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Of Snakes, Birds and Dragons

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Stupid thing as well is the XP is probably the easiest thing for the developers to fix.

    I suggested a change to XP which would have a rolling score for all your contributory actions which is then multiplied by a Winning and Losing multiplier at the end to promote actually winning the match as being important to your XP gains.

    Even with a change like that, you'd see Rhinos better looked after, because players just looking for kills would suddenly see their XP gains diminished because they're actually hurting the team's chance of winning through their selfish playstyle.

    Even without this system, the two least rewarded (yet two of the most important) tasks are babysitting uncontested points and babysitting transports. There needs to be more incentive to do these.
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  2. Auzor Auzor Menial

    I think that, several of the Eldar classes are very limited in their available arsenal.
    Yes, only exarchs get 'Scorpion Claw', but how many 'normal' marines are running around with a PowerFist and Stormshield combo?

    In terms of 'defending a point':
    * The Eldar support class 'offensive' output is extremely poor. Destructor.. lol. The sword is fine, but Sorc and Apothecary can get a sword with the same output. *fine by me..*

    * I think Plasma grenades are pretty poor, currently.
    Combined with 'limited loadout options', Eldar could be able to afford some different grenades, at least on some classes.
    Lore-wise, there are hallicunogenic grenades e.g., vortex grenades,..
    I think there could be changes for Striking Scorpions, Dire Avengers,.. and *maybe* Fire Dragons.
    Instead of "C4", I could see Fire Dragons getting a pack of Incineration Grenades. Think the blight grenade from Nurgle but:
    * gives a -stack-: several such grenades. (3?)
    * grenades give an AoE "melta ailment" instead of poison. Big AoE. Stacks of meltagun damage, not enough to kill alone, but would stack with then entering with a fusion gun e.g. Could also be thrown at vehicles.
    Downside compared to Blight grenades would be higher cost than a single Blight grenade; only for certain classes (FD only?), and the Heat damage needs to burn through the armor.

    * Some Fusion gun benefits? Or above grenade benefits? Reduces healing received by those in the area?

    For Defense, Dire Avenger and Striking Scorpion could also benefit from stuff similar to that I think.

    Eldar could also benefit from getting their 'stalker bolter' equivalent added; a Ranger base class.
    Base class: ranged semi-auto rifle with a scope, that deals some poison damage, deals 'suppression' and has a good (2.5x?) headshot multiplier.
    Of the current Eldar classes, I wonder if Banshee would be 'OP' if it got a capture key.

    Dark Reaper: lord, the Reaper Launcher needs a rework.
    I'm on opposite side however: I think the Reaper Launcher should be a very capable AI weapon; that still packs some good AV punch. Add an Eldar Missile Launcher that does the fully charged mode with Plasma & Krak missiles. None of the 'intercept the missile' playmode, tyvm. Then Plasma could be shot too tbh, with those slow orbs.

    The Shuricen cannon is 'mostly fine'; if anything: more accuracy when not in 'deployed mode': those leg-bracing systems etc should have an effect; let me move around & shoot more effectively. Less bloom per shot maybe; this is a weapon designed for sustained fire..
    *Some* AP would be nice too. Normal shuricen catapult for the Dire Avenger can take Starshard shuricens for 110 Penetration. Shuricen *CANNON* is stuck at 100. Where are the attachments?
    Flamy, Poisonous, Armor Piercing, a 1.5x wide-angle scope, a + accuracy and less damage degradation over range barrel (but slower cooling down?), a + (less overheating) modpack, ..
    + supression shrieking shuricens (/..), faster cooling down, bigger ammo reserve,..

    In melee terms: eldar don't have jump-pack melee, nor shield-melee.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    There are a couple of good ideas in there, most noticeable the grendade types.
    I dont really understand the Poison-ailment on the Ranger rifle tho. Its a beam weapon, why would there be poison. Also I believe the general consensus is that the community would rather have an 'actual' sniper than a combat rifle.
    From top to botton:

    Warlocks are ok. They are not as powerful as the Apothecary, but I dont think they should be. They have a solid spot in the meta and NCRS.

    The incineration Grenades also sound fine, not sure tho if you wouldnt rather fix the current item than develop a new one. Interesting point bringing up Vortex tho: This could be our grav gun, a better way to stop tanks than hoping someone brought Haywire.
    Fusion gun cloud use a slight buff, I would like to see it become more effective against heavy infantry, as its part of its designated purpose. Right now it punishes Toughness-stacking, but not Armor-stacking.

    Best approach for the Reaper Launcher, citing from the top of my head someone else's idea: Split it into two weapons, our 'Autocannon' and our 'Lascannon'

    It would be neat to have Marsgrech for the Shuriken cannon. Bit of poison Ailment and denial of Downstate. Maybe a Veteran-thing like the Flaming Rounds.

    I have proposed before(and also pointed out why it might not be a good idea), to give the Banshee some sort of 'Jump-attack'. Ground targeted like the JPA but without AOE, mostly horizontal, rather than vertical movement, really primarely a gap-closer. Some sort of sprinting ability would do too(stamina for speed boost or something)
  4. Auzor Auzor Menial

    just wanted to mainly comment on the Ranger sniper rifle and poison:
    to my understanding, they use 'Needler' rifles, basically a poisoned dart.
    An Actual sniper as in: aim for head, insta-kill (hitscan weapons) may be too much tbh.
    I would expect that type of damage from the eventual hero class. (and if the hero class can't pop heads, I don't know what he'd be good for...)

    I don't like the idea of Reaper Launcher = autocannon stats tbh. But I've posted proposal stats a few times, so eh.
  5. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    The Ranger Long Rifle is the favoured weapon of Eldar Rangers and Pathfinders. It is a long-barrelled rifle, superficially similar to the Imperial Sniper Rifle and Imperial Long-Las Rifle, that fires energy bolts capable of piercing most armour when aimed correctly -40k Wiki

    The needle rifle know as a splinter rifle is a Dark Eldar combat rifle, this is mostly because poison in general is pretty rare for craftworlders imo, maybe it's an morality thing since Dark Eldar make sadistic use of poison so they consider it a thing line not worth a risk or something.
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  6. Auzor Auzor Menial

    Wasn't thinking of splinter rifles; but thank you for the response:
    Needler weapons fire a laser bolt like the lasgun to propel the toxic sliver and penetrate any armour. A millisecond after, it fires the needle. The laser bolt melts and cuts through armour, leaving the skin (or other vulnerable parts) exposed for the needle, which knocks out or kills the target with a virulent neurotoxin

    That said:
    40 background is sometimes... contradictory.
    if a more recent version of the lore has rangers & pathfinders using a pure energy weapon, then that may indeed be 'official' now.
    Note however, that the fact that it fires a bolt of armour-piercing energy does not mean automatically it doesn't also shoot a poison needle.
    I just don't know anymore.

    40k is fun in that way, quite a few things are pretty convoluted ways to kill a person; if the laser is strong enough to penetrate any armor.. well, a few tweaks and that will do wonders to the skin too..
    Chain-axe? err..
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  7. Sily Sily Firebrand

    Dire Avenger squad can be turned to melee focused skirmishes. Or the ultimate "Nice daemon lord you have there, would be a shame if my sword one-shotted it. :D"
    Swooping Hawks can have melee capability, ranged, and be anti-tank.
    Fire Dragons are both anti-heavy infantry and anti-tank.
    Striking Scorpion can in theory assist in ranged combat with scorpion's claw (since it counts as an assault rifle...)

    Dark Reapers and Banshees are one-trick ponies.
  8. Auzor Auzor Menial

    I take offense at Dark Reapers & Banshees being one-trick ponies.

    One trick in the sense of being shooty or melee; -maybe-.
    Dark Reapers should bring more than anti-heavy-infantry firepower; their Phoenix lord brings a way oversized shuricen cannon for example.
    Think anti-air targetting systems and appropriate missiles; ranged anti-tank weaponry,..
    anti light-infantry cannons,..

    Banshee: anti- armored infantry mostly, shock troops etc, but also one hell of a force multiplier in melee with their scream, should benefit other eldar melee forces e.g.
    The 'Triskele' exarch weapon is a short-ranged, armor piercing weapon. For Banshees, something like 'star pistols' would make a lot of sense.

    Fire Dragons: don't forget: melta & enemy fortifications..

    Striking Scorpions used to be able to bring Haywire grenades too; for sabotage, sudden AV,..
    and yes, to me it would make perfect sense if striking scorpions got (access to) a more potent (short ranged) gun than a normal pistol. A poison pistol for example.
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