laying atop the walking fortress, Kooru would be shielded from the incoming explosive from the defenders, not noticing it until he heard the echoing boom.

    Turning his head down briefly, he'd see the wounded from the grenade, his head tilting as he realized these people might need some help if they were going to push the bad guys from their point. Pausing in his shots, Kooru would reach down to his boot, untying a lace from his boot, before drawing the cord up before him. Looking at the string, he'd lay the lasgun on the plating before him, drawing a grenade from one of his jacket's pockets, before beginning the task of strapping the explosive to the rifle. He hoped that the man who gave it to him didn't mind, but he needed to get the attention of bad guys really quick, tying off the final knot, and biting off the rest of the rope with his teeth.

    Turning briefly, he'd briefly allow himself the pleasure of vomiting up the contents of a very upset stomach, the motion sickness from riding the Helbrute not helping. Wiping off his lips, which swiftly turned into a sheepish smile, he'd place his mask back onto his face, before looking to the rifle. Flipping the weapon to fully automatic, and slamming a fresh pack into it, he'd use the last of his shoelace to tie down the trigger, letting the weapon burst forth with fire. In these seconds, he'd lift back his arm, before hefting the rifle with all his might towards the enemy defensive position, keeping the pin from the attached grenade, as it was sent sailing through the air.

    The wild, rapid fire from the spinning and soaring rifle would shoot off shots in all directions. The crazed shooting would have a few of the more cautious soldiers ducking their heads to avoid a shot, so that by the time the rifle landed, few had noticed it's arrival. Truthfully, it was only when the rifle, still firing, shot out the ankle of a single man, that the enemy seemed to turn their attention down to the las gun. A single armsman would bring his gaze down to the weapon, to the ragged string wrapped around it, and finally, resting upon the active grenade upon it's side. He'd have a moment to release a shout, before fire and pain engulfed his world.

    Kooru would watch the fire spread from his contribution, hoping the angels would be pleased by his efforts, before getting back to work. He'd done all he could up here, and now it was time to keep moving, keep fighting, as he'd crawl back towards the rear of the Helbrute, scurrying back down the metal plating, before leaping down to the floor below. His eyes would quickly pass along the other mortals, seeing their barely recovered courage, turned towards a new purpose, still shaky and truly unreliable. Giving a shrug, he hoped these people would be alright, but knew that not everyone got to keep on living, the Solar King would be taking some of them up to his place in the sky soon. Yet, it was another thing that would truly garner his attention.

    He saw the injured Rubric, supported, yet still firing upon the enemy, and would feel tears welling up within him. These people had injured the divine, the radiant beings harmed by the unbelievers, and now, this was no longer a simple ignorant mistake, it was an act of true heresy. He needed to make them pay for hurting the angel, and he'd do that with his bare hands if need be.

    Drawing his assault shotgun from it's sling, Kooru would scan the area swiftly, before spotting what he sought. He needed cover if he was going to advance on the enemy, a shield to block their incoming fire if he was to bring them the pain they deserved. Upon the ground, he'd find his defense, lumbering over to claim it. He knew at once it was a shard of the ruined leg from the angel, it's sapphire coloration still bearing a hint of it's power and might. Yet, even this shard, this single fragment, would be large enough to cover most of his torso if he held up upright. With a grunt, he'd raise the metal piece, feeling his muscles ache and moan their protest, yet would push the cries from his mind. The Solar King's eyes were upon him, upon his angels, and Kooru would not let either down.

    Carrying the heavy piece of ceremite plating, once protecting the Rubric, now protecting the unwashed cultist, Kooru would let loose a war cry, as he'd charge forth into the fire of the enemy. Beneath his mask, his eyes were set and focused, as he felt divine purpose guiding him, closer and closer towards the enemy before them. And as he felt this power rush through him, he sent a single prayer of promise to his God.

    If he made it to the enemy lines, every single one of these unbelievers would die.
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  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The room Solithar found himself in what must have served as some processing stage of the bureaucracy of the Imperium, more focused on the endless stages of forum filling and processing rather than going out and dealing with whatever was needed. Never did Solithar have to ask to dispense justice, nor did his Legion they knew what was necessary and have been doing it ever since.

    This room was more proof to the sad state these mortals had taken the Imperium he created into. He was going to make them pay for their incompetent stewardship but there would be no mercy for the weak and guilty.

    Inspecting the room for a few minutes for any weaknesses to continue the advance, there one presented itself. A wall which was weakened by something in the past, perhaps this recent incursion damaged it but unlikely, possible some damage from an earlier date, whatever caused it wasn't relevant as it was his gateway to slaughter.

    The wall would take a great deal of effort to breakthrough but let it never be said the Night Lord shy away from a challenge. Each pull and tear of the wall a few inches came apart, it was rather loud, whatever the mortals behind it must have been thinking was beyond him but with the air between them opening he could taste their fear, ripe and sweet.

    It was a few more attempts before Solithar managed to create a hole large enough to get through, granted he had to crouch but he could hear Nostroman still playing through his Helmet. The speech was nothing more than prerecorded vox transmissions from earlier battles. Solithar could pick out which ones were his brothers and which ones were not. Hell he'd worked on all of them at some point be it a small wound or a life threatening one.

    Solithar laughed to himself as he came through at the Armsmen, it wasn't them that he found amusing, it was Trisa's words when they were engaged with some insignificant world and they found just so happened to be Exterminatus class weaponry left for millennia in a bunker. It was an odd time to report such a thing with them being engaged with an Imperial Scouting fleet, nothing of importance just a cruiser to watch over part of the system, added two weeks to their time spent on that wasteland collecting all they could before an Imperial reaction force noticed something amiss.

    The sound of his Bolter brought him back as he gunned down the closest three Armsmen and the others either tried to fire quickly, ran or for some reason tried to use their bayonets. They always try their Bayonets...

    Rather that cut his way through them, Solithar used his sword as a bludgeon and firing at the other times, a lasbolt hit his head and luckily didn't do much damage to him, hurt like hell before his painkillers arrived. "That is why we wear helmets" Solithar remembered his Legionary instructor told him and his group of Crows after a few of them claimed it was damaging their vision and then had their heads blown clean off. Farao was his name, whatever he did to have to spend a lifetime on Nostromo was beyond Solithar but he seemed to enjoy the planet and never did want to leave. Solithar didn't know if he ever did...

    With the Mortals cleaned up, Solithar smashed down the barricade they set up, quickly picking up his helmet and shutting off the recordings but repopened the Vox "Mortal, I might need your assistance.". @@Vulpas
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Damn... That was fast." Sareth said surprised at the astartes reaction speed with there sheer sized she never imagined one could move that fast, Her long las was barrel was still smoking from the few shots she got out killing to of the guardsmen. "What do you need sir?" Sareth asked looking to the astarte @dx144
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  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "At least this mortal understands how to take orders it seems" Solithar thought to himself.

    "This will be the first of many defensive positions and I doubt our luck will hold up with there being a weak wall placed where we can break through with little risk. Scavenge through the corpses, look for any explosives we could use, they might prove invaluable to us. This day's killing and teaching has only just begun and we'll need more tools to properly teach the Carmayatha this day." Solithar mentioned as he move back to the Armsmen's makeshift defense.

    As Solithar overlooked the recent fight scene, he thought it'd be a waste to leave an almost unused Heavy Bolter and knew he could put it to good use at some point he might as well take it, the Mortal might be able to keep up as well.

    Ripping the Heavy Bolter off it's deployment and checking the ammunition and that which they'd also brought for their blockade. It might not be an Astarte Pattern but it still packed a punch that'd rip through most of which the Mortals had to offer in defenses, Solithar assumed. At least now if another blockade was discovered he could rip it apart, round after round.
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  8. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Heavy Bolter itself was lighter than Astartes variants, though he could see it was also less 'sturdy'. Unlike the variants that space marines used, his was not a viable option as a club, in case things got dire. Though on the bright side he saw that the box magazine that it was loaded into, had well over two hundred out of three hundred rounds loaded into it, and there were four other boxes of ammunition set by the sandbags.
    While the ammo count was certainly nearing 1500 rounds of ammunition, he knew that in a ship this big, such counts would run dry quickly; for the amount of personnel on this ship was considerably higher than how many bolts he held. And he may need it for the Astartes that were rumoured to be upon this ship.

    -- If the human did get to searching for explosives as was ordered, there would be numerous frag grenades on some of the Armsmen; and even more surprisingly, one of them held two krak grenades.
    The armoury beside them was even more bountiful, having dozens upon dozens of lasguns and their battery packs, with at least two crates of frags as well. And even better yet, not one, or two. But three melta bombs. Sadly there was no additional ammunition for the heavy bolter, as those were already set out by the makeshift barricade; and the amount of explosives were merely grenades, not any true explosive charges. Even more disappointingly, there was so much that one couldn't carry it all without hindering their movement to a crawl, they were so heavy.
    At best, she might be able to find a duffle bag and set a few dozen in there, and carry the melta bombs; but that would be hell on the back.
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    First thing, Solithar took the magazine out dropping into onto floor and replaced it with a full one. Taking another magazine might slow him a little bit more but extra ammo should never be turned away if possible and if need be he could easily drop the ammo and Heavy Bolter. Even then this Heavy Bolter was going to be a temporary weapon to break through another makeshift defence or two.

    Moving into the Armoury the mortals must have raided to set up this makeshift defence was filled with weak mortal weaponry, the lasrifles that were nothing more than an irritation but those Melta Bombs would be incredibly useful, while they aren't going to break through the ships walls as they're not Melta Charges but they'd still be enough to destroy any armour they come across or most defences. Solithar took two and maglocked them to his waist.

    "Mortal! Take this Melta Bomb, I may need it later." Solithar threw the Melta Bomb at the mortal. Didn't care where they kept it so long as they kept it for later.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Got it," Sareth said as she began looking around "Found a few frags and two kraks want to take them while I get the Melta?" Sareth asked as she grabbed a bag and then began putting a melta bomb into the bag, "Hey think theres gonna be any more armsmen coming this way? If so think we can some how set up a trap in the armory for them or set up a bomb if they try to access it?" Sareth asked as she began taking a few extra las ammo mags, into the duffel bag with the melta bomb to carry. putting it over her left shoulder she began to load up with the astartes and began getting ready to get on the move again.
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