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Oh By The Way.... I Just Finished Model Of Loken And Abaddon

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by SonOfHorus, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Horus SonOfHorus Subordinate

    Thank you Sir!
  2. Gol Goron Slakks Subordinate

    While I agree that Erebus is the cooler looking of the two models, I think Kor's weird look is mostly credited to the poor paint job. As for the rules and stuff, I don't actually have the book or the models yet. I live in Canada so I gotta wait for them to get shipped.
  3. Horus SonOfHorus Subordinate

    Canada is far from UK yeah. I'm not right person to judge forgeworld level of painting but i think it is his face... :D both ways he is T3 which is not a big bummer but it means he can be insta killed by plasma shot.
  4. Gol Goron Slakks Subordinate

    That is a bummer, I'd likely field Erebus more often than Kor anyway.
  5. Horus SonOfHorus Subordinate

    Well I'm not a big fan of Word Bearers as they are "priests" :D
  6. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    You glorious bastard. Carry on the good work.
  7. Dahkal New Member

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