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OBST - The Obsidian Tempest; Eldar Guild

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Korlandril, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Invites sent to the both of you, welcome
  2. RouQ New Member

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  4. Do not post non recruitment messages here guys. I will remove any posts that do not belong here.
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  5. swankie swankie Steam Early Access

    here is a video of the wave serpent going in places that surprise people. I have a quote from the 40k rule book here for you fist.
    Page 88 of the core rule book bout skimmers (which is what our tanks our)
    "Skimmers can move over all terrain, ignoring all penalties for difficult terrain and dangerous terrain. however, if a moving skimmer starts or ends its move in difficult or dangerous terrain, it must take a dangerous Terrain test. A skimmer CAN end its move over IMPASSABLE terrain if it is possible to actually place the model on top of it, but if it does so it must take a dangerous terrain test."

    So as you can see we are no EXPLOITING anything, we are simply using the tanks more effectivly to counter the PLASMA spam that does not need to get hot, or the power fist spam that shouldnt have a quick attack as its an initiative 1 weapon.

    This is a live stream so please dont mind the pauses. Please just skip to the good parts. Enjoy the video.

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  6. swankie swankie Steam Early Access

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  7. swankie swankie Steam Early Access

  8. BlackUl BlackUl New Member

    Character Name: BlackStork
    Link to Steam profile:
    Preferred Craftworld: Saim-Hann
    Preferred class(es): Burning Wing Fire Dragon (Vehicle Play FD) - Black and Orange fun of burning vehicles and smashed roadkill corpses
    I blow things up, roadkill with Falcon, ride Wave Serpents and burn enemy vehicles. Specialize on manning vehicle guns, vehicle navigation and enemy vehicle removal.

    Any other kind of application needed? Should i apply ingame? Or you just sending invites?
  9. Hey, will get you processed and into the guild soon, just a bit busy behind the scenes at the moment to process immediately.

    Thanks for your interest and I look forward to welcoming you into the guild soon
  10. Weltsu Weltsu Arkhona Vanguard

    Character Name: Lileath Mor
    Link to Steam profile:
    Preferred Craftworld:
    Preferred Classes: Dark Reaper and Warlock

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