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Old Hatreds (Chaos IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Ishmael, not caring what his fellows were doing, continued to fire at the Imperials from behind the Chaos Marines and Helbrute. He decided not to contain himself any longer, and reveled in the destruction. As so many were ended, their pathetic, worthless lives destroyed, he laughed and laughed and laughed......
  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "St... Stand down." Sergeant said regrettably, after finally composing himself.To Lanius`s surprise the men and women under his command knelt down, and were in turn avoided in Rubricae`s meticulous execution of brutality they called battle.With a raised eyebrow he observed the coward, smelling fear and shock as they came from the man in cascading, palpable waves of pheromones.It was easy for him to see why Fortissimus hated him.

    " that not...better?"spoke Lanius, his voice spreading over the din of battle, encompassing those who knelt before the two Astartes in mellifluous voice, clinging to each of the listeners.
    "Is this not the natural order of things?You laid down your weapons cause you still have some semblance of reason within you.You value your life more then the living ideals which the Imperium has indoctrinated you with."

    With a nod to the mortals kneeling in supplication before them he moved from one to the next, some scrutinizing with his attention, some merely glancing.Resplendant in his form, it was hard to imagine someone like Lanius in a field of carnage.

    "That is good.Now, take your lives in your hands and live them!I offer not a dogs life of dull servitude as do your masters!"he added, the sweet haromonics of his voice endowed with a booming quality, a fervor, a passion of a preacher!

    Looking down to the rubble-strewn deck plating, he located their weapons.With his boot he nudged the lasgun to one of the kneeling mortals, a female.

    "Follow me, and I`ll teach you to live with freedom you have not known before.For you and all others you hold dear and are able to liberate from the shackles of mundanity that Imperium imposes.For those that dare, pick up your weapons and follow us, the rest need not bother.Remain and die at hands of that!"he exclaimed, gesturing with his black blade toward Rotticus, the towering Hellbrute surrounded by his dying victims.A man of savage and ragged looks climbed him, killing some of the more fortunate with a lasgun.He remembered the mortal from the elevator and wondered at the heights of his courage as well as the depths of his folly.

    Turning to Fortissimus, he grabbed the Sergeant, dragging him by the neck of his uniform.Inclining down one of the corridors he spoke through his vox-grillie:

    "Pherosh will move for the kill as expected.I say if we want accolades and any notion of spoils we use what we have and make our way to the engines." he said as he placed a gauntlet at Sergeant`s shoulder."From there, we can manipulate the starship at our leisure."
    Turning to the craven mortal that stood between them he asked, his voice inhumanly civil considering the bloody environment around them:
    "Whats your name?You lived on this vessel and was tasked with guarding it.What is the fastest route to the Enginarium?You may not have courage before us, but your wit may still be useful to you."Lanius added, the conspiratorial inflections in his tone implying many things to the mortal.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Sareth, kept her Long las ready, Sareth noticed one of the astartes attempting to recruit some of the armsmen they captured while another human seemed to be just laughing, "Dammit we got a job to do, Noticing the trail of body and the night lord heading off in what seems to be the direction of the armory she went to follow deciding to back him up and possibly as well possibly stop any other imperials from arming themselves. Tapping her helmet she opened her Vox to the night lord. "Going to try to give you some support fire from back here." She said to him as she raised her long las and began moving forward to catch up to him taking cover where she could and avoiding getting shot when it was possible. If Sareth could spot any threats coming she would try to handle them at range, whether they be at her or the night lord.
  4. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Ishmael, after having a good laugh, followed after the fellow human and the Night Lord, continuing to fire on the nearest Imperials. She was right, they did have a job to do. He'd get the chance to laugh at his enemies later.
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Solithar was momentarily distracted by his vox activating, what the damn Psyker want now, tell him how to kill? It was only when he could tell instantly this was a mortal voice that it irritated him that such a being could gain access to his vox without his knowledge.

    Only after listening to the mortal declaring their support for him did it take the edge off his ire at his vox's security.


    Solithar knew he could say more but now was not the time to do, he had rats to kill, they were aboard his ship now.
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  6. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    @dx144 - the Night Lord wouldn't have much time to celebrate as he gunned down more of the Corpse-worshippers, turning around a corner and hearing the telltale thumps of a heavy-bolter. Large bolt rounds zoomed past the aggressive Astartes, one round even ricocheting off his pauldron into the wall; a brief glance helped show that they had at this point constructed a sort of barricade with some sort of fast-acting residue to create a wall, with numerous flak-vests placed on it. On top of the Heavy Bolter, there were perhaps over half a dozen different Armsmen ready to fire.
    If he had a plan, he'd have to use it; either charging head-on into the barricade, or... Sneak. There was a vent above him, and a room to his right which he may, if luck holds, try to tear through the walls to get past it entirely.

    @Jammysod @High_Adept_Zeth @Azathoth @GobMaw_HellSmasha @BruticusTheGoreHound @Vulpas

    With Lanius' words, it wasn't too long before a good portion of the Armsmen took their arms up and nodded, a few raising them respectfully and taking his lead; on top of the Rubricae, it seems they now had their own infantry.
    "Take the stairs downwards; then take the path on the right, and afterwards, take another right. Keep going in that direction; there should be a few turns, but keep going 'back'." The sergeant said now. "But-- Be warned, there are Astartes on this ship. At least two dozen, and they might have some there."

    The rest of the rubricae would move down towards the steps, that wielding the Assault cannon following as well; most aside from two of the armsmen going as well. These two would decide to stay with the grouping. One being a woman with a loosely adjusted flak-vest (being in a rush makes such a thing good enough, after all), the other fully armoured and a male, his lasgun with a bayonet on it.

    It wouldn't take long should the group go to where they were instructed that, at the bottom of the stairs, they'd come across a fair few dozen more Imperial corpses, as well as what appeared to be another Thunderhawk 'boarder', or whatever they had been on themselves.
    Three Iron Warriors were here, with two being dead. One was mauled beyond belief, and the other was... Melted; the front half of their chestplate and helmet being melted slag. The third had its own arm missing, wielding a bolter. "Plasma gunners; looks like they had some of the Guardsmen with them here." He said gruffly, looking through the numerous paths. There was one directly to the left that looked as though it ran down the length of the ship, though it seemed to run into some vast, open area as well. Though the right looked like it went to another hallway, and perhaps judging from the Sergeants words, had numerous twists & turns.

    If they were to go to the engine; they COULD take the left hall and get the quickest route. Or they could play it safe, and go along the path instructed.
  7. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member


    Looking to the Sergeant and then the other Armsmen, Fortissimus had a hard time feeling anything but contempt for the whole pack of them. The attack had barely even begun and already these cowards would surrender themselves so meekly? Their foul kind offended the very air they breathed in his eyes. The only reason they weren't simply cut down on the spot was because Lanius happened to be there. At least this otherwise clearly useless Sergeant was somewhat good for giving directions and confirming the presence of the Adeptus Astartes too.

    "If there are Astartes on this ship then perhaps there will be some glory in this after all," his gaze lingered on the Sergeant as he continued, "You better pray to whatever gods there may be that I forget your about your existence in the process. Otherwise you might find more shrapnel finds itself tearing through your legs and that would be tragic now, wouldn't it?" Fortissimus' tone was one of barely contained anger as he addressed Sergeant. Then he briefly looked to Lanius before immediately making for the stairs down.

    "We should make haste, glory waits for no one and I'm not just going to wait for someone like that Night Lord to steal it from me!"
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  8. "Ah, so our misguided brothers are present aboard this vessel as well. How quaint" Rotticus's voice boomed from within the sarcophagus, "I shall enjoy showing them all the joys they deny themselves. Perhaps they might even see the error in their ways" Rotticus couldn't help but chuckle heartedly at the notion of the Astartes simply giving up. He knew full well that it was an impossibility, it was how they were made to be after all. Unflinching and dogmatic in their beliefs, the odds of an Astartes willingly surrendering were about as good as a guardsmens odds against a tyranid hive tyrant.

    "Two dozen of them you say? And each one of them an army." Rotticus spoke up once again, " Gwahahahaha! Let's test that theory shall we?"
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  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Sareth desperately tried to keep up with the astartes but was no use even with her bionic legs, Crap crap crap, Wait up, She watched as he made it to a corner and a round suddenly bounce off his pauldron causing her to duck and roll. "Damn what was that?" She asked out loud to herself deciding to contact the astarte to see if he has a sight on what was beyond the corner. @dx144 "Got eyes on whats beyond that corner?" Sareth asked through the Vox as she began to catch up hoping for a answer.
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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    This had amused Solithar for some time, he'd cut through Corpse Worshippers with ease, finally they were proving themselves to be defending of his Imperium.

    It was a surprise to have the Bolt round hit his shoulder. He instinctively went into cover from the heavier weapon that actually posed a threat to him, the corpse he was using had become a more bloody mess than the rest were with barely enough left to even claim to be a piece of meat.

    His right shoulder which held his Prime Helix symbol was cracked, he didn't notice this but it was rather fitting considering he hadn't been in a medical role for a few years now.

    Risking another glance as the Heavy Bolter held fire evidently trying to get a target or perhaps they jammed the weapon, evidently they hadn't been properly prepared for using it if they didn't have it ready.

    The defence they'd put up was admirable, if Solithar wanted to he could easily breakthrough with a few glancing hits, unless they got lucky or Solithar did something stupid. Hell, if he had a few frags this would have been nothing more than speed bump. Solithar knew he was going to have words with that damned slave in the armoury when he got back.

    But if this is what they're putting up outside of their holdings then they probably had heavier weaponry on the way if not more of these heavy bolters and that'd be enough to ruin Solithar's night. He'd seen over the years what a few Bolt rounds could to to an Astarte if he was caught by a few rounds in the right places.

    The vents looked promising but all it'd take is a single man to notice him and he'd be caught in a deathtrap with no room to manoeuvre and a single frag would see him blown apart. There was a room to the right of him though, that looked promising, risky but promising.

    Then the mortal's voice reached him again... He'd killed people for less in the past...

    They seemed curious about the Imperial defences... Had they never heard a Heavy Bolter before!

    "Carmayatha, forss, coria na!"

    With the mortal warned it was in their hands now, time for Solithar to solve this problem.

    Solithar took off his helmet and played through recordings in Nostroman from his helmet. Placing it upon the floor and letting the rats think he's pinned down. The lack of preysight made things different but for a Night Lord, this was how things were supposed to be, no thermal vision just looking through the darkness and seeing prey cowering and confused.

    The scent of the ship hit him like a storm, unwashed bodies worked through here but the air tasted of iron from the blood pooling in the corridors from all the dead and dying. Thankful his armour's humming power was dampened by the Ship's own power supply, he could move freely without fear of his armour giving away his position.

    Fear was also in the air, it was easy to taste, increased perspiration and then only what an Astarte could sense. It had been too long.

    Solithar found the room to the right abandoned since the recent attack by the Chaos forces arrival. Now, to find a way to ambush or bypass that makeshift defence. That would do, a door way that lead past the armsmen blockage. Whatever lay beyond was unknown though, he'd have to move with caution.

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