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Odium Machina [multi-game Group] [chaos And Ork Players]

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by PopeNofun, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. We're a small teamspeak family going for many years now, always looking for a few more. We've got some hardcore 40k fans amongst us, thoroughly split between wanting to play Chaos, Space Marines, and Orks (no love for Eldar, thus far). I will be heading a Chaos sub faction under the flag Odium Machina. Our other leader will be heading a revival of our WAR guild Soylent Greenskins. Currently looking for someone to head a SM group.

    If you're looking for a guild that's going to be a major player in the EC wars, that's not going to be us. If you're just looking for some funny a-holes to game and talk 40k with, that might be.

    Current gaming nights bounce between TES:O, Killing Floor, Chivalry, Rust, Dungeon Defenders, and really whatever we can get our hands on. Our leadership are big into 40k and devoted to getting us started when it hits (and will definitely be playing through alpha/whatever). If it sounds like a fit, check us out at

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