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Official Basic Class List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. I would like to see a scout/Ranger class for Lsm and Eldar. Maybe some ork Kommandos too. Chaos doesn't use scouts (do they?) so they could get something completely different to keep some asymmetry.

    Another thing would be an ork slaver (or how are they called) with his AI squad of Grotz
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  2. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    Well there's the Outcast Ranger Elite class in RTS already. As well as the Ork Kommando Hero in RTS + Blood Axes being a confirmed sub-faction. Also this,

    "Rangers will be available as a proper class some time post-launch (we're planning ahead)."
    - said by BrentEllison here in "So About that outcast ranger" thread.​

    Proper class = basic class?
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  3. DuskShine DuskShine Drill Abbott

    I want a huge ass awesome anti infantry sniper. ^3^
  4. Doombane Vaellyn Cipher

    Just give me my dire avenger and I'm happy!!
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  5. Yvaelle Yvaelle Curator

    Glad to hear we'll have some Avengers on the field :)

    Cover me while I run them down!
  6. Doombane Vaellyn Cipher

    Like the Bloody Handed, I shall show them no mercy! For Biel-Tan!
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  7. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    I don't like sniper :mad:. I will be very happy to spawn as a Raptor to chop you to pieces.
  8. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    dont like snipers? .... then dont stand still in the open
  9. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    Some kind of sniper weaponry will be useful to defend vindicators against lass/plasma cannon wielders once we have the fortress map.
  10. Well or supression, normally I would cover an vindicator attack with a whirlwhind barrage, but since we don't have whirlwinds we have to figure out what proves to be successful to counter against LC/PC

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