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Offensive Warlock Viable?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Brewflower, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. I've an undying love for the Seer Council of Ulthwe, Eldrad Ulthran, and other important Psykers of the Eldar lore. And I read all of the books relating in any way to them, and while I played Eldar for the last few days, I started to realize that no warlocks use any offensive spells, even though I can see them in the tree.

    I'd love to play a more offensive warlock with maybe Embolden and Destructor. Is that viable? Will the team hate me for not being a typical healer? Hell, I rarely hear about a Warlock being supportive, unless you count Wraithsight for the Wraith constructs.

    So what's the deal? Can I be a fluffy Warlock or should I stick to the ridiculous Dire Avenger cannons?
  2. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    I play that exact role regularly

    Periodically hitting healer award with it

    It can be done but you must monitor your resources carefully - sided with the fact most pistols deal more damage than destructor...

    I take joy in going sith lord on foes

  3. That's actually another thing that sort of bothered me. Destructor isn't lightning, it was always described as a beam of light that explodes at the end. I believe Warlocks use it in the Dawn of War series as well.

    Regardless of that, I'd still love to play an offensive Warlock, shame Destructor does less damage than most pistols though.

    EDIT: Then again, if Destructor functioned like it did in lore, that would be a little OP, seeing how Eldar already have a one shot-AOE weapon with the Dark Reapers.
  4. Yvelfir Yvelfir Arkhona Vanguard

    Right now, Destructor is in a pretty bad spot. It costs a lot of LP, eats charge fast, is short ranged and deals pretty low damage. The only saving grace is it still deals damage against ground assault classes with their shields raised.

    You would be better off spending less LP on Jinx or Enhance when it comes to effectiveness, but if you want to run Destructor then that's absolutely fine as long as you don't leave your squad to die while you're roleplaying as Emperor Palpatine.

  5. LOL. As much as I love the lore, I don't Roleplay. Don't worry. I'll probably stick to Enhance and Renewer I suppose then. I hope when they fix everything else and finish development of elite classes that they come back to the Warlock and fix their spells, and add more. Quite a few they are missing.

    I made a Chaos character to try them out, saw their Advancements and saw that Sorcerer has like, every known lore spell for Chaos Sorcerers, I feel inadequate. But all of them spells and they still lose. /shrug
  6. If you really want to be a Melee-lock, i suggest embolden and enhance to you.

    Enhance gives you damage mitigation, embolden does as well (plus a heal-over-time effect) that should cover you until you get into melee range.

    But you will still be weaker then Banshees and scorps, keep that in mind ;)
  7. Thats what devs wanted of our warlocks after make us be rely on their powers. So renewer and enhace its only go-to purpose for current meta.
    Any other powers - except embolden maybe just have no place.
    Jinx - you and allies also die faster than marked ememies.
    Protect - disables warlock almost.
    Palpatine hand - just a joke or meme.
    Force - too selfish.
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  8. Phyrak Phyrak Cipher

    I wouldn't mind it if they buffed destructor a little and moved it to the pistol slot - thereby freeing a spot for another spell
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  9. Thuldarn Gaan_Cathal Well-Known Member

    Currently Destructor is worse than a pistol and eats into your valuable Charge rather than a unique ammo pool. Even the literal worst pistol in the game (i.e. shuriken pistol) is superior. This is why it doesn't see use. You can spend less LP for a categorically superior damage delivery system.
  10. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    However Embolden is just better than Renewer in most situations. Renewer is pretty tasty for keeping braced Heavies alive. Embolden is pretty tasty for keeping a whole roaming warband alive.

    Embolden/Protect is a particularly nice combo for those brutal Base assaults, though you want to be rocking Warp Regen over Warp Charge when using Protect so you can regen more quickly between casting.

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